Warning: A Trade is coming

As deadline day approaches, now only three more days, all of us hockey fans and sitting back and patiently waiting for our favorite NHL team to pull the trigger. With all the big names floating around we all crave that speedy cener to fill out our top line or that rugged 6’0+ Defensman to step in and lead our core. I’ve been sitting back here for days now, watching Leaf fans (and other teams as well) post their fantasy deadline deals and rumors that they want to become reality. So I thought…. this would be a great time to make my first post on HTR. I felt the need to post what I want my favorite team to do on deadline day. If anybody read or payed any attention to my (sometimes dumb) comments, you would probably know that my favorite team is the Montreal Canadiens.

Anybody remember a couple years ago when the Habs were in this same position as the trade deadline approached? They were fighting for a playoff spot and most people thought they would ride the storm with their current roster. But No! We were all shocked when the announcement came…. The Canadiens aquire Alex Kovalev for the rights to prospect Josef Balej. I’ll be the first to admit that this announcement came straight out of left field and stunned me. Management decided that we needed a big name to help with our playoff push.

Which brings me to today; Gainey is a smart man (supposedly) and knows that he is in a dogfight for that last playoff position. Sure, we are on a roll right now but there will be another hump in the road before the seasons end. Hopefully it wont last for long but face it, we will loose more games this year. This makes me wonder.. will Bob Gainey pull off another big trade like the one a couple years ago? And I would have to say yes. Mr. gainey isn’t going to just sit back and watch other teams swap players to improve their chances for the cup. Gainey knows that his playoff have started since the Olympic break. He has to win ‘NOW’, and if not there will be no playoffs.

Now on to the deals:

As Sourays name has been floating around a lot in the last few days, mainly involving Bertuzzi, I’ll be the first to say it IS NOT happening. Montreal isn’t that strong on defense right now even with Souray in the lineup. Now before you all jump on me about how much he’s overrated, just think about it…. Would Montreal be so good without him in the lineup? Its a proven fact, “Defense wins championships” and Bob Gainey knows that by removing Souray, he is downgrading an important position that they’re already pretty weak on. Sure he’s not the Norris candidate that we were all talking about 2 years ago, but he is a quality D-Man. The only way that he will be traded, in my opinion, is if its for another defenseman. I would personally like to see him in a package for Gauthier or Morris. The deals could look something like this….

To Phoenix: Souray + 2nd or 3rd round pick

To Montreal: Gauthier

*Now before bashing this trade and talking about cap room I’ll give you a warning. I’m not into this whole business of sports thing and I don’t know how much cap room these teams have left.

To Colorado: Souray, Ribeiro, Sanford, 1st Rounder

To Montreal: Morris, Laperriere(sp?), 3rd rounder

*I think this would be a fair trade. Sanford was just recently signed for some reason and I think Gainey may package him up. Laperriere is a gritty player that Montreal needs, and Ribeiro may just need a change of scenery to get back into the grove. A speedy Western conference may help his as well.

As well, there were a lot of Montreal scouts seen in Colorado over the past month or so.

If Ribeiro isn’t sent to Colorado he may be sent to Chicago or Vancouver, since Montreal scouts were also spotted in those cities over the past little while. Im not so sure about a Chicago trade but im sure it will be a package involving Arnason or Bell. As for the Vancouver trade it may look something like this…..

To Vancouver: Ribeiro, Souray, 3rd rounder

To Montreal: Cooke and Kessler or Ruutu (sp again?)

* I’ve seen Kessler get injured a few nights ago so im not sure on his condition right now. However, like I said before, Montreal cannot afford to downgrade their defense. They would then have to look to Washington about aquiring Witt for picks or prospects.

The Penguins could be shopping Gonchar and this could be the big trade that Gainey will make this week.

To Montreal: Gonchar

To Pittsburgh: 3rd rounder and a prospect

Nodody thought we would get Kovalev for a prospect a couple years ago so who knows? I wouldnt be that surprised if Gonchar ends up in a Habs jersey come March 9th. I would like to see Selanne come to Montreal and play with Koivu for the first time in the NHL but I’m not so sure about his status with Anaheim. They may not want to get rid of him right now.

