Was Antropov set to go to the Penguins?

The Globe and Mail is reporting that the recent firing of Penguins Coach Michel Therrien may have “scuttled” a trade between the Leafs and the Pens.

It is reported that the Leafs were in talks with the Penguins about a deal that would have saw Antropov go to the Penguins for either Ryan Whitney or a first round pick and Alex Goligoski.

To continue with the speculation it is rumored that the Penguins were then going to try to use Antropov as part of a package to try to swing a deal with the Thrashers for Kovalchuk.

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  1. LeafsNation91 says:

    I heard the rumor as well, but on TSN tonight during the Caps/Habs game.

    That would been the most perfect trade for the Leafs, the 1st rounder is decent, and Alex Goligoski is a great prospect. Well, according to HockeyFutures he is. 
    Ryan Whitney could of also been used for a nice rebuild with Schenn if it was just him alone.
    Anyways, if this is still going on, it would raise the value of Antropov for teams. 
    Just, this is what Toronto would needed in atrade, and somehow hope this will go through at the deadline.
  2. LeafsNation91 says:

    I was actually going to submit this, but you beat me to it

  3. mojo19 says:

    Ya I was hearing them talk about Antropov to Pittsburgh today on the radio, but I only caught the end of it and I wasn't sure what they were talking about.

    Interesting though.

  4. Bure96 says:

    I think Antropov is a good player, young top 6 forward capable of possibly 65 points, but not a chance he's worth as much as the article says.

    Ryan Whitney for Nik Antropov is a brutal trade for Pittsburgh. They'll probably miss the playoffs, and lose a future top pairing 50-60 defender for nothing. Signed lnog term at a great price too. Similier skills, both unspectacular, both solid though, but Whitney has more upside, is signed long term, and is younger, so it doesn't make sense for Pittsburgh.

    Goligoski will be a very good player too, so him and a 1st rounder would be wayyyyyyy too much to give up for a pending UFA like Antropov.

  5. RossCreek says:

    Simply put… AGREED.

  6. the_word says:

    Finally something concrete to gauge Antropov's trade value. