WAIVERS CLAIMED (TFP.com: ANA makes offer for Bertuzzi)

Michael Leighton to MONTREAL
Brian Boucher to COLUMBUS
Denis Hamel to PHILLY
Jason Krog to ATLANTA
Niko Kapanen to PHOENIX

Also Dominic Moore has been trade from the Pens to the Wild for a 3rd pick

3 Responses to WAIVERS CLAIMED (TFP.com: ANA makes offer for Bertuzzi)

  1. darcysucker says:

    To anyone wondering why the habs picked up michael leighton, it's probably cause Yann Dannis is injured, Halak is with the big club, and hamilton is playing cedrick desjardins and some random dude, so it's probably to help out the bulldogs and the cincinnati cyclones, I think the habs are gonna go with aebischer and halak the rest of the way and hope huet recovers for the playoffs

  2. BruMagnus says:

    Absolutely RETARDED trade by the Pens for a meer 3rd rounder. Moore was an excellent all around player. This trade is mind-boggling, UNLESS its the precursor for a bigger trade?

  3. puckhead94 says:

    The irony here is you just replied to my comment on the Jagr thread on how much you love Moore lol.

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