Wanted: Young, bright, innovative mind to lead a promising NHL franchise…

With the playoffs fast approaching, the fans of the teams fighting for the last spots are sitting on the edge of their seats hoping their team can make one last push to secure a chance to compete for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

While those of us who have been eliminated (in my case since Halloween) sit and stew over what changes need to be made to our teams…With almost a full season of play under our belts with the new CBA it will be interesting to see what offseason changes are made in the coaching and front offices around the NHL.

As a result of the new CBA, more pressure has been placed on front office personnel to find the right talent on the free agent market, draft the hidden gem in the 4th round, and pick up players who can contribute and help win a Stanley Cup.

The Pittsburgh Penguins, who have already fired coach Eddie Olyczk this year, have shown little improvement under Michel Therrien. Speculation is that general manager Craig Patrick’s tenure will not be allowed to continue after this season. While many have believed this is Mario’s decision, it is clear that Mario has turned his duties over to Ken Sawyer, a clear indication the team may be heading in an opposite direction.

Other teams such as Toronto, Boston, NYI, and New Jersey, could be considering coaching/gm changes. The Kings fired Andy Murray last week.

My question to all of you HTR’s readers is, what bright innovative hockey minds would become candidates to fill the open positions (general manager and coaching) that are created in the offseason??

And why do you think they would make great coaches or general managers…