Vishnevski a Devil

According to Hockeybuzz, Vitali Vishnevski has signed a 3-year deal with New Jersey.

More to come.

14 Responses to Vishnevski a Devil

  1. monley89 says:

    Does this mean Souray will become a Ranger?

  2. Komic-J says:

    Hopefully, it means that he'll be a Shark…
    …that's my prediction anyway.

  3. Iceman23 says:

    I'd like to know where some of you people are finding this stuff on these sites you claim to find them on, because I've been all over and I see nothing about this.

    Just like someone claiming that CBS Sportline NY had claimed Souray had signed with NJ already.  Whereas that rumor very well could be true, it was no where on that site.

  4. baltic_thunder says:

    If true… this is  s w e e t . My hat off to the Devils organization – they sure know how to retool.

  5. Lint07 says:

    please tell me you didn't look more than 15 seconds.

    it's on the front page

  6. Nystyle says:

    the sportsline report I gave before is from the radio and not the website. every morning and afternoon cbs radio in NY does a "sports line live" call in show and they have analysis, etc.

  7. Iceman23 says:

    It actually wasn't on there when I looked, however, I take dumps in the morning that are more credble than Eklund, so I highly doubt it's anywhere near true.

  8. avsjoendryan says:

    good defencemen but depends on how much he makes with souray signing with em.

  9. ericthered1961 says:

    so this is their replacement for Rafalski……looks pretty weak so far Lou…..if its true.

  10. rojoke says:

    If they sign him at all.

  11. wingsfan13 says:

    please tell me ur being sarcastic

  12. I_hate_LA says:

    I've always been a fan of Vishnevski when he was with the Ducks. The guy hits like a freight train, so enjoy!

  13. rooney says:

    i am a huge devils fan and if this is what we are doing to replace gomez and rafalski it is going to be a long year. zubrus and vishnevski are no where near gomez and rafalski. they need to give souray the money he wants

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