A Way Back for the Vancouver Canucks!

If you want to get some good returns on the Vancouver Canucks with price per head bookmaking, now must be the time. Just when you think that the only way they can go is up, they manage to dig themselves into an even deeper hole, and the pay per head sportsbook will be offering odds longer than the dwindling queues at the turnstiles. Their loss to the New York Islanders, playing no less that seven rookies, was a punishing twelfth defeat out of fourteen matches. Conceding all seven goals in the third period left even their coach John Tortorella as confused as everyone else as to why they have performed so badly recently. This is a team that are still only six points off the final playoff spot, but have they now got any hope of a way back in?

The situation is so bad that the Vancouver ownership has stalled sending out renewal notices to season ticket holders in case they get binned rather than returned; holding out for a better run of luck. Everyone is preying for a change in fortunes but what is it going to take? Inevitably Tortorella is taking a lot of the flack but he is not the only candidate with a price per head; there is the General Manager, Mike Gillis, and the front man for the ownership, Francesco Aquillini, who are both in the firing line. But it comes with the job description that coach will get the full fury of the fans after a run as dismal as this one. At the end of the day he is the guy watching his players crumple on the ice, losing all self esteem and confidence; no wonder they’re chucking away leads, conceding late goals and embarrassing themselves with mistake after mistake. Is it just a case that Gillis and Aquillini picked the wrong man for the job, or is the right man just going about his business in the wrong way? You can check out the action with online sportsbook software and pay per head services.

Everyone expected Tortorella to come storming in and start kicking ass; the angry man of hockey, and complete opposite of who he was replacing Alain Vignealt. Instead, he seems to have had a conversion during his journey, aiming to inspire his new team of veterans rather than verbalise them into submission. Perhaps he is still licking his wounds after his forced departure from New York where his aggressive style failed to gain the results he needed and players still rail against the way they were treated. Tortorella’s main weapon is his fire but he seems to be keeping it in check, knowing that he has crossed the line before.

Then again, what has the coach got to play with, the Canucks were on a downer before he arrived and who is to say that his approach isn’t having as much success as could be expected from a team that has been steadily weakened over the years by poor drafts; suffered from bad trades and uneventful rentals; with the runny icing on a badly made cake being the Luongo-Cory Schneider disaster.

So where can the Canucks go from here, you can check out their odds and the wagering options with standardperhead.com’s sportsbook software. If it was a movie with a happy ending then Tortorella would be having his blinding flash of inspiration about now, when the situation is at its worst and only a last minute change around will turn the zeroes into heroes, but does that ever happen in real life? He really needs to dig deep into the team’s psyche and remind them that only two seasons ago they were the best in the NHL; and some how forget that they are now hitting the other end of the record books. Maybe its time for the old fire to be let loose once more and hang the consequences; peel some paint off the dressing room walls and vent some of the frustration that must be building up.

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