Volchenkov out, Cowen in

When I look at the Volchenkov situation, I see a great shot blocking defenseman leaving, but when you look down the road, you see a guy standing there that is kid ready to come in and play in the NHL. His name is Jared Cowen. People said this was the guy that should of been 3rd overall in the 2009 draft. Were they right? It seems this season we will find out as he will push for a spot on the 2010-2011 Ottawa Senators lineup. At the beginning of the season, Cowen was ranked as high as #3, but in January, the 6’5” d-man suffered a season ending knee injury. He’s a big, physical defenseman, with a long wingspan, which helps draw the comparison to the Bruins Zdeno Chara and Adam Foote . Has shown decent offensive skills, registering 21 points in 48 this past season with Spokane, but will be looked as more of a defensive defenseman in the NHL.

Jared Cowen is a guy that is an all around defnseman. He is also a great leader and leadership is never a bad thing to have on your resume when challenging for a NHL spot. If Jared Cowen were to make the team this year, the line combos could possibly look like this:

Carkner -Lee

It has been spoken before that the 1st rounder 15th overall Erik Karlsson and 1st rounder 9th overall Jared Cowen would make a great pair on the back end. this could possibly be happening this season, as I think Murray and Clouston look to bring in a defenseman from the depth of the organization then the UFA market.

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  1. broc says:

    Cowen looked like shite when he played this year… he played bad at the world juniors too. He def has some stuff to work on, highly unlikely to be in the NHL next season.

  2. number15 says:

    yeh he might have a future, cause of the potential…… though he didnt look ready for the NHL, at all

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