Due to the act of certain immature hockey fans, apparently who are also ill-minded and need medical help, we warn every member on this site to recognize other member names that may be very similar to other members in attempt to cause havoc. EX: defenestraete (defenestrate), big-booty (big_booty) were made up. We are cleaning the dirt on this site to make it better and more enjoyable for our devoted members and die-hard hockey fans. Foul language and/or high offensive remarks will not be tolerated and will result in at the very least a week of suspension. But, if the conent is too deep, permanent banning will take place.

Follow the rules, enjoy what this site allows you to do, and talk hockey.

Thank you,

HTR Staff

106 Responses to WARNING

  1. defenestrate says:

    Yes – they turned it into my evil twin ( I can’t say his name – we’re supposed to be nice now).

  2. G_Money says:

    Well said. Needs to stop.

  3. titans says:

    Is that whats been going on with the “Bizarro D-strate”?

  4. defenestrate says:

    My “dark half” – my George Stark.

    “Down here in Endsville, we call those things fool’s stuffing, old hoss”.

  5. titans says:

    Allright you lost me!

  6. isles4life says:

    Nice website G Money.LOL

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