Warning: A Trade is coming

As deadline day approaches, now only three more days, all of us hockey fans and sitting back and patiently waiting for our favorite NHL team to pull the trigger. With all the big names floating around we all crave that speedy cener to fill out our top line or that rugged 6’0+ Defensman to step in and lead our core. I’ve been sitting back here for days now, watching Leaf fans (and other teams as well) post their fantasy deadline deals and rumors that they want to become reality. So I thought…. this would be a great time to make my first post on HTR. I felt the need to post what I want my favorite team to do on deadline day. If anybody read or payed any attention to my (sometimes dumb) comments, you would probably know that my favorite team is the Montreal Canadiens.

Anybody remember a couple years ago when the Habs were in this same position as the trade deadline approached? They were fighting for a playoff spot and most people thought they would ride the storm with their current roster. But No! We were all shocked when the announcement came…. The Canadiens aquire Alex Kovalev for the rights to prospect Josef Balej. I’ll be the first to admit that this announcement came straight out of left field and stunned me. Management decided that we needed a big name to help with our playoff push.

Which brings me to today; Gainey is a smart man (supposedly) and knows that he is in a dogfight for that last playoff position. Sure, we are on a roll right now but there will be another hump in the road before the seasons end. Hopefully it wont last for long but face it, we will loose more games this year. This makes me wonder.. will Bob Gainey pull off another big trade like the one a couple years ago? And I would have to say yes. Mr. gainey isn’t going to just sit back and watch other teams swap players to improve their chances for the cup. Gainey knows that his playoff have started since the Olympic break. He has to win ‘NOW’, and if not there will be no playoffs.

Now on to the deals:

As Sourays name has been floating around a lot in the last few days, mainly involving Bertuzzi, I’ll be the first to say it IS NOT happening. Montreal isn’t that strong on defense right now even with Souray in the lineup. Now before you all jump on me about how much he’s overrated, just think about it…. Would Montreal be so good without him in the lineup? Its a proven fact, “Defense wins championships” and Bob Gainey knows that by removing Souray, he is downgrading an important position that they’re already pretty weak on. Sure he’s not the Norris candidate that we were all talking about 2 years ago, but he is a quality D-Man. The only way that he will be traded, in my opinion, is if its for another defenseman. I would personally like to see him in a package for Gauthier or Morris. The deals could look something like this….

To Phoenix: Souray + 2nd or 3rd round pick

To Montreal: Gauthier

*Now before bashing this trade and talking about cap room I’ll give you a warning. I’m not into this whole business of sports thing and I don’t know how much cap room these teams have left.

To Colorado: Souray, Ribeiro, Sanford, 1st Rounder

To Montreal: Morris, Laperriere(sp?), 3rd rounder

*I think this would be a fair trade. Sanford was just recently signed for some reason and I think Gainey may package him up. Laperriere is a gritty player that Montreal needs, and Ribeiro may just need a change of scenery to get back into the grove. A speedy Western conference may help his as well.

As well, there were a lot of Montreal scouts seen in Colorado over the past month or so.

If Ribeiro isn’t sent to Colorado he may be sent to Chicago or Vancouver, since Montreal scouts were also spotted in those cities over the past little while. Im not so sure about a Chicago trade but im sure it will be a package involving Arnason or Bell. As for the Vancouver trade it may look something like this…..

To Vancouver: Ribeiro, Souray, 3rd rounder

To Montreal: Cooke and Kessler or Ruutu (sp again?)

* I’ve seen Kessler get injured a few nights ago so im not sure on his condition right now. However, like I said before, Montreal cannot afford to downgrade their defense. They would then have to look to Washington about aquiring Witt for picks or prospects.

The Penguins could be shopping Gonchar and this could be the big trade that Gainey will make this week.

To Montreal: Gonchar

To Pittsburgh: 3rd rounder and a prospect

Nodody thought we would get Kovalev for a prospect a couple years ago so who knows? I wouldnt be that surprised if Gonchar ends up in a Habs jersey come March 9th. I would like to see Selanne come to Montreal and play with Koivu for the first time in the NHL but I’m not so sure about his status with Anaheim. They may not want to get rid of him right now.

To sum it up, I’ll send out this warning to Habs fans:

Keep your eyes and ears open at all times because Gainey will pull something out of his hat sometime this week. It may not be a Kovalev type deal but something WILL be done…..

And you can take that to the bank!


“peace out”