Vancouver Speculation

Who would you want for this team?

Todd Bertuzzi:Bert would be great again as a nuck in my opinion and i think he could do wonders in Vancouver with good friend Markus Naslund, and he could be awesome on a line with the twins.

Peter Forsberg:Another good friend of Naslund and would be a big help towards a playof push.

Anson Carter:Has proven chemistry with the twins and even if he couldn’t find that chemistry,he wouldn’t be that bad on the second line with Naslund.

Brad Stuwart:A very good d-man and with Salo being UFA at the end of the season Stuwart could be a good fit with the team.

Kevin Weekes:A decent backup at a decent price just to add a little depth if Luongo gets a small injury or needs a little rest.

Who do you thing the nucks need?Would any of these players be good here for atleast a playoff push?

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  1. Canuckrock says:

    It's kind of surprising how three of the players listed above have played for Vancouver at some point in time (Bertuzzi, Carter, Weekes).  Weekes is inconsistent so he wouldn't be great.  The Forsberg speculation has been going on too long, he's too expensive and the risk of injury is too great for this team to take a chance on him.  As for Bertuzzi, I'm glad he's gone.  He was a huge distraction last year and he turned into a huge dud in Florida so why take a risk on him. 

    I could see the Canucks doing absolutely nothing for the trade deadline since from the top of the year I think people knew that the lineup was pretty grim and one trade near the end wouldn't fix much.  I just think the Canucks shouldn't waste picks doing anything now and should wait till the summer to unload Naslund, Morrison and bring back Carter and sign a number 1 sniper who can replace Naslund (Briere, Gomez anyone??)

  2. TheDugg1er says:

    He was doing good on Florida but then had surgery. I wouldn't call him a dud and he's a force to be reckoned with. I'd love to see the Nuks sign him this offseason. Then the trade will be
    To florids: Allen and Auld
    To Nuks: Luongo and Krajicek

    We ripped them off soooo much.

  3. Canuckspwn says:

    I think if Bert came back he'd imapct the team in a good way.

    Forsberg is a great player as we all know,but i don't think it's that big of a risk if we got him we could dominate.

    Weekes doesn't play much yes and wasn't good as a canuck but still better then Sabby and just a bit more.

    and for Briere,he wouldn't fit in

    and Gomez will demand more money then Nazzy and he isn't even better then Nazzy.

  4. vancity4life says:

    hell no to weekes….unless he went on waivers….then claim him and demote like fitzy or someone. i would want bertuzzi and forsberg…..just imagine it! naslund finding his old play with his two best friends…….i can see it now, bertuzzi making space for them crashing the net and all the crap he did before, with forsbergs crisp setup passes to naslund. and no pressure, since theyre the second line behnd the sedins and whoever(carter if he was waived at the deadline, but most likely pyatt.)

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