To sum it up, I’ll send out this warning to Habs fans:

Keep your eyes and ears open at all times because Gainey will pull something out of his hat sometime this week. It may not be a Kovalev type deal but something WILL be done…..

And you can take that to the bank!


“peace out”

50 Responses to Warning: A Trade is coming

  1. SabresFan220 says:

    A decent article, but with one problem I noticed. Derek Morris was traded to Phoenix from Colorado last season, so the Habs would have to deal with the Yotes to get him. I don’t think dealing Souray would be too smart for Montreal, if anything they’re looking for a guy to pair with him, not acquire for him.

    Despite how bad Gonchar has been I think the Pens will want more than a prospect and a 3rd rounder. That move also kills the Habs cap wise next season because Gonchar makes $5 million a year, but I’ll let that slide because you didn’t know that. I don’t see Vancouver giving up both Cooke and Kesler for Souray and Ribiero, you might get one of them (I’d prefer Kesler but Cooke is good too) and say Nolan Baumgartner.

    I’m waiting for the 1st shoe to drop for the deadline this year, it’s been eerily quiet so far. I do think Montreal will make some move to show they’re pushing for the playoffs, but what will that be? With Theo injured until April, can Huet be the #1 guy like he’s shown he can at times this year? If not, the Habs could be sunk by the time Theo returns.

  2. hackm says:

    Decent first post — it’d probably fit better in the Montreat category though, but, let me give you a hand —

    To Phoenix: Souray + 2nd or 3rd round pick

    To Montreal: Gauthier

    ^ This trade would pass, if Phoenix wasn’t trying to dump some salary. Montreal would be giving away a little too much.

    To Colorado: Souray, Ribeiro, Sanford, 1st Rounder

    To Montreal: Morris, Laperriere(sp?), 3rd rounder

    ^ Makes sense. But Derek Morris? Doesn’t play for Colorado anymore… But let’s say he did, I think Montreal is giving up slightly too much, again. Cause Morris (if he were playing there) is kind of a loan.

    To Vancouver: Ribeiro, Souray, 3rd rounder

    To Montreal: Cooke and Kessler or Ruutu (sp again?)

    ^ Iffy at best. Cooke maybe. Ruutu, maybe. But I think it’d take more to get Kessler. He’s a really high prospect in their club. This one probably wouldn’t work out.

    To Montreal: Gonchar

    To Pittsburgh: 3rd rounder and a prospect

    ^ I don’t know Montreals cap situation either. But I can guarantee they can’t afford him. Though, and he might demand a little more than that, a 2nd, maybe a 1st. Who knows, tough to say if there’ll be any action on him.

  3. mtlman2005 says:

    Just so you know, with the injury to Theo the canadiens have A LOT of space (more than 5 million!). The thing is, if we want him to come back (and thats a big if…) his salary will come back in the cap also!

    Gonchar isn’t a cheap player but god knows the canadiens could use him and that would also allow Gainey a bit more help if he wants to trade a Dman (eventhough i don’t think it would b a good idea).

    The players i see that MIGHT be leaving: Zednik, Ribeiro, Bulis, Sundstrom, Theo (but a longshot…), maybe Sourray (hope not) and maybe one of our prospects ( except for Higgins or Plekanecs…).

  4. tmeyers says:

    now that Theo is injured, his salary doesnt count.

  5. gohabs73 says:

    1. Phoenix: I wouldn’t trade Souray for Gauthier. Not much of an improvement and Gauthier is a free agent… so we’d have an empty spot next year.

    2. Colorado: Who’s that Morris in Colorado? If you’re talking about Derek, he’s in Phoenix…. and yes, he would help a lot. He’s free agent too so maybe Zednik and a 2nd pick could bring him in Montreal.

    3. Chicago: I think Bell is overrated. He only got 45, 29 and 28 pts in his last 3 seasons and is currently sitting at 38. As a comparison, Ribeiro had 65 last season and is sitting at 36.

    4. Vancouver: I don’t think much of Cooke… but yeah Kessler and Ruutu would be nice. As you noted, we’d have to replace Souray. I don’t understand all the fuzz about Witt! since when has he become a key to success for almost all the teams?! I’d much rather get Mara or even Kuba who whould come pretty cheap.

