Unsourced Speculation in San Jose

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The San Jose Sharks are apparently in the midst of speculation in regard to the Canadiens Jaroslav Halak. It is suggested that the Sharks have interest in Halak as a possible backup and may be willing to make a deal.

In other Sharks news there remains speculation that the Sharks have interest in Sandis Ozolinsh who has been cast free of many teams in the past several years because of a myriad of different factors. If Ozolinsh is able to sign on with the Sharks it would be a wonderful comeback for him and it is possible that San Jose may be a good fit for him as Ozolinsh would be able to add a veteran presence to their blueline.

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  1. habswinthecup-again says:

     I'll believe it when I see it.

  2. modk09 says:

    Ek over at Hockeybuzz is at it again, take it for what it’s worth. Supposedly it was said on RDS as well, if thats true then we can start speculating

  3. habsoverserver says:

    montreal has no reason whatsoever to trade Halak and has many reasons to keep him.  He will probably back up Price next season after Huet leaves.  spectors says gainey stated yesterday that the sharks have not contacted him about Huet.

    montreal needs to upgrade their top five players, not shuffle the depth part of the roster.  

  4. Rico71 says:

    It WAS mentionned on RDS last night that some teams are interested in Halak. I heard it myself.

    Unless they add another player to the Halak trade (Dandeneault, Bouillon or some other player playing in the AHL like Locke for example) and get an NHL ready player in return, I don't see the purpose of this trade.

    It would be useless for Gainey to trade Halak for a 2nd or 3rd round draft choice. They would deplete their AHL team…though they have some good goalies in the system (Danis & Desjardins).

    I would love to see a trade involving Halak + a Bouillon/Dandeneault/AHL prospect in…in return we get Bernier.

    I'm dreaming, but hey…you gotta dream.


  5. habskovalev27 says:

    Habs wont trade Halak…

    Habs wont sign Huet next year
    making Price #1 and Halak #2.

    IMO, that's one of the reason why Price
    is with the team now instead of Halak as #2 goalie…

  6. wayne2 says:

    Here`s my trade proposal:

    To San Jose:Halak,Koivu and Ryder.
    To Montreal:Marleau,Bernier.

    San Jose get a solid goalie prospect and two decent offensive players.
    Montreal get a solid power forward prospect and a a great big center.

  7. TheCanadianHozer says:

    Some people are saying that we should not depleet our prospects but honestly we have way too many prospects for our own good. Are we going to fill ALL our spots with 1-3rd year guys next year? NO! Before we lose a lot of our players to waivers when they are too old let's trade em for what they are worth. Now i'm not saying SELL the farm, but at least liquidate some assets, get a decent nhl ready player (not superstar of course) and take it from there.

    Why not get rid of Halak when we have Danis ready to step in behind Price. BESIDES, its usually better to have a veteran backup who can teach your young No.1 Goalie some things. These players are not that expensive and are good for 20-25 games.

  8. curryjg44 says:

    Um, I think I read somewhere that yvon pedneault said that san jose was interested in halak.  As for Marleau being traded to Montreal, he has a no trade clause I'm pretty sure….

  9. 68north says:

    Why trade koivu, I think he's the sparkplug and leader of our team and I think he is one the classiest players in the league.

  10. leafy says:

    English Translation

    Unsourced speculation = Complete and utter balony for gullible fools

  11. Rico71 says:


    Yvon Pedneault who does color commentary on RDS for every Habs game mentionned it on the air. This is not speculation.

    Halak was not happy being sent down to Hamilton after almost getting the Habs into the playoffs last year with a 10-6 record. Huet was injured and Aebisher sucked. The guy knows he can play in the NHL. His agent probably informed the Habs that if they did not plan on using him at an NHL level…better trade him to a team that will.

    Halak IMHO is not a #1 goalie. He is a little small and uses the butterfly style. The upper corners are open. He could be a really good #2 or maybe a #1B on a team using a rotation with its goalies like Minnesota used to do.

    I bet he will be traded sonner than later. San Jose could be a possible team. St-Louis & Tamba Bay could be …IMHO…others teams that would be interested.

  12. MR40 says:

    That would be worse then the Luongo trade.

  13. Asquaredx2 says:

    That would be a terrible deal for the Sharks. They resigned Marleau, he isn't going anywhere.

  14. leafy says:

    He kind of reminds you of Manny Legace.  Good goalie but small in stature.

