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Few good players out there

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  1. mikster says:

    Players i’d get from each team:

    ANA: Jason York.

    ATL: none

    BOS: Tim Thomas, Grosek

    BUF: Hamel

    CGY: Petrovicky

    CAR: Adams, Westlund

    CHI: none

    COL: Muir, Shantz

    CBS: none

    DAL: Sim

    DET: none

    EDM: Reasoner

    FLA: Dagenais, Tetarenko.

    LA: Heinze, Rosa

    MIN: Domenichelli, Sushinsky

    MTL: Robidas

    NSH: Eaton, Smrek

    NJD: Bicek, Sutton

    NYI: Shultz

    NYR: Donato, Bouchard, Lefebvre

    OTT: B. Smyth

    PHI: none

    PHO: Berehowsky

    PIT: Leroux, Petersen,

    STL: Dawe, Pilon, Tkaczuk

    SJ: none.

    TB: Biron, Holzinger, Taylor

    TOR: Eriksson, Healy, Holden

    VAN: Farkas, Kariya

    WSH: Whitfield

  2. cwhockey says:

    Since the Thrashers have the first pick and seeing as how I am the only devoted Thrashers fan here (unless I’ve missed someone recently), it’s kinda fitting that I get the first message to this one.

    There are a few good players. It’s possible that the Thrashers could go for a younger player with their first pick, but I don’t really have a clue who Waddell would pick. But just in a quick run-through, I picked out a few names that might be able to help my beleagured Thrashers. Mind you, some of these are very iffy and as I read through the list another time or two, I’m sure I’ll find other good players. If I do, I’ll just respond to my own post. But here’s a very rough first look at what Atlanta might choose:

    Jason York (Anaheim)

    Dave Lowry (Calgary)

    Scott Pellerin (Dallas)

    Marty Reasoner (Edmonton)

    Steve Heinze (Los Angeles)

    Dave Karpa (NY Rangers)

    Dick Tarnstrom (Pittsburgh)

    Sergei Varlamov (St Louis)

    Daniel Tkaczuk (St Louis)

    Josh Holden (Toronto)

    Jeff Farkas (Vancouver)

    Like I said, iffy on a few of these.

  3. McCabe_24 says:

    If I were Atlanta, I’d go for Jason York and Marty Reasoner. York would add for 2 top defensive pairings and Reasoner would rack up the points between either Heatley and Kovalchuk or Kozlov and McCeahern.

  4. pantherboy says:

    Seeing the Panthers pick thrid, there is a few players I would like to see them take interest in.

    1. Eric Boguniecki from St.Louis. What were the Blues thinking when they put this guy in? He was only the AHL MVP last season! Geez, snach this guy quick.

    2. Ronald Petrovicky from Calgary. Young D-man with lots of potential. Poor season last year though, but he is still young.

    3. Rick Berry from Pittsburgh. Came over from the Av’s in the Kasper trade. A lot was expected out of him by the Av’s to fill in as the #6 D-man regularly, but he couldn’t handle it.

    4. Paul Healey from Toronto. This kid can play, and he plays a lot bigger then he seems. Would be a nice fit on any team.

    And also, what was Florida thinking when they put Dagines on the waiver list. He was really good at the seasons end, and worked hard all summer on his skating, the knock on his game. Hopefully no teams select him.

  5. Forsberg21 says:

    You forgot Lumme for Toronto. Atlanta might go for him, since they still want a veteran defensman, but his price is pretty high.

    Interesting that the Avs decided to protect D.J. Smith instead of Muir, maybe Muir isn’t a lock for that 6th spot on the D after all. As an Avs fan I would like to see Rick Berry back in Colorado, (Pitsburgh waived him also) he’s a tough, physical defensive defensman, and laid out one of the biggest hits I’ve ever seen in last years opneing game. But then Colorado would have to take somebody of their protected list, and the only one they could spare is D.J Smith, maybe that’s why he was protected in the first place.

    I’m still stinging from the Drury trade. Would have much rather seen someone like Lumme or Berry as the 5th or 6th defensman, than have Morris and lose Drury. I also find it hard to believe that Calgary wouldn’t take Tnaguay or Reinprect, but this is all another story.

  6. Forsberg21 says:

    Berry could probabl have handled being the 6th guy, but he was made expendable with the emergence of Trepanier, and Muir. If I were you guys, I would rather take Muir over Berry through waivers though.

  7. MantaRay says:

    There is no one on this list that I would even consider. They are all spare parts for a reason.

