Update – JR

Just read an article out of the Philly Inquirer- this is not looking good at all for JR. Here is the quote:

Posted on Thu, Feb. 26, 2004 by Ed Moran
“Last night, after the results of a second MRI on his brain showed he may have suffered an injury to the circulatory system in his brain, Roenick was told to stay home in Phoenix.”


The above link will get you to the whole article.

There was mention of a possible anuerysm…..

It has become clear that JR is out at least the remainder of 2004, but in my guess, the reality is, he will be retiring. This is sad news, even if you do not like the guy. You cannot replace his heart, which he leaves on the ice each time he takes a shift.

In addition, no news is NOT good news with regard to Keith Primeau, who is still listed as “Status unclear.”

Rather than speculate on what Clarke does next, I prefer to wish JR well. His grit and determination, along with his skill level, was something to admire.