Val Bure on waivers, Lumme bought out, Possible $tars on the MOVE!

From TSN:

Blues place Val Bure on waivers and more


In what appears to be a cost-cutting move, the St. Louis Blues have placed winger Valeri Bure on waivers.

Bure, acquired in a trade-deadline deal from Florida for defenceman Mike Van Ryn, has one year left on his contract. Under terms of the trade, the Blues were responsible for at least half of his $3.1 million salary. If Bure had more than 80 points this season, the Blues would have paid the entire salary.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the South Florida Sun Sentinel report that the Panthers appear interested in reacquiring Bure, who has missed 82 games because of injuries over the past two seasons.

If Florida were to claim Bure off waivers, the Blues would get a 2004 conditional draft pick in return. If Bure goes unclaimed, he would remain the property of the Blues, who would then presumably try to trade him.

**My take: If the Panthers are stuck picking up half of his salary next year there will probably be a few teams that would consider a $1.55 million Bure, provided he’s healthy. But realistically it looks like Valeri, like his older brother, will never again be the player that he was when he was in western Canada.

From TSN:

Report: Leafs buying out Lumme


The Toronto Star reports that the Maple Leafs have decided to buy out the final year of defenceman Jyrki Lumme’s contract at almost $2 million.

Lumme is set to make $1.5 million next season. If his contract is bought out by July 1, the team pays two-thirds of that total. There is a team option for the 2004-2005 season with a buyout provision of $750,000, meaning Lumme would get $1.75 million for the final two years of his deal.

Lumme’s agent, Don Baizley, told the Star that the Leafs have informed him of their plans for for the 15-year NHL veteran, but said he would wait for the team to make a formal announcement.

The veteran blueliner was acquired in a trade with the Dallas Stars in 2001.

**My take: Poor Jonas Hoglund. Without Lumme around Hoglund’s bound to receive an even bigger whipping from Toronto fans and media. Perhaps it’s time for Jyrki to wind down his playing days in Europe (I remember rumors of him going back to Finland during his time with the Canucks).

From Slam.CA:

Big names, big talk surround NHL draft


NASHVILLE — The best entertainment in the Music City this weekend might be provided by the wheeling and dealing expected to take place at the NHL entry draft.

While there’s plenty of discussion surrounding Florida Panthers GM Rick Dudley’s plans for the No. 1 overall pick — and whether he’ll keep it — that’s minor stuff compared to some of the action that might take place.

As NHL officials started to flock here yesterday for the annual entry draft that begins Saturday at the Gaylord Entertainment Center, the word is some of the league’s biggest names could be on the move.

“Right now, you can pretty well have any of the top players in the league as long as you’re willing to pick up his salary,” said an NHL executive last night. “That’s all it takes because GMs just want to get rid of (big contracts).”

Though it’s been well documented the Washington Capitals are looking to move disappointing winger Jaromir Jagr and his $11-million (all terms US) salary, GM George McPhee also has two other targets on his budget chopping block.

The Capitals recently picked up the option on Peter Bondra’s contract, but sources indicate the winger has also been placed on the trade block along with centre Robert Lang, who was signed last year as an unrestricted free agent.

Still, the Caps are not alone in the salary dumping game. A high-ranking official confirmed the Dallas Stars are willing to move winger Bill Guerin ($8 million) and might even listen to the right offer for centre Mike Modano.

While it would take one special offer to pry Modano out of Dallas, Guerin is being shopped heavily around the league. It’s also part of owner Tom Hicks’ desire to get the Stars’ $60-million payroll down to a more manageable level.

The Stars are also trying to clear enough salary to enable them to keep their captain, unrestricted free agent defenceman Derian Hatcher.

It doesn’t stop there.

The St. Louis Blues are willing to move winger Keith Tkachuk if they can find a team to take on his $8-million salary, while it’s been widely reported Philadelphia is trying to dump winger John LeClair and his $7-million price tag.

There’s also talk the Tampa Bay Lightning are going to send goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin and his $6-million salary packing this weekend, while it’s almost certain that Phoenix goalie Sean Burke ($4.5 million) will wind up wearing a Boston uniform.

“If you had an expansion team and about $60 million to spend, you could build yourself a Stanley Cup contender with some of the players that teams are trying to trade right now. It’s unbelievable,” said another executive.

