Vermette Signs multi- year contract

Antoine Vermette has signed a multi year contract with the Senators and is going to start the season in Ottawa. Terms were not disclosed.

The contract is believed to be a high to low, for 3 years. The average amount seems to be very close to 3 million a year, so the contract will look like;
Year 1: 3.5 Mil
Year 2: 3.0 Mil
Year 3: 2.5 Mil

Even though this are not the right numbers, they are very close to the terms that were agreed on as murray was looking to sign Veremtte to 2.5 million and Vermette was looking for 3.5 million. I believe the two sides met in the middle. With Vermette sign, the Senators secondary scoring is intacked and Foligno and Kelly are looking to put up bigger numbers this year, so expect scoring not to be a problem for the Senators.

The next player on the list will be Meszaros. Murray will try and get him as cheep as possible, but may have to end up giving in to a bit of money. A trade is also open for Meszaros still, but it is believed the Meszaros will stay with the Sens next season. Meszaros is looking for 3.5 Million also and Murray is arguing that he should be paid a bit under Volchankov’s salary as he and Chris Phillips are the best on the roster. Meszaros and Murray will agree to a contract that will most likely be in the same range or just under the Vermette contract.

Murray will have a bit of room in the cap after signing Meszaros and it could be to lure Brendan Shanahan or another veteran to play with the Sens for one year.

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  1. pezzz says:

    the terms are official. it's 2 years, 5.525M$

    1rst year : 2.525
    2nd year : 3

    in the actual market, I think it's a real bargain. but 2 years seems too little. Vermette wanted 5 years (according to but Murray didn't want to give him a long term contract. Murray must be an idiot.

  2. Benstheman says:

    It's a bargain, like the A. Kostistyn contract. Vermette and A.K. have putted the same kind of stats that Carter did last year.

    Here are the contracts:

    Carter: 4,5M$-5,25M$-5,25M$
    Kostitsyn: 3,25M$-3,25M$-3,25M$
    Vermette: 2,525M$-3,00M$

    Kostitsyn cost roughly 2 M$ per year less than Carter. Vermette cost even less than Kostistyn, which is a great for the Sens, but it's probably due to the fact that its only a 2 years contract.

  3. muckies says:

    another great signing Cap hit wise for Murray (and Muckler.) Vermette could have easily gotten over 3 million in arbitration as Filpulll just signed for that. I take this as a sign that even though the Srns had a real tough season last year, the players are still committed and believe they can win and inflict some damage on the league.

    The Sens forwards 1-12 are totally solid, probably the best group in their division but still behind Pitt and Washington. they need a real #1 goalie, that'll be so tough for Murray, but they are in a good position to make the playoffs, and let the young guys get better, and be a better team come March.
  4. UWSensFan says:

    For that we agree.  I'd have loved to have had Vermette under contract for 5 years at a similar cap hit (although that was probably the sticking point…Vermette probably wanted his salary to increase above the $3M mark for years 3 to 5).  Here's hoping we can afford to retain him in 2 years when his value will likely be much higher than it is now (and you're right…that is quite a bargain for Vermette…especially if they actually use him for his top 6 potential/pp time/pk expertise)

  5. UWSensFan says:

    Just for curiosity's sake, whom would you put on the top 2 lines…I see it being this setup:

    Heatley – Spezza – Alfie
    Foligno – Fisher – Vermette

    With any of the 4 wingers interchangeable with another (except Heatley – Spezza will likely remain intact)

  6. senators101 says:

    Absolute steal. Nothing else to say. Was hoping for an extra couple years, but there’s no way we would have gotten more years at that price. I’m happy cuz we definitely need Vermette for everything he offeres.

  7. sensrulethenhl says:

    I believe with Folingo developing, I could see Alfie moving to the second line and Foligno going on the first line:




    Also Gerber has shown he is a capable goaltender as he was the only player to show up in the playoffs for the Sens. He was outstanding in the season and showed he is a really good goalie committed to the team. Also we have Alex Auld who can play in high pressure games and stand tall. Our goaltending could not be better right now.

