Vote for Rory?!?

Rory Fitzpatrick to the Allstar game? You better believe it…
Q: How can a defensemen that played 16 games this season, that has 0 point and is minus-2 so far could make it to the allstar game?

A: If enough fans wants him there.

There’s a new website around, that’s making more and more noise these days. So much noise that as of december 4, Rory Fitzpatrick was now listed as #12 on the list of defensemen for the Allstar game with 31 310 votes.

The website has also caught the attention of Radio-Canada (CBC’s french sister station) and they wrote an article on it ( )

Why Fitzpatrick to the Allstar game?
Here’s what the owner of the site had to say: ”Good question. Everyone has their reasons for voting, but the general consensus is that Rory is the perfect representative for all the players who work hard “behind the scenes” and never get any recognition.”

”If you’re reading this Rory, clear your schedule for that week – you’re going to Dallas!”

also, you can check this article posted earlier:

Marco Normandin
HTR Vice-Admin