Vancouvers offseason plan…

Read the title…


To Columbus: Brenden Morrison, Patrick Columbue
To Vancouver: Gilbert Brule

To L.A: Alexander Frolov
To Washington: Cory Schiender, 1st rounder, 2nd rounder, Lukas Krajicek

To Nashville: Alex Edler, 2nd rounder, Juraj Simek
To Vancouver: Shea Weber

To Anahiem: Corry Perry
To Vancouver: Marcus Naslund

To Anahiem: Matt Cooke
To Vancouver: Goerge Parros, 2nd round pick

To Any team: Marc Chouinard
To Vancouver: 5th round pick

The first trade could happen, because Brule’s value is low, and wouldn’t demand a good prospects. Brule will be great, but his value is low.
L.A needs a goalie desperatly. They will do anything for a goalie, and that goalie could be Schiender. With Kopitar, and soon O’ Sullivan they don’t have a bad future on offense, but there goaltending will not be good until Bernier becomes a starter and that could be another 4 years. The Canuck’swould have a great future on defense with Bourdon, and Weber. Since Edler coud be traded he would replace him. I think if people say the Duck’s would rather have Sundin then Naslund that’s dumb. Anahiem doesn’t have a real 1st line left winger, Naslund is way younger, and could be great with Selanne, and McDonald. The Nuck’s need toughness, and Parros can provide that. The last trade is just to dump Chouinard.


Anson Carter for 1.5 million.
Sheldon Souray for 5.5 million.
Kevin Weeks for 1.0 million.
Resign Pyatt for 1.0 million.
Give Grabner a contract for 0.5 million.
Sign Brad May to a 2 way contract for 0.5 million.
Resign Green for 0.5 million.
Resign Kesler for 1.0 million (assuming he would take a paycut).
Resign Trembley for 0.5 million, and to a 2 way contract.

Walk away from:

Tommi Santala, Sami Salo, Danny Sabourin, Rory Fitzpatrick, Trevor Linden, and Jan Bulis

The Team:

Sedin-Sedin-Carter= 8.5 million
Frolov-Brule-Perry=3.0 million
Pyatt-Kesler-Grabner= 2.5 million
Burrows-Rypien-Parros= 1.5 million
extras: Green, May= 1.0 million

Weber-Bieksa= 1.0 million
Bourdon-Mitchell= 4.5 million
Ohlund-Souray= 9.0 million
extra: Trembley= 0.5 million

Luongo= 6.5
Weeks= 1.0

Total= 41.5 (I rounded, but it’s 40.0 roughly if you don’t round, and write the actualy number)

That looks like a very deadly team, ecspecialy the defense. Luc Bourdon qill be the only d man who won’t be capible of being a top 2 d man, and he will be soon. That is probaly the best d in the NHL. I like the 2nd forward line. Perry, Frolov, Brule would be the best young line in the entire NHL. The goaltending is, just now a better backup. The team would be Cup contenders.


Capitan: Willie Mitchell.
Assitants: The Sedins, and Mattias Ohlund.