  8. UWSensFan says:

    If we're to be splitting the big three, my preference is to see the first two lines look like this instead:

    Vermette – Spezza – Heatley
    Foligno – Fisher – Alfredsson

    As Vermette would retain the defensive presence that Alfie had on the first line, and I think Vermette would benefit more from first line time than Foligno would at this point in their respective careers.  Then again, that's just my opinion, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see Foligno start the year on the first line.

    Unfortunately, I don't share your opinion in our goaltending.  While Gerber IS a good goalie, his confidence can easily be shaken: once he's given up a bad goal (or sometimes two), he seems to have trouble shaking it off.  The downside is there was no alternative this summer for him…I wonder what Murray's planning for next year?

  9. senators101 says:

    Although Vermette might benefit more from playing top on the top line, the top line would benefit more with having a physical player make room for them.  Foligno apparently has gained like 15 pounds of muscle this off-season so far but isn't getting slower.  He'll be a force up there in the near future.

    But you're right about gerber.  he sucks.  He's so damn unpredictable.  Even in the Pitts series, he'll play great to keep us in the game but then he'll let in a soft goal like that of Ruutu's backhander.  I'm hoping elliott gets called up at some point or Auld can somehow take over.

  10. UWSensFan says:

    Good to know that Foligno's gaining weight…it just seemed like he lacked the finishing touch last season (albeit he WAS a rookie).  Here's hoping that adding muscle also translates into more speed…that'd be great for the kid too!

    As for Elliott, yes, I do hope he can get a game or two in this year, but I don't think he's quite ready for full-time NHL action yet.  He may be ready to come up as a backup next year, or even as the starter (considering this is Gerber's last year under contract).  Potential replacements for Gerber next season (as far as current contracts are concerned):
    Fernandez, Manny
    Thomas, Tim
    Roloson, Dwayne
    Garon, Mathieu
    Backstrom, Niklas
    Biron, Martin

  11. senators101 says:

    Fernandez has lost his touch over the past few years.  Thomas is kinda, as is Roloson.  Edmonton will probably lock up Garon.  Biron isn't going anywhere.

    We're going to have to pull a goalie out of our ass or go after Backstrom.  Minnesota is going to Harding at some point.

    The other option is Kari Lehtonen.  He signed a 1 year deal and is a free agent next year.  Pavalec might be ready at that point.

    The last option is trading for Pascal Leclaire (who just signed a 3 year deal for a VERY reasonable price).  Steve Mason is coming out soon hopefully.

    I think Elliott is going to have to make that plunge into our starting position next year (09/10 season).  For the meantime, I just hope Gerber can be consistent.  He doesn't have to be great.. just stop the ****ing puck.

  12. wayne2 says:

    Gotta love this deal but wish they had signed him for 5-6 years at that price.Now i hope they re-sign Meszaros around 3 mil and maybe sign Glen Murray.My line-up:
    1-Heatley/Spezza/Murray      or 1-Heatley/Spezza/Murray
    2-Vermette/Fisher/Alfredson     2-Foligno/Vermette/Alfredson
    3-Foligno/Kelly/Neil                  3-Kelly/Fisher/Neil
    4-Ruttu/Bass/Donavan             4-Ruttu/Bass/Donavan



    Trade McKammond for a pick to save money for Meszaros and Murray.

  13. UWSensFan says:

    Totally agree there…going after Lehtonen wouldn't be a bad thing, or trading for Leclaire.

    I was actually hoping Elliott would be given full time backup duties this year so that he could see a bit of NHL action before being thrown into full time duties next year (assuming no move is made to replace Gerbs).

  14. sensrulethenhl says:

    Ray Emery was proboly distracting Gerber as Ray was doing everything he could to get the number one job bad

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