    5. Pittsburgh: Gonchar is the type of player that would really help the habs…. but his salary is just crazy.

    good post overall… i think you understand what the habs need: 2nd line scoring/toughness and puck moving defense.

    let’s now hope Gainey can fill those needs without giving up too much.

  6. ThomasHawks says:

    I think Sheldon Souray is a better D-man than Denis Gauthier so i would trade Mark Streit or Mathieu Dandenault and a 2e round draft pick or third round for Denis Gauthier.If they dont want a D-man we could give them Mike Ribeiro and a 2e round draft pick or third round.Then u trade Richard Zednik and Jan bulis to Florida for Gary Roberts and Martin Gelinas.This is the kinds of players that Montreal needs.No more europeen Ok Bob.

  7. ThomasHawks says:

    Jan Bulis, Richard Zednik, Mathieu Dandenault, and a 2e round draft pick to Florida for Martin Gelinas, Gary Roberts and Sean Hill.


  8. mtlman2005 says:

    Gelinas sux, Roberts is old and sux, and hill sux also!

    Dandenault is one of our most reliable Dman, Bulis is playing well and seeing how well we have been picking these last few year, that 2e rounder looks pretty good from here!

  9. wingerxxx says:

    Montreal is giving up way, way, way too much in that Gauthier proposal. Look at it this way, Montreal traded a 2nd rd. pick and a prospect to the Rangers for Alex Kovalev. Sorry, but Denis Gauthier is not worth that. Gauthier is a rock hard defender, but he’s a 4th defenseman at best. Montreal would be getting ripped off in that deal, badly.

    I wouldn’t trade a hot steak dinner for Gonchar right now. I’ve never been big on him, mainly because I’ve watched him play in Washington for too long. He has always been rather overrated. The big thing with Gonchar is his contract. And the fact that he is not a young player. He is having a bad year, and he didn’t look great in the Olympics, playing with great players, and his own countrymen. I have no idea why on earth any team would want him, beyond having a big shot on the power play. I’d rather keep the 3rd rounc pick, and not have to pay the guy that insane amount of money on his contract. He’s also not a great playoff rental, Boston found that out.

  10. guinsfan4life says:

    Just an FYI- Gonchar has been playing better of late and if he leaves a void will still exist on the pens blueline. They are going to need immediate help in the form of players they can plug in right now. Whether that be Ribero or whomever.

  11. ThomasHawks says:

    When it comes to playoff time these guys will produce more than Zed and Buli.

  12. Aetherial says:

    The Pens would take almost ANYTHING for Gonchar.

    They can replace his efectiveness with free agency for less than the 5 million he is making.

  13. afanofthelakings says:

    I think its around 32M$ but will become 34M$ next year

  14. hockey_man50 says:

    nice article, some trades could be possibilities . Gainey isn’t gonna try and do something big , he’ll wait and have other teams trade first and then pick up a good aquisition on whats left of the market,giving up draft picks, prosopects or a player like sundstrom,ribeiro.

  15. OldGoalie says:

    But just think what they could put in that void over the summer with up to $5 million more to spend on free agents…

    It pains me to say this because I was really enthusiastic when they signed Gonchar…but he’s just too much of a liability in the defensive zone, and he can’t compensate for his shortcomings by hooking and tripping guys anymore. He has upgraded his game lately (but, in fairness, he couldn’t really have downgraded it unless he had himself put into a medically induced coma) and he does still have good offensive skills, so he might be a valuable addition to a team with the cap room. If the Pens can get a top 2 or 3 defenseman in exchange for him…and that’s a gigantic “if” at this point…they should do it and aim for a Jovanovski or a Chara before next season.

    They perhaps should also even consider trading their first rounder and a player or two (if necessary) this year for a better than decent D-man or a forward who has a clue about how to finish a play, so that they have one less gaping hole to fill through free agency. It may very well be that this won’t happen until draft day…other teams will want to know if they’re dealing for a #1 or a #2 pick, after all…but then again, offering Recchi (or perhaps even LeClair) with a high first round choice in this year’s draft might get a nice return right now.

  16. afanofthelakings says:

    Montreal should give Bulis and Sundstrom for veteran like Gelinas and Hill

    I think the Panters would be please with that trade (they would get younger (a lot younger)

    Gelinas is a great veteran, he’s for montreal, he knows playoff presure and Sean Hill is a gritty defenseman (what they need)

    I could see this trade happening, it isnt blockboster and isnt out of nowhere …

    watch for that ….