    No Chris Osgood’s this year

  8. PanMan says:

    The one I really like on that list is Dagenais. He has size (could put on a couple more pounds though), scoring touch (10 goals last year in 42 games. Not too impressive but he played on Florida and THN has him as the Panthers’ “break-out” player. He also had “a late season flurry of goals.”) and most likely can be converted easily to a LW from RW if need be. Who knows, if he plays good this year he might find himself on the Lindros line.

    If we pick him up, the guy we should expose is Holmqvist or Oliwa.

    And I should mention that I have absolutely no complaints about our protected/unprotected lists, and that’s a great thing!

    and one more thing about dagenais…he would have presumably had a 20 goal season last year and that’s not bad!

  9. freshprince says:

    You could have a pretty good team

    S.Kariya – B.Holzinger – S.Heinze

    G.Titov – M.Reasoner – S.Pellerin

    D. Lowry – S.Roest – P.Rosa

    J.Farkas – J.Shantz – Phalsson

    J.York – J.Lumme

    D. Berehowsky – A.Eriksson

    S.Lefebre – G.Hawgood




    Healthy Scratches :

    H. Domechelli

    L. Kohn







    Pretty Ok Team…

    It was actually hard to make the line-up

  10. aaron says:

    There actually are a few decent players on that list. Not many, but some servicable 3rd/4th liners on bad to average teams.

  11. freshprince says:


  12. freshprince says:


  13. acebailey says:

    With Damian Rhodes on the Atlanta Unprotected list, it makes you wonder if they are serously going after Dafoe. Just a thought.

  14. Lint07 says:

    You forgot Francis Bouillon-D in Montréal…

    Pretty small, but plays really big.

    a really good 4th to 6th D-men in my opinion…

  15. mikster says:

    No, they will get Hackett.

    Chicago, Flyers, Blues, will get Dafoe.

  16. aaron says:

    No, they’ll stick w/ Hnlinka, who put up top half stats for starters last season.

  17. mikster says:

    We’ll see….

  18. UltimateB says:

    When you put it that way…. man, you’re right. Reminds me of Minnesota. (I mean, other than Gaborik, and maybe Walz, Ronning or Brunette, is there anybody on the Wild to care about?) I say just take these waived guys, maybe stick them in Quebec, call them the Nordiques, have them sign Dafoe and maybe snatch Larry Robinson from Jersey. Why not expand some more this year?

  19. MossRocks says:

    Morris won’t be your 5/6 defenseman. If you think that DeVries and Muir and two bums would be good enough to handle the Oiler and Canucks this year, you are sadly mistaken. Beyond Blake and Foote the Avs have a weak defense, even Skoula is not that great, yet. They needed help back there and they got a guy who will be their #3 d-man and eventually will replace Blake as the #1 d-man. Yes they gave up a little too much but they got the best defenseman out on the market right now. They improved the weakest part of their team. Now they can spread out the minutes and the top four will have more energy for the playoffs.

  20. Bluesrock7 says:

    Wow, you chose just about the worst three players on the Blues’ list that you could have! How about Boguniecki, Varlamov, or Nickalus? Pilon is injured to the point of near-retirement, Dawe was an absolute signing bust, and Tkazcuk was a throw in from Calgary on the Turek trade that hasn’t shown any promise at all. I for one am upset that Quenneville/Pleau didn’t give Boguniecki or Varlamov a chance, and instead decided to protect Daniel Corso, and dead weight like Mike Eastwood. It really makes one think.

  21. Aetherial says:

    Jason York, Marty Reasoner, Steve Kariya and perhaps Dixon Ward were all that was notable that I saw.

    I saw Dmitri Kvartalnov… LOL He won me a pool for me by playing half a year with Adam Oates and Joe Juneau about 10 fricking years ago… he was in on most goals and then suddenly was sent down and I never heard from him again. I can’t believe he is still around!

  22. booty says:

    …because Mike Richter sucks.

    (please note the extreme sarcasm)

  23. Forsberg21 says:

    I didn’t say Morris will be our 5th or 6th defensman. I said I would rather see a guy like Berry or Lumme as our 5th our 6th defensman, than give up Drury for Morris.

    Speaking of sadly mistaken, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. the Avs would have been able to handle the Oilers, and Canucks just as good as they did last year, becasue they would have had the SAME defense as last year, and they seemed to be able to allow the fewest goals in the league. They probably would have been better, because Skoula and Muir would have had another year to develop and would have played better. I think this trade will really hurt Skoula, because I thought this would have been his breakout season. And who the hell are you talking about when you say DeVries and Muir and two bums?

  24. Leaf_Expert says:

    Someone PLEASE take Lumme or Eriksson!!!

