Updates on Free Agency **UPDATE**

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Down to business:

TSN.ca reports that the Detroit Red Wings have made a new offer to Derian Hatcher of $6M for four years after offering $5.5M per season.

Newsday reports that the New York Rangers pass on Todd Marchant, who is seeking a six year deal worth $24M. The Columbus Blue Jackets are still interested in signing the checking role player. Stay tuned as signings may happen soon this week.

Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun reported that Sergei Fedorov is interested in signing with the L.A Kings.

20 Responses to Updates on Free Agency **UPDATE**

  1. mikster says:

    I sure in hell hope that the Rangers get Marchant and Arvedsson.

    Also, Hacther signing $5.5M with either DAL or DET lowers Leetch’s asking price, who will most likely return to the Rangers.

    Funny. Hatcher and Leetch may get $1.5M more than Desjardins. Ok, Clarke definitely wasted his money.

  2. bwall says:

    Marchant for only 3 million? Who wouldn’t be interested? Why would he return to the Rangers when he can play for a decent team?

  3. beefer says:

    I’d be very happy if they end up with Marchant and Arvedsson. Then if they can just resign Leetch and maybe get a Klee or De Vries, they should be in good shape. And I defintely won’t lose too much sleep if Bure retires and they save that $10 mil either.

  4. Freeze says:

    500 users at a time but only a handful of people commenting on anything??? Yeah, sure.

  5. mikster says:

    Not users, visitors…..

    Look right hand side, scroll down…

  6. sabres48 says:

    yeah, for real….marchant for 3 mill, why not sign with a detroit or a nj….WHY RANGERS!

  7. OldNord says:

    The 500 or more are only the visitors, they can’t comment. As for the members, if it’s like my case, can’t commenting cause the site’s running is too slow…I can’t even be on the site during the day, that sucks. Most of the Rangers and Leafs pages are done. Hey, only about 5-10 comments on a Leafs/Rags news, there’s a problem.

  8. Hockey_Fan says:

    Yea why isn’t my HTR buddy list not coming on. Damnit I’m PISSED! But it’s ok HTR’s coverage of the signings are still better then ESPN’s.

  9. Flyers_01 says:

    Give me a break. Hatcher didn’t sign for 5.5 mill .. he was only offered it, so please don’t act like he signed it. Secondly, Detroit just upped their offer to 6 mill/5years and HE STILL ISN’T SIGNED. Let’s not act like offers are signed contracts just because it fits the tale you want to spin.

    Secondly, Hatcher and DesJardins had very similar seasons last year. The only thing Hatcher was a clear winner in was sitting in the penalty box. Desjardins is signed for $4mill/2 years while Hatchers price tag is $6mill/5years and rising. In my opinion Clarke made the right move. DesJardins may only have 2 more good years left in him which is fine, that’s all he’s under contract for. If both he and the Flyers think he has more in the tank after that they can negotiate a new contract. Hatchers contract is far more scary, not only does his contract go far beyond the CBA but noone knows what kind of player he’ll still be 4 or 5 years from now. I’d definately take Desjardins and his contract over Hatcher and his rising contract price. Would I like Hatcher on my team? Probably, but not at the price that Detroit is offering. Clarke is definately not the one who has “wasted his money” in this scenerio.

    Leetch will get less than he wants for a variety of reasons, least of which is Hatcher and Desjardins. Leetch is an aging defenseman on a team known for it’s lack of defense looking for a longterm contract with the CBA expiring. All of this will conspire to work against him in contract negotiations. He is most known for his offensive ability which is declining. Basically he isn’t the player he was 5 years ago and neither is the market the same.

  10. mikster says:

    the messanger thing makes the site even slower, we had to take it down. In a couple of weeks or so, we will update to a better version so this won’t happen again. Or at least……won’t be as slow.

  11. mikster says:

    Well, only reason why they made it $6M is because the Stars matched the previous offer. And, he would have been close to signing that had Stars not matched it.

    DesJardins is not a good leader, he dropped the C by himself. He was almost run out of Philly for two seasons prior to this past one where he played his best because his contract year is up. He too is aging and face it, he was also being shopped around for two straight seasons, this one included.

    Where does it say that Leetch will look for a long-term contract? Nowhere, you made that one up. The most Leetch gets is a 2 year deal, maybe 3.

    Desjardins played well, i won’t deny it, but he also was playing for a well built team that played a tough system. He doesn’t make much difference on the PK and PP. This guy would be horrible on another team since he is not that good oon even strength.