  17. afanofthelakings says:

    wanna non-blockboster or fantasy team trade, look at this one, i’ve already post it as a ReReRe but now here every one can see it :

    Jan Bulis and Niklas Sundstrom to Florida

    Martin Gelinas and Sean Hill to Montreal

    thrust me, this one isnt a ”out of nowhere trade”

    Florida signed too much old players this summer and now they want to get rid of some …

    also Gary Roberts going to Edmonton … more update to come

  18. afanofthelakings says:

    I now have a source confirming it, watch your newspapers, it’s gonna happen before thursday

  19. revolution says:

    Yeah, but would Montreal really want to deal the twenty something Bulis for the thirty something Gelinas? I realize you gotta give to get, but Bulis has proved his worth to the Habs as a very good third liner, and unless his agent is being ridiculous he’ll re-sign at a reasonable rate.

    Hill admittedly would be nice, but whose spot would he take? Komisarek deservedly is getting top minutes now, and the Habs couldn’t just scratch Dandenault simply because of his salary. Bouillon, perhaps.

  20. thatleafsguy says:

    ya they are trading theodore for an orange pylon instead of the normal red and blue one he has become.

  21. coach_bombay says:

    Not a bad article.

    But other than the Gonchar suggestion, the rest of the trades are not ones that would help the immidiate cause.

    The report since the start of the season for the canadiens needs has been a top 2 forward and a top 2 d-man, so if the habs are going to upgrade, they will need to keep important cogs that they have in place, especialy since they are on a winning streak.

    Who’s coming in, no idea…but considering the way the habs have been playing, here some guys that might be sent to a new team:






    Plakenec or Perezoghin (one not both)



  22. gohabs73 says:

    Bulis and Sundstrom are both Free Agents…

    why would the Panthers want to trade for them since they won’t make the playoffs anyways?

    “I now have a source confirming it”

    what’s your source?

  23. robinson19 says:

    Plekanec and Perezhogin are not interchangeable.

    Perezhogin is a streaky emotional winger without much grit, who is in and out of the lineup and takes alot of bad penalties. Also he hasn’t learned to shooot the puck quick yet, just hangs on to it until too late and hits the goalie in the chest every time.

    Plekanec on the other hand is already a stalwart, showing certain 2nd line center playmaking capabilities. He plays bigger than his 5″11 size and he is already a very good penalty killer. The team noticeably missed him when he was injured.

    In short, they cannot be either/or’d like that. Perezhogin is expendable if a team wants a young unproven prospect with alot of work to do. Plekanec is already as important a part of the team as Higgins or Komisarek.

    Also, they will never trade Boullion, he has been the second best D behind Markov all season long for cheap and is 7th in the league in hits.

  24. mtlman2005 says:

    I pretty much agree with everything even if I think your a bit hard on Perezhogin…

    Also, I don’t think Bouillon was the second best D man, seeing how Rivet, Dandenault and Sourray (at least of late…) have been stealer!

    Don’t get me wrong, Bouillon isn’t going anywhere and he has been great, but…

    He and Markov are the Future of the Montreal Canadiens D!

  25. TheCanadianHozer says:

    What happened to that GODFATHER guy who said he had BIG NEWS about the Habs and then just disapeared.

  26. afanofthelakings says:

    first, my contact is a miami journalist

    second, florida wants to get ride of old players

    Now I have a question for you, are Bulis and Sundstrom unrestrited or restrited free agents …

  27. afanofthelakings says:

    look at Habs average age … they don’t have old veteran who did playoffs many times, that’s why they would get older players in return

    And yes in think Komi will pay for Hill spot, but if there’s injuries, they’ll have some backup in Komi

  28. FLAMESOWNU says:

    Morris dosent even play for Colorado so that would be a hard trade…

  29. ThomasHawks says:

    restrited for bulis and who cares for sundstrum

  30. gohabs73 says:

    I thought they were both unrestricted (Group III).

    Sundstrom is older than 29.

    Bulis is only 28, but has played more than 7 seasons.

