Vote For McCabe

I was just over at reading the list of players on The All Star Ballot. After I wiped my eyes and reloaded the page to make sure my peepers were not playing tricks on me, I was understandably sick.

I made it to the end of the list The Eastern Conf. Defense choices. Dan Boyle? Bouwmeester? McCabe? Some guy named Tallinder? 4 guys, 12 points and a combined -20. That sounds more like The Leaves rather than an All Star Team.

This is what My NHL has come to. Makes you wonder if the games are really fixed too. Why didn’t they play The All Star game in August when we we’re all dying for a little fun away from The X Games, Baseball and reruns of Poker? Stop trying to make this game, a game of skill and just make it a popularity contest.

So this is what I’m going to ask you all to do. Vote McCabe. Last year’s Vote Rory, almost worked. So let’s go in the opposite direction. Let’s take a (lol) Popular player (lol)… Sorry I can’t keep a strait face thinking McCabe has fans, and vote his undeserving butt into the starting line up. This voting for players is just wrong and has to stop. Taking a player from “The Nation” just makes it fun. Sorta like pouring salt into their wounds.

So as they say in Southern Ontario or as the rest of Canada knows it as, The Center of the Universe. Vote Early and Vote Often.

Honestly, the guy scored on his own net in overtime.