Update – JR

Just read an article out of the Philly Inquirer- this is not looking good at all for JR. Here is the quote:

Posted on Thu, Feb. 26, 2004 by Ed Moran
“Last night, after the results of a second MRI on his brain showed he may have suffered an injury to the circulatory system in his brain, Roenick was told to stay home in Phoenix.”


The above link will get you to the whole article.

There was mention of a possible anuerysm…..

It has become clear that JR is out at least the remainder of 2004, but in my guess, the reality is, he will be retiring. This is sad news, even if you do not like the guy. You cannot replace his heart, which he leaves on the ice each time he takes a shift.

In addition, no news is NOT good news with regard to Keith Primeau, who is still listed as “Status unclear.”

Rather than speculate on what Clarke does next, I prefer to wish JR well. His grit and determination, along with his skill level, was something to admire.

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  1. swedishvoice says:

    I hope JR can get well, it’s a tragady that a great player like JR risks to end his carere like this. Althow with JR gone and Stevens returning the Devils cup chanses get’s better… yet it would feel like we are winning for the wrong resons…

    Get Well JR… But don’t risk your health, the same goes for Lindroos and Deadmarsh… Just call it a great carer.

  2. the_hockey_bandit says:

    If he does retire I would like to say thank you JR it was a pleasure to watch him play every shift with his heart on the ice. He will surely be missed!

  3. Enchilada says:

    It matters not, the Flyers will win the cup this year.

  4. Habfanforever says:

    who knows? he may pull a Gary Roberts and make a decent comeback. Regardless, his health is more important than any hockey game he’ll ever play in. Get well soon JR.

  5. hardhitter says:

    Well guys, not to say that JR’s head injury isnt serious, because it certainly is. But I think it is clear what is going on here. The flyers are playing games with the injury sitiuation. They want other teams to think Primeau and JR will not be in the picture come playoff time, when in doubt both will be.

  6. UsedandAbused says:

    Yea… I am sure JR is perfectly healthy! Please….

  7. RichterFan says:

    If he retires it would be a big blow to team USA.

  8. Brodeur30fan says:

    i still hate philly but will definatly miss JR playing hes a great player and i wish him all the best.

  9. Aetherial says:

    tragady = tragedy

    carere = career

    Althow = although

    chanses = chances

    Overall, good work with the English. Thought you might like to see these corrections 🙂

  10. Aetherial says:

    Well I am sorry to say I disagree.

    JR is done for this year in all likelihood and I think he may be done for his career.

    This is not something a team fools around with.

  11. flyerfan97 says:

    Your commets are so fucking stupid that they dont even dignify a response. ASSHOLE

  12. flyerfan97 says:

    How can you replace a JR. Answer imposible. He gave it 110% every game he played. He is one of the few that played the game with genuine desire and passion. He didnt play the game because of the money he played because of his love for hockey. Anyone who ever followed his career would know this. It was his heart and passion that drove him deep inside. He will be deeply missed. A devestating loss to the game of hockey.

  13. montrealbruinsfan says:

    Check it out very funny!!!!


  14. old_el_paso_Jr says:

    I dont think JR will every retire. This guy is most likely never going to listen to the doctors. even if Philly does not want i am sure a team will pick him up. Im sure he will even take a pay cut to play. JR has way to much heart and love for the game to retire. He is a superman

  15. flyersfan10897 says:

    first, he is listening to the doctors right now, and second, if he can play, you think the flyers are just going to hand him over to another team?

  16. rojoke says:

    It would probably take at least a year off for him to recover from this safely. This is more serious than a concussion.

  17. mogilny_4_ever says:


    You forgot that one Aetherial. Maybe your English isn’t so great either? :):)

  18. mogilny_4_ever says:

    Keep dreaming buddie!!!

  19. JeffBurnz09 says:

    yea, the make up job they did on him to make his jaw look broken was great, wasnt it? and you could barely tell the puck was foam rubber, Roenick made it look so real. can’t get anything past you!