  31. jody200411 says:

    I didnt realize Morris was traded again to Phoenix. I thought he was a pretty good D-Man and couldnt believe Calgary got rid of him.. now Colorado too?? Maybe he isn’t as good as he was supposed to be..

    sorry I don’t follow the western conference so much anymore lol

  32. blahblahblah says:

    Well it sure does seem like your hell bent on getting rid of Souray lol

  33. FlamingHomer says:

    The reason Gary Roberts left the Flames was to be in a Conference that didn’t have a gruelling travel schedule because of his neck injury. I don’t see him leaving the East.

  34. FlamingHomer says:

    Nasty, yet comical.

  35. zdeno_duchesne says:

    HAHA.. thrust me

  36. peedy7 says:

    guys guys, I’m a habs fan too, but don’t you think you guys are dreaming in techno color. Alot of those trades DON”T make sense, why in the world would the Habs want Gonchars BIG contract, he just signed at the beginning of the year, for 3 years. worth 5 million each and possibly more. We don’t have the money to waste on him. As for Gauthier for Souray, why would the Coyotes want that? IF anything, teams are asking for our young guys, like Higgins or Komisarek. Not Souray. No one wants him, unless they are buyers, but not the sellers. they won’t want him. We’re better off keeping him anyhow.

  37. djstoop_id says:


    what a crappy site.

  38. peedy7 says:

    We can get Gelinas and Hill, but it won’t cost as much as your saying, I’d love to have Hill, but we could live without Gelinas.

  39. peedy7 says:

    Roberts has a no trade clause, he went there to retire, no trades for him, Guaranteed.

  40. movingfire says:

    I disagree on the Perezhogin comment (as of late). Maybe you could say that earlier in the season, but since being put on the line with Kovy and Ribs, he has been flying out there and throws the odd hit to grind it out in the corner. He is a future 1st line star.

  41. gio1408 says:

    I didnt disappear… just been busy..

    my announcement:

    I have launched the ultimate habs fan website


    your one stop shop for all that is the habs!

    See ya!

  42. neilios says:

    Jody you smoking the crack man????about the Habs and Canucks trade that is just rediculus man I can see Cooke for the 2 bums you mentioned in Souray and Riberio not Kesler one of thee best prospects in the NHL and is only gonna get better and Ruttu one of the best shit disturbers in the NHL and can put the puck in the net once in ahwile and brings lots of penaltys against him.A trade I can see happening between these 2 clubs would be Cooke and Baumgartner for Souray and Riberio or Zednik.

  43. Realistic says:

    Not necessarily silly trade trade suggestion, but dude, it’s 2006(!) and Derek Morris was traded a while back. Had a Leaf fan made that gaffe, it’d be a free-for-all. I’ll be nice though and leave it alone…

  44. Komic-J says:

    What exactly do they need in Phoenix ? I wouldn’t mind having Derek Morris and/or Denis Gauthier. I’d take Paul Mara too…

    We need a solid defenceman here, and if Gauthier and Morris are available, I hope Gainey won’t miss the boat like he did with Ian Lapperiere…

  45. TannerTucker says:

    Hey yeah i agree they will never get Kesler..but an Idea that might work (I’m just making this up) could be Souray and a pick to The Canucks for Cooke

    then to sure up the defence maybe turn and trade a combo prospect and pick (Highly Rated Prospect – Low Draft pick or vice versa) to the Caps for Witt

    That way Montreal would gain Cooke and Witt and only lose Souray off the Roster…

  46. coach_bombay says:

    Out of the candiens D, who do you think would be the odd man out if they were to aquire a top 4 d-man.

    It would be stupid to get rid of Souray, Markov, Rivet and Dandenault, and the only real future D-man is Komisarek.

    That leavea Boillon and Streit as the odd men out. I think Bouillon is more tradable than streit at this time.

    What I meant about Perezhoghin and Plakenac were not meant as interchangeble, but more mentioned that either one of the two could be used as bait. If Gainey tries and pull another rabbit out of his hat like he did with that Kovalez deal, it is more likely that one of these two would be included. That’s it.

  47. Air33 says:

    why did we email you?

  48. revolution says:

    Sure that would be nice — but supposedly Witt is the most coveted defenseman on the market. So you gotta take that into consideration.

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