    Any idea of what Montreal could get for him?

  15. habsrock99 says:

    funny how that's coming from a fan from the Leafs, who all thought Wayne Gretzky was going to Toronto for 15 years, even after he retired.

  16. habsrock99 says:

    late draft choice and/or a depth forward to bump Garth Murray off the team is all you'll get for Halak. Personally, if a trade does happen, I'm thinking it's gonna be a package deal with no real big-time players going either way. No Bernier. No Michalek. No Marleau. No Koivu. No Ryder. Just depth players changing teams.

  17. glennbauer says:

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  18. Rico71 says:

    I agree with this. Forget about the big names…unless Gainey has something in the works. SJ are looked to load up for a long run in the playoffs. Maybe a could deal could be swung to help them out?

    I think SJ could use another depth defenseman. Why not package Halak with one of Bouillon, Dandeneault or Gorges? Same goes for Tamba. Boyle is out for a while and the blueline is pretty thin there. St-Louis' D is not too bad, but they could use one the 3 I mentionned for sure.

    We could get maybe another mid-level prospect in return. I'm hoping for a LW, since I think we are pretty thin there.

    If SJ dances the trade dance with us, why not give up a good prospect not on the NHL roster in return of a good #2 goalie and a depth defenseman?

    Who knows with Gainey.

  19. Rico71 says:


    That's an EA Sports 2008 trade.

    Its not reality.

    Never gonna happen.

    2 soon-to-be UFAs and a #2 goalie for a 1st line center and top prospect.


  20. habsrock99 says:

    I heard a report on Yahoo Sports that Boyle was being activated for this weekends game. Is it true I don't know. But, seeing as Gainey would like to avoid trading with a team that could potentially hurt the Habs play-off drive, I can't see a Habs-Tampa trade. Plus Tampa does have Holmqvist and Denis and no matter what anyone says, Denis is still a valuable goalie to have.

  21. Rico71 says:

    Denis is a good goalie. He won't ever dominate like a Brodeur though.

    That's why I don't discount the rumors regarding SJ. They can't hurt each other and SJ are happy with Rivet's acquisition. They might be inclined in dealing with MTL again. Nabokov has been injured in the past and they don't have much NHL experienced goalies to back him up. Halak only played 16 games, but he showed he can play.

    If Nabokov gets hurt…they have Thomas Greiss and Dimitri Patzold as backups…yikes. They might want more security. 

  22. Sharks06 says:

    Ozolinsh was a tryout in the Sharks training camp this year, so this istn really news to Sharks fans. Ozolinsh is serving a 10 game suspension for violating the NHL's substance abuse policy which just ended Wednesday against Chicago. Once he is back in game form he may suit up for the Sharks, and from what I hear it should be within the next 7-10 days.

  23. Sharkattack01 says:

    I hope you're joking. If not, then please remember that Marleau now has a NTC.

  24. Rico71 says:

    Does the guy still have anything left?

    He has had a rough couple of years. I hope he managed to put his problems behind him and can now return to playing hockey.

  25. oldtimehockey says:

    Ok, First off im not a Canadiens fan but definitely a hockey fan.

      I think that Gainey would be a numbskull for making this trade and here is why.

      Halak – Up and coming tender who has shown he can play in the bigs… can he be a number 1 ?  time will tell but if he can remain consistent he could be a decent piece in a larger deal to help bolster the front.  Not worth it for the two mentioned above.

     Koivu –  He is the undisputed leader of this team. Its rare that those trades happen unless the teams hand is forced ala ryan smyth.  Koivu still has good hockey in him and he wants to play in MTL.  Again marleau and Bernier?

     Ryder –  Cant say much about this guy but i hear he scores some clutch goals.  If has some of that killer instinct similar to a drury but not at that quality yet.. He can develop in to a very strong player.

     Now to the Sharks.
    PAtrick Marleau – Great regular season player but is incosistent at best in the post season and while the Habs are eager to make the post season they want to make a splash when they are there and go a few rounds….

     Steve ? Bernier – Guy was sent to the minors for work ethic.  The most frustrating thing in hockey is to see a very talented player screw the pooch and put in horrible effort.  This guy has a bad rep for that specific things.  Canadiens are a storied franchise built on leaders and hard work… As much as that pained me to say its true.   Bernier and marleau are too inconsistent to give up your leader and two young guys with tons of potential.

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