    And if there is a God then hopefully they both will be picked up………

  25. Leaf_Expert says:

    Leafs could kill this team

  26. cwhockey says:

    Dafoe’s price is too high, especially now that Hnilicka has signed. I’ve heard a rumor, from who and where I have no idea, that Atlanta might be interested in Hackett. Doesn’t really make sense to me and I’m very reluctant to believe it, but you never know.

    With what I’ve read in the Atlanta press and unofficial sources here in Atlanta, the Thrashers are happy with their goaltending situation. Maybe they want to get a veteran backup to help the younger goalies (even if it is Hackett). And only if a good chunk of his salary is picked up by Montreal. Otherwise, Hackett is not flying south for the winter.

  27. McCabe_24 says:

    I would add Holden, Varlamov and Ulanov instead of Rosa, Lowry and Hawgood

  28. cecilturtle says:

    I’d like to see the Bruins bring back Donato & Heinze. They played great together the 1st go-round. Both will always skate hard and are now dependable defensive forwards who can shut down the other teams top 2 lines with the help of a good defensive center. If not the Bruins, maybe the Rangers can pick up Heinze. Donato & Heinze might not make the team to start the season, but could be the veteran call ups to provde leadership WHEN the injury bug hits the team. Its not like they make much money and they are both at their best when they play together. Come playoff time and the prospects & goons sit… Who better to have on the 4th line?

    Cecil Turtle

  29. Malurous says:

    I agree that Boguniecki and Varlamov would have been better to keep than someone like Eastwood. I guess they’ll get their chances. Don’t judge Dawe yet, though, if he finds the level he had some years ago, before going through the farms, he might be a nice addition to the lower lines…

    By the way, what do you think about Tom Koivisto, the defenceman? He seems pretty impressive to me… I mean, he hasn’t had the time to adjust to American play, but still seems quite solid… We’ll wait and see if he can get his point totals up like they were in the Finnish league.

  30. Malurous says:

    Yep, De Vries rocks. And Skoula will get better. But what on earth are you talking about Muir developing? He’s like 30 years old and a journeyman. This is not to say that he isn’t an ok #6-7 d-man but you can get better in the waiverdraft. By the way, allowing the fewest goals in the league, could that have something to do with a man known by the name of Patrick Roy?

    P.S. I just noticed that my comment on Muir was totally illogical after saying that De Vries rocks… I mean, he was like 30 and a journeyman too, and he did develop. So we’ll see.

  31. omnipotence says:

    “We’re still laughing about Drury being traded from Colorado. Ha ha ha!!!”

    -The Dallas Stars

  32. Malurous says:

    Funny… you see lots of unprotected guys who were in the league sometime like Sushinsky and Christer Olsson (remember, the sucker who St.Louis traded to Ottawa for Pavol Demitra *g*) but Vancouver has actually PROTECTED one of these guys… The Swedish D-man Leif Rohlin is… ugh… OLD and left the league back in ’97 for Switzerland. He’s now playing in Sweden with decreasing production and retirement may be close. I know that teams protect players they don’t have to – usually minor leaguers – to get someone they can unprotect when they claim. But this was really a nice thing to do by Vancouver, at least made me laugh =)

  33. puma777 says:

    They protected him because if they pick up a player, they will have to drop him, or another player from a roster spot.

    funny indeed 😐

  34. bubbakazoo says:

    Petrovicky is a winger- get it straight jack.

  35. big_booty says:

    Yeah, it’s a pretty good team.


  36. Leaf_Expert says:

    Someone PLEASE take Lumme or Eriksson!!!

    And if there is a God then HOPEFULLY they both will be picked up………

    Doesn’t your team need a Lumme or an Eriksson????

  37. acebailey says:

    I have a bad feeling about Blackburn, it wasn’t that long ago that Blain Lacher had the same pressure put on him and he imploded.

    I am a goalie myself, and I am a big Richter fan, but that guy is literally on his last legs, could he overcome another serious leg episode?

    The Rangers have too much money invested in that team to take that chance I think. Ask Pat Burns what it is like to have a good team play its last 2/3s of the season with a 3rd string goalie in net.

  38. tsunami says:

    Definitely add Ulanov as a starting d-man. A team can never have too many blind defensemen. furthermore, how much more intresting is a game when ya have a d-man that’s favorite strategy is passing across his own slot?

  39. tsunami says:

    i agree odd man out would be oliwa. barnaby is a better overall player. McCarthy is a better goal scorer. And with Purinton’s move to left wing they have another tough guy to protect Lindros. Anyway Oliwa took a beating in the Philly game, and Purinton came off the bench and gave an ass kicking to Brashear, and that’s no small feat.

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