“Every move is about money these days. In some cases, teams don’t even want anything back because they just want to get rid of the contract. The problem is nobody can afford to take these guys. Some of them are great players and they can help, but they’re not worth what they’re being paid.”

With the collective bargaining agreement set to expire after the 2003-04 season, teams have been warned to be ready for a long work stoppage. It’s the size of these contracts that got teams in trouble in the first place and it’s a certainty owners will push for some sort of salary restraint in the new CBA.

“I don’t know if all, or if any, of these guys are going to move, but they can certainly be had,” said an executive. “Guys have spent money out of control and now they’re trying to find a way to dig themselves out of the hole.

“In any trade talks now, the first question asked is about the amount of money involved. How are GMs going to explain it to their fans if some of these deals get completed? They’ll have to tell truth and say they’re simply getting rid of money. You realize how much trouble the game is in.”

It’s true all of the anticipation in the next few days is supposed to be about whether centre Eric Staal or goalten-der Marc-Andre Fleury will go No. 1 in the draft Saturday. But right now that seems to be the least of GMs’ worries here.

Right now, it’s all about getting rid of past mistakes.

**My take: Not very good foresight on McPhee’s part to be wanting to dump Lang after just one year of his deal. According to Slam, Bondra made $4.75 million last year, so I’m guessing his option couldn’t be much more than that. He’s one of the streakiest guys in the league but with his (relatively) low salary he should draw the most interest. I’d love to see him playing wing for the Canucks, but I don’t think that it would happen.

That would have to be one really special offer to get Modano out of Dallas. I can’t imagine that organization without him. It’s like Sakic or Yzerman being traded.

The rest of these guys (Tkachuk, Leclair, Khabibulin, Burke) have been beat to death in other people’s topics, so I’ll refrain from adding to the growing fire.

21 Responses to Val Bure on waivers, Lumme bought out, Possible $tars on the MOVE!

  1. Dikembe says:

    St. Louis shouldn’t have went out and got Valeri Bure in the first place. Much too injury-prone and inconsistent.

    Been waiting for Lumme to be bought out for a lonnnggg time. Ya he’ll probably retire and head back to Europe. Hoglund’s gonna get axed next.

    If I was Dallas, I’d never trade Modano unless the offer was really really good. He’s a franchise player like you said.

    Yep. Every GM’s trying to dump salary now with the CBA coming up. They’ll be having a hard time cause no one’s going to want to pick up those hefty contracts. It’s going to be a very interesting


  2. Goldenscud says:

    I definately see the Flyers doing something big.

  3. OilersSuk says:

    Flyers will do something big, how bout a Leclair for Lindros deal? HAHAHAHAHA, I am sure philly would love that. But as for the Stars Guerin, Modano, and Hatcher will all be wearing the green and gold in Dallas next year.

  4. Rushing says:


    Stars trading Modano?!?!?!?!

    That just made my day. I can barely see them trading Guerin, much less, and boy do I mean much less Modano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rampage_Winger says:

    In an effort to win the 2004 NHL Frugality Award, the Dallas Stars will, in effect, switch teams with the Minnesota Twins.

    Now batting, right fielder Sergei Zubov.

  6. FLYGUY03 says:

    What does this comment have to do with V. Bure

  7. OilersSuk says:

    ummmm, nothing!

  8. bender says:

    Something about Western Canada, brings the best out of people, LOL. (ahem, no I’m not from ALBERTA…*sarcasm*)

    Things just get worse and worse for the Bure Bros., don’t they??

    Lumme….let’s move on…

    The draft seems to be getting more and more exciting as the days draw nearer. There could be some interesting things happening.

    I wanted LEclair to go to Dallas, but it there is even a hint of truth to the Guerin and/or Modano rumors, I’m pretty sure he won’t go there. I gotta say it, WHY would they wanna give up MODANO??? I’d give the Stars….Gagne, Williams, Woywitka and both are first rounders for him. I’d just set up a Philly smorg and let the Stars pick and choose, ALL except Pitkanen.

    I’d take Tkachuk if the Flyers could move Leclair.

    Bondra’s a pretty good deal, I’d also like to see him in a Nucks Jersey. That’d help them out lots. Doubt it would happen.