  20. UsedandAbused says:

    Superior… SO Shut Up! What a stupid ass comment!

  21. jacosta says:

    This could be very serious for a player. the word Anyerism (sp) should never be taken lightly.

    If I were JR I would hang them up and be a Fox sports Analyst or something. He can sell the game for sure, and his interviews with players would be like none other.

    I would rather see him play hockey, but if he can’t we have the making of someone who can finaly get teh US to watch hockey. He could be the Don Cherry of the states.


  22. Aetherial says:

    Or at least my proofreading isn’t that great…

    Sad, considering I document for a living.

  23. hardhitter says:

    I’ll be accepting apologies come playoff time when JR is in the line-up. Its clear that most of you dont know a lot about professional hockey, you must be either leafs fans or Americans (is their a difference?)

  24. hardhitter says:

    You stupid moron, they are over exaggerating the extent of the head injury. Read the doctors editorial in the Montreal newspaper. It says it write in there that it is not “career threatening”. APOLOGY ACCPETED

  25. Stuv_Dogg says:

    What’s that supposed to mean, you fucking wanker? The only thing that you hit hard is your boyfriend’s ass.

    See, I was sorta on your side a bit until the Leaf fan comment. Now I clearly see that you’re just an idiot.

    And just to explain something to you, the Leafs play in Toronto, and Toronto is in Canada. Toronto is not in America. So, you just made yourself look even more stupid by displaying your inability to differentiate between supporters of a Canadian hockey team and citizens of a country.

    As I said before, you’re a fucking wanker.

    Nuff said.

  26. bamboo says:

    Nobody said there isn’t a chance he won’t be back for the playoffs, however, his health has proven to be worse than originally thought and no there could be a greater risk of returning. If the Montreal newspaper says different then that MUST be true.

    I will apologize to you when I see you softshitter………for sticking my foot up your ass and fucking you with it!

  27. bamboo says:

    the pet nickname that your boyfriend gave you is stupid! Used and Abused—–does that mean your asshole looks like it’s been in a car accident?

  28. trailerparkboys says:

    Yeah , JR and Hull together on T.V. would be priceless. When those boys speak the hockey world listens!!!! They call it as they see it.

    Bubbles out….

  29. trailerparkboys says:

    Yeah , JR and Hull together on T.V. would be priceless. When those boys speak the hockey world listens!!!! They call it as they see it.

    Bubbles out….

  30. hardhitter says:

    I figured I would receive some replies like this from little kids. You are obviously not intelligent enough to read between the lines. Do you know what that means to read between the lines? I wont bother explaining. But in brief what I meant was both leafs fans and “most” americans have no commen sense when concerning hockey. I appreciate you proving my theory correct with your reply.

  31. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Gee, that’s just great, Dippy.

    Not intelligent enough? You wouldn’t even begin to compare even on your finest day. I’m fucking genius material, redneck!

    Anyways, thank you for the explanation of reading between the lines. It was very intelligent regardless of the fact that the correct spelling of common has an o, not an e, you fucking shit stain.

    Your blatant disregard for real life has reared its ugly head once again – while I agree that hockey might not be as popular in the States as it is in Canada, our cousins to the south have as much knowledge of the sport as we do here in Canada. To wit, would you go toe to toe with, say our friend cwthrash about hockey? I think he’s from the States and from what I read of his comments, he’d run circles around you in his sleep.

    Anyways, as for as proving theories correct, believe what you need to help you sleep at night. Also, keep up with the redneck stereotypes about Americans not knowing anything about hockey, that really shows how well-rounded you really are.

    Keep hitting it hard, buddy, expect when your boyfriend starts bleeding, then you gotta give him a break.


  32. BayStBully says:

    Suuuuuure thats what you do for a living…..*cough* hooker!

  33. BayStBully says:

    HAHAHA that’s hilarious. I don’t like JR anyways

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