Waiver Wire

On Wednesday there was 2 teams claiming players off waivers.

The Carolina Hurricanes lost reccently aquirred forward Harold Druken to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Druken has tallied one goal and two assists in 13 games with Carolina. Druken had one goal and one assists in three games with Vancouver prior to being traded.

Also the Chicago BlackHawks claimed vetren forward Mike Eastwood from the St. Louis Blues. Eastwood, a 6’3″, 216 pound center has appeared in 17 games this season with the St. Louis Blues recording one power play goal, three assists and eight penalty minutes while posting a +1 rating.

Stats from TSN.

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  1. tsaler says:

    I think Druken will probably be sent down to the minors and will play in St. John’s perhaps, that is, until he is needed due to an injury in the starting lineup. I don’t think Corson going on IR is going to get Druken on the active roster with guys like Nik Antropov and Paul Healey already there. I think St. John’s is their minor league team anyway… correct me if I’m wrong.

    Chicago, on the other hand, snatched up Eastwood in a brilliant move. I think he’ll play great for the Blackhawks. My question is… once Nikolishin is back, who will they send down? My guess is Mark Bell, personally.

    Anyway… today was an exciting day on the waiver wire, for the first time in a long time really!


  2. Tradedude says:

    Hmmm. Druken on the leafs. Probably be an up and down player, like AHL to NHL sorta thing. Leafs didn’t really need to acquire him, seeing we still have Holden to fill in. But Druken is a streaky scorer, he could fill in well as Gary Roberts, or Shayne Corson’s replacements. Nothing Big.

    Reality Rules


  3. pantherboy says:

    For once the Leafs weren’t just thinking about themselves!!! The reason, I think, that they got Druken was for their AHL St. Johns team. Why? CUZ THEY SUCK! Their horrible. Probably cuz Quinn keeps pilling all the Leafs crap onto that team.

  4. hatterson says:

    Actually the leafs may have aquired Druken because they think he might develop into a half decent player in the future. In 2000-2001 he scored 30 points in 55 games. Not bad for a 21 year-old (at the time).

  5. Leaf_Expert says:

    He should be a GREAT center!!!!!!!!

    for the St.Johns Maple Leafs of AHL…..

  6. Aetherial says:

    Druken gives them another young center with some potential… we can only hope.

    I think maybe they did it for a few reasons. 1) possible help on the farm, 2) Corson’s injury 3) they may be looking to make a trade so they needed some more depth for either the big club or the farm?

    Just some thoughts. I think this may be a very good move.

  7. newfie says:

    I think Druken has a lot of potenial, but he needs some quality time, Carolina was top heavy on centers. Also St. John’s ( which is the leafs minor team) is Drunken’s home town, where he spends his off time. This may be good or bad for him, maybe that little thing to get him to the next level, but anyway a great gate draw for the Farm.

  8. jammer21 says:

    obviously you don’t watch mike eastwood play hockey. fortunately, i have (or rather unfortunately as the case may be) so i’ll let you in on a little secret……. HE SUCKS!!!!!!!! he is…er was (**rejoices***) the worst player on the blues. he is the slowest player i have seen since adam creighton, he has ZERO touch with the puck, he is an overrated defensive center and wins a whopping 52% of his faceoffs. if he is “great” for the hawks for the rest of the season, then they are in some serious sh*t……

  9. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    OK. Tell me if I’m way off base here. I might be shooting arrows into the dark, but Hey here goes. Tell me if anyone agrees.

    The leafs have signed Druken. This gives them an abundance of lower calibre forwards. Tonnes of 4th liners at best. Why would they do this? I feel this is just preparing for something a little larger. I”m not sure what it is but something is going to happen. Look for 2 forwards to be shipped out of Toronto. Maybe Tucker, Corson, Antropov, I’m not sure. This way here the Leafs can bring in a solid dman or another forward and not be left with a hole to fill?

    To me it makes no other sense as to why they would bring in Druken.

    Does this make sense?

    Does anyone else see this?

  10. Aetherial says:

    That is possible or it could just be bolstering the farm team. The Leafs farm system was VERY important to them last year!

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