Val Bure Singing Blues, so should the Blues fans!

Florida Panthers traded Valeri Bure for highly touted prospect Mike Van Ryn.

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  1. RatSale says:

    With the last few trades going down in infamy, I think the GM’s of contending teams should all take a break and some ritalin. God, they’re all paying way too much and its even worse when you consider philly got amonte for a few stamps, a bean and draft picks.

  2. DaMick says:

    WHAT is in the water today?????

    now its Florida,LA,& Carolina making GREAT deals on this D Day…

    i dunno about the Blues getting the cheaper Bure…he hasnt been the same since going to Florida…..maybe going to St Louis might wake him up…

    but i doubt it


  3. mikster says:

    What a day for Panthers fans. I am completely shocked that the Blues pulled this one off. So much for protecting Jackman, Van Ryn will also be a top d-man on any team in the future. Point is, he should not have been used for Bure. Hprrible trade by the Blues, they have not addressed their goalie needs yet, and Van Ryn could have been of better use in that category.

  4. TC_4 says:

    Great deal for the Panthers as they add another good young d-man. Bure is a joke who is living off two good years he had in Calgary. Terrible trade for the Blues. Pleau felt the pressure to do something and cracked. Just like he always does.

  5. amazing_jesse says:

    I agree with the sentiments here. Bure is a bust. They tried to unload him on the Leafs and Quinn said shove off. Good call Pat.

  6. zednik says:

    This is as a result of a deal brokered with Florida,

    The Blues pick up Bure and if they can’t find another goaltender by 2:55 PM

    Florida makes Jani Herme Available to the Blues


  7. matteo says:

    Thise weren’t just stamps – they were Elvis Presley commemorative stamps.

  8. Slovakiaz says:

    WOOOOHOOOO ! Florida wins this one 90:10 !!!

    Bure the Younger isn’t a playoff type player, but … but in next regular season (only regular season, not playoffs) – you better watch out ! 30-goals …

  9. matteo says:

    I think that actually makes good sense.

    I think there is also more to the Amonte deal that will go down later today….I also think JFK was killed by the CIA and that there are UFOs in Area 51. Also, Pat Quinn is the bastard love child of Meatloaf and Roseanne Barr.

  10. pantherboy says:

    Oh man what a trade!!! This one looks so good for the Panthers! Even if they have to pick up some of his contract, it doesn’t matter, Van Ryan is a good player. I am drooling over what their D will look like in a few years!

    Bouwmeester – Krajicek


    Van Ryan- Mjesky

  11. aaron says:

    Well, duh. Why don’t you tell me something I DON’T know?

  12. BlackJackman5 says:


    its really not as bad as it sounds though. van ryn was supposed to be a key contributor this year and he flopped. he was not even doing that well in the ahl with worcester. the only bright spot of his career is last year, but that is when he was paired with pronger. playing with pronger could make ME a HIGHLY TOUTED DEFENSIVE PROSPECT…………

  13. BlackJackman5 says:

    while i also hate this trade, what is this “just like he always does” bullshit? a case can be made for him overpaying for tkachuk, but that’s it, if you go wish to go that far. he stole doug weight from the oilers, and stole mellanby from florida. he was even up on the stillman for conroy and turek for nothing (as calgary would have been better off keeping nothing rather than getting turek). i don’t get it. you probably still smarting from the doug weight deal………

  14. ProngerBlues44 says:

    While I agree this was a poor trade for Pleau, I think that it isnt as bad as people make it out to be. I mean, look at the set-up men the Blues have. Weight, Demitra, Tkachuk has become one as has Petr Cajanek. I think that if Bure is paired with the right center, this could be a Blues edge in this trade.

    Plus, Van Ryn really did play poor and displayed poor sportsmanship as well. He was a flop this season, but I think he will bounce back and Florida will have a great pickup. I will miss Van Ryn, but he dug his own grave and Bure has had some very small flashes of brilliance.

    ~Jeff P.

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