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I was just over at reading the list of players on The All Star Ballot. After I wiped my eyes and reloaded the page to make sure my peepers were not playing tricks on me, I was understandably sick.

I made it to the end of the list The Eastern Conf. Defense choices. Dan Boyle? Bouwmeester? McCabe? Some guy named Tallinder? 4 guys, 12 points and a combined -20. That sounds more like The Leaves rather than an All Star Team.

This is what My NHL has come to. Makes you wonder if the games are really fixed too. Why didn’t they play The All Star game in August when we we’re all dying for a little fun away from The X Games, Baseball and reruns of Poker? Stop trying to make this game, a game of skill and just make it a popularity contest.

So this is what I’m going to ask you all to do. Vote McCabe. Last year’s Vote Rory, almost worked. So let’s go in the opposite direction. Let’s take a (lol) Popular player (lol)… Sorry I can’t keep a strait face thinking McCabe has fans, and vote his undeserving butt into the starting line up. This voting for players is just wrong and has to stop. Taking a player from “The Nation” just makes it fun. Sorta like pouring salt into their wounds.

So as they say in Southern Ontario or as the rest of Canada knows it as, The Center of the Universe. Vote Early and Vote Often.

Honestly, the guy scored on his own net in overtime.

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  1. 42wellwood42 says: Join this new site! Teams are still open! So hurry before there all gone!

  2. leafy says:

    They didn't have this silly voting system 20 years ago, but then for some reason, the league became Americanized…and made it like baseball.

    I recall George Brett was voted to start 3rd base in 1984, despite playing ~10 games, while Wade Boggs didn't get voted despite hitting around .400 at the all-star break.

  3. JuicemaN says:

    i usually hate when people comment on spelling but this one is the true king of irritation.

    When mentioning the Leafs in plural it is still the LEAFS…it says so right in the name of the team, Toronto Maple LEAFS….not LEAVES.

    Same thing if there was a team called "The Fish" you would say "Fishes" when speaking of them in plural.

    Anyway…this is a general comment towards the many times I've read people say "Leaves"…I'm not trying to correct spellingor be a prick…I'm aware people will crack on me as I probably would too…..but seriously; it's the Leafs not the Leaves…just as it's not the "Wilds" or the "Avelanches".

  4. JuicemaN says:

    Same thing if there was a team called "The Fish" you would say "Fishes" when speaking of them in plural.

    That should read "you wouldn't say "Fishes".

  5. MtlHabs09 says:

    Actually that depends on how many species of fish there are… If its more than one you say fishes but if its a bunch of fish from the same species you say fish.

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Phillips??? yeah the east defensemen havent been to great, but Phillips, Volckenckov, markov, Komisarek would get my votes

  7. jpmac says:

    While we are correcting spelling it is Avalanche.

    Also The plural of leaf is leaves..while the word leafs is not actually correct.  It would fine if they were called the Toronto Maple Leaf.  Using Avalanche or Wild is not even related to the topic because you are talking about the Leafs whose team name is plural while the Wild and Avalanche are not plural.

    I know I am just nit picking but hey I am bored

  8. JuicemaN says:

    LOL – I knew whe I spelt Avalanche that it looked wrong…I was pretty bored myself.

    Leafs may not be correct but it is the name of the team which makes "leaves" pointless.

    And in response to the "fishes" response I got….no matter how many fish you're talking about, 1 species or 20…it's still just "fish" it's a self plurralized word…yes I'm aware of my mis-spelling plurralized.

    Man I'm bored.

  9. Archion113 says:

    Yeah its americanized… dumbass…

    You can vote for any player on any team with a fill in vote… you don't have to choose a player on the list if you really don't want to.

    Football doesn't have fan voting.. nor does Basketball… if i'm not mistaken…

    Blame bettman for all this crap… don't try and pin it on a nation….

  10. Archion113 says:

    I always thought when they spelled leaves they were making a pun about the D-men leaving the goalie all alone…

    The Toronto Maple Leaves love to leave their goalie undefended… kinda like that… i always laughed when i read it…

  11. riseagainst says:

    mccabe is a 5 mil dollar player, fitzpatrick was a guy who was lucky to get dressed, I don't think mccabe making the allstar game would have the same effect.

  12. BrianColangeloNHLGM says:

    Obviously you are a fool. These choices are based on projections of possible candidates for the all-star game. Dan Boyle was one of the best d men in the league last year. McCabe, although you may look at him to be a horrible d-man has had some impressive statistical seasons, so he could be a candidate. Bouwmeester is long over due to finally breakout, and he is definitely a possible future all-star. Finally Henrick Tallinder. Now this is an interesting one, but the NHL is based on more than just points, it is also based on things like plus minus. This guy was close to plus 20 last year, and he is young and should get better, so all of his stats were expected to increase.
    So my dumb friend, try to get an idea of the nhl on an overall basis, rather than just your lack of current knowledge.

  13. leafy says:

    Oh yeah, like I'm way out of line.

  14. leafy says:

    I researched it.  Actually, they also have the same fan voting system in the NBA as well, and a partial fan voting system in the NFL (see links below).

    So where was I wrong?

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