Waivers or Trades await two more 2000 first round picks

The Fourth Period is reporting that Phoenix Coyotes centers Jeff Taffe and Krys Kolanos are on the trading block. At least one player will have to be moved to make room for Petr Nedved who may return midweek. Both players would have to clear waivers to return to the minors.

Taffe was drafted 30th overall in 2000 by the Blues. Kolanos was drafted 19th overall by the Yotes. 2000 draft picks have not fared well this month. Neither of Montreal’s 2000 first round picks made the team this year, with Hossa being traded for a minor leaguer and Hainsey making it through waivers.

Other first round picks that are not with their parent club include: Klesa (#4 overall), Jonsson (#7), Alexeev (#8), Kahn (#9), Yakobov (#10), Smirnov (#12), Nedorost (#14), Kryukov (#15), Mikhnov (#16), Hale (#22), Smith (#23), Samuelsson (#27), Kronwall (#29). There are already as many or more 2001 and 2002 first round picks in the NHL than 2000 picks.

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  1. SabresFan220 says:

    Kolanos and Taffe are both very talented centermen that would contribute to a young team’s success. I’ve always liked both players, but Taffe might be the better of the 2. He’s a very fast skater who plays transition hockey well, he’d fit very well on a young team that has alot of speed already or needs to add speed.

    However, my Sabres don’t need any centers even though Phoenix may want one of our goalies. Of course, even Noronen for Taffe or Kolanos straight up isn’t quite a fair trade for the Sabres. Noronen may not be a well proven NHL goalie, but he’s had experience which both Taffe and Kolonos lack. Particularly I could see Taffe fitting perfectly with Minnesota especially since he was a Golden Gopher and I think he’s a Minnesota native. We all know how much the Wild love drafting homegrown talent, so it’s very possible they’d want to trade for him. With his speed Minnesota would be even more dangerous, especially on the powerplay.

  2. habsoverserver says:

    Provided Taffe is cheap, and I assume he is, Minnesota might bite.

    Given that they would have to be waived and the Yotes would lose them for free, I could see either player being traded for a third or fourth round player or pick. That’s what the Habs got for Hossa.

  3. habs79 says:

    Is the Kronwall you refering to Nikilas Kronwall on Detroit? If so then the only reason he isn’t there is cause of injury.

  4. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    The Kronwall on toronto i think hes talking about

  5. GretzNYR99 says:

    The Rangers should smarten up and make a stab for one of these two. They should start going after younger players when they’re available. They could use some good young players, especially ones that are good on the faceoff and in their own end, like Taffe. Kolanos is a speedy young guy with size who can light the lamp, he’s got potential. I don’t know what they want in return, but who knows. Jamie Lundmark or Fedor Fedorov could be on their way out. Or even Tom Poti, but I think that and maybe a 3rd round draft pick could go with Taffe and or Kolanos.

  6. dcz28 says:

    Samuelsson (#27), Kronwall (#29)…If you are talking about the Wings players then as someone else pointed out Kronvall is out with an injury and Samuelsson has been great for the Wings with 4 goals in 4 games

    I should say Hossa seems to be doing good with the Rangers also…that was a bad move by Montreal they should have sent Raitis Ivanans to the minors instead…i know Ivanans is their though guy ( he made a BIG mistake taking on Chara tonight) but Hossa is still young and should improve

  7. dcz28 says:

    Didn’t the Rangers just trade for Federov? i know that does not mean they can’t turn around and trade him again but they should give him a couple of games to see if he fits in and produce before trading him

  8. Mullet says:

    The New NHL SUCKS! I hate a lot of the new rules! some are just ridiculous! I will name the ones I hate!

    1)The shootout- it’s a skills challenge and not part of hockey! It’s like telling NFL teams that if there’s a tie their QB has to throw the football at a target to find out eho wins. Just have continuous OT like in the playoffs, thats much more entertaining to watch!

    2)Goalie playing the puck restrictions. I don’t think it’s bad but they should make the trapazoid bigger for more space for the goalies.

    3)Automatic suspension with a fight after the 5 minute mark in the 3rd period. This is possibly the most retarded rule of all! This is usually the time when most of the fights break out! Fighting is a part of hockey, and by allowing this rule you are possibly causing more stick related incidents! Get rid of this rule and the instigator rule and stick related incidents will decrease in hockey!

    4) The new obstruction rules! I like the base of this rule! but it’s too extreme right now! tiny hooks and holds should be allowed. Also defencemen should be allowed to try to move players away from the front of the net without getting penalties called on them! I mean i want to see hockey with some flow. With all these penalties it’s slowing the game down even more! These are the new rules that I hate!


  9. dcz28 says:

    You don’t like those rules because your Leafs can’t skate (bunch of pylons on defence) and are use to the clutch and grab…you don’t like the shootouts because the Leafs don’t have many scorers and always lose…the only rule i agree is about the fighting

    By the way the Refs aren’t that bad because i’ve watched 3 of the Leafs 4 games and the Refs let a lot of the Leafs interference go with no penalties compared to other teams i’ve watched play

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