    Bulin is welcome in Philly, Burke can go to Boston.

    Jagr?? Does he fit anywhere now. I think the Caps are stuck with him. I don’t see him restructering his contract, though I could see Leclair willing too.

  9. Kashin says:

    He was a rental with no other purpose besides that. I am sure they knew before the trade what they were getting into. They wouldnt do a deal like that any other time but for a playoff run.

  10. Kashin says:

    “while it’s almost certain that Phoenix goalie Sean Burke ($4.5 million) will wind up wearing a Boston uniform. “

    But how? Titans guarneteed he will be a flyer?

    I think they will go after Potvin. He is the Boston type. He sometimes can be amazing and sometimes….

  11. Slavik says:

    TB would be stupid to trade bulin, there s one big reason TB improved so much…bulin. Ne ways after sittign bulin out they may have to.

    I honestly would love to see bondra in a canucks uniform, at 4.5 mill i think we could afford him. mind you he didnt have a great year.

    i honestly can’t see the devels trading modano, however i could see them tradign Guerin.

    Good article btw

  12. JohnFlan22 says:

    I read in New York Newsday that Pavel Demitra is being dangled by St. Louis with isles having interset. Isles rumoured to be offering Hamrlik or Peca. Peca has supposedly been offered to western team already as reported by Stan Fischler so maybe st. Louis was the team. Isles are desperate for a top lefty forward to play with Yashin so Demitra would in theory fit the bill. Reports also have St. Louis intersted in aquiring a top 3 d-man (hamrlik) since Al Mac will likely retire after his contract is out.

  13. amok says:

    The thought of that got me laughing, too. Trading Modano to dump salary in order to keep Hatcher seems akin to selling your heart on Ebay so you can afford to keep your gym membership a couple more years.

  14. amok says:

    Bondra would fit in beautifully in Vancouver. But as we agree, odds are slim to none it would ever happen.

    Given some time to grow his hair out more, Jagr could fit in with an 80s hair metal cover band. Perhaps Jiri Slegr could be convinced to grow his hair out like he had in the early 90s and join Jagr.

  15. amok says:

    Thanks, although I did just copy three articles and add my own two cents. Or maybe that’s six cents, since I did comment three times. And that’s six cents Canadian, too, so you guys are getting a good deal.

    As for Bondra, Burke could definitely afford him. The Canucks made money last year, although it’s nothing compared to the losses of the previous few years. Also the Canucks would have to give something up and I doubt McPhee would let Bondra go for a song, a dance, and a Ruutu, no matter how funny it would be to see Brian Burke singing and dancing.

  16. defenestrate says:

    Grandma’s still “beating off” the Indians….

    In other news….

    Val Bure’s wife, Candace Cameron Bure, has agreed to do a revamped “Full House”, with Barry Melrose replacing Bob Saget, Brian Engblom as Dave Coultier, and Jaromir Jagr (re-mulleted, of course), as “Uncle Jessie”.

    They will begin with an ABC “Afterschool Special” about the danger and prevalence of child molesters in sports-related positions. Sergei Federov guest stars.

    SCTP – “The Olsen Twins are almost legal”……in fact, in most Southern states, they are now officially “old maids”.

  17. jsFALLEN says:

    I read that too, God I hope they don’t move Peca. I my opinion Hamrlik makes more sense with Big Al getting up there and with Pronger injury’s they could use another D-man to help the Power Play. The Isles would pick up a little salary, but might be able to shed it in losing Kevin Hallers salary and moving two or three 2nd teir players. i.e. webb, Kvasha, Parrish. They could fill the roster with youth from Bridgeport.

  18. Tradedude says:


  19. Tradedude says:

    you know what…i agree, who the hell posts shit like modano on block, thats insane, yea and ill have another beer …

  20. Tradedude says:

    Felix the rat won’t last another full season in the nhl, i loved him as a kid wif da leafs, but ever since being traded, he’s turned into (insert washed up goalie here lol).

  21. Rushing says:

    Speaking of beer……..LMAO…….I was walking in the Mall here in the area I work….and there are candles shaped like Beer mugs and the gel wax inside is colored just like Beer with it colored white at the top looking like the foam. It is said to last about 160 hours of burning. I had to buy a couple. LMAO

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