Vancouver Speculation

Who would you want for this team?

Todd Bertuzzi:Bert would be great again as a nuck in my opinion and i think he could do wonders in Vancouver with good friend Markus Naslund, and he could be awesome on a line with the twins.

Peter Forsberg:Another good friend of Naslund and would be a big help towards a playof push.

Anson Carter:Has proven chemistry with the twins and even if he couldn’t find that chemistry,he wouldn’t be that bad on the second line with Naslund.

Brad Stuwart:A very good d-man and with Salo being UFA at the end of the season Stuwart could be a good fit with the team.

Kevin Weekes:A decent backup at a decent price just to add a little depth if Luongo gets a small injury or needs a little rest.

Who do you thing the nucks need?Would any of these players be good here for atleast a playoff push?