    So, the Flyers need to get far in the playoffs. You’re the GM….you know you have to make it to the finals or at least make the conference finals. You’re not going to try your best and sign Hatcher over $4M Desjardins? Would you rather have Leetch or Desjardins? We’ll see how much Leetch sings for, but it won’t be much higher than Desjardin’s salary. And if i am wrong, oh well !!!!!!

  12. omnipotence says:

    I haven’t seen nor heard anything from Dallas about this offer. I hope it isn’t true. But, does Detroit need another defenseman? Yzerman’s barely able to play, and they lose Federov. Don’t they need a center?

  13. Flyers_01 says:

    You’re right on Leetch. I have to admit that we haven’t heard exactly what Leetch wants which is surprising. However, whatever Leetch get’s from another team he’ll give the Rangers the opportunity to match it which I would think would cause people not to bother offering him a contract at all. After all, who outbids the Rangers? Noone. So Leetch may cost himself money out of loyalty.

    …. “I think the Red Wings are bidding against themselves,” said one G.M. contacted by TSN…..

    I have yet to hear someone post the exact reason that Detroit raised their offer. Do you have a source for saying Dallas matched it? Hatcher’s play was down 2 years ago also when Dallas was a team in turmoil and he rebounded with an excellent contract year as well, imagine that.

    Since Philly is no better than the 3rd most preferred destination for Hatcher, if I’m the GM I sign Desjardins instead of taking a longshot in offering Hatcher more than he’s worth just in the hopes he comes here. Sorry, I just don’t think Hatcher is worth $6 mill/5 years. I don’t think he’s the answer to Detroits problems or Philly’s. Philly needs better offence and with the way things are looking in Detroit, they will also.

  14. B-man says:

    Rangers should really be going after Hatcher, but if we get Marchant, thats still good. He’s a solid player.

  15. MantaRay says:

    OK. I can see maybe $5 million for Hatcher in Detroit. He is the benchmark for everyone else this season in terms of salary. $6 million is strecthing it.

    Why would anyone want to give Todd Marchant $3 million? He is not worth it. Maybe $1.0-1.5 he’s a spare part at best. He is not going to make or break any team.

    Bruce Garrioch is just reporting (parrotting) the words of Federov’s agent: Federov will be interested to sign with ANYONE who pays his tab.

    Los Angeles who is already stuck with Allison at $8+ a season is still looking to cut costs, so LA is OUT for Sergei.

    I expect him to be unsigned beyond the New Year since he is NEVER going to get an offer close to what he turned down in Detroit. Its a new day in the NHL.

  16. Gothamcityblueshirts says:

    I do not know if you read the NY Newsday. But they claim Marchant wants a 6 year deal worth 24mil, and the Rangers quickly said no way.

    Its a new day in the NHL, but some players do not understand that yet. No team will pay Marchant that kind of money.

  17. Gothamcityblueshirts says:

    According to the New York Newsday, Todd Marchant told the Rangers he wants a 6 year deal worth 24 mil. And the Rangers quickly said no thanks to that offer, and now Marchant will look elsewhere for that price.

    My take THANK GOODNESS the Rangers said no to that price thats crazy. Marchant will not get that type of money. Like Manta Ray said, he is not a make or break type of player.

    He does not get it yet, that its a new day in the NHL, and those types of deals are a thing of the past.

    Last year he may have gotten that type of contract, but not this year.

  18. MantaRay says:

    I didn’t read that but I agree with it.

    It must be a new day in the NHL if the Ranger$ are not overpaying someone. That was a smart move for Sather.

    Its going to be a rude awakening for alot of agents as well.

  19. Kraftster says:

    Please define spare part, because what I think of as a spare part doesn’t get 1-1.5 mil, and what I think of Todd Marchant is in NO WAY a spare part!!

  20. mikster says:

    Who outbids the Rangers? The Blue Jackets on Marchant will outbid the Rangers.

    Isle’s shown interest in Leetch, Flyers should show interest in Leetch. They didn’t have to re-sign Desjardins right away. They should have waited and explored options.

    Hatcher had one bad season. When the Stars missed the playoffs with a mediocre defense, goaltending and so-so offense, Hatch still managed a plsu rating.

    Hatcher is the answer to Detroit….Chelios is getting old and will retire. They need a tough physical d-man.

    Philly needs offense? Why not try Tverdovsky who would come in cheaper than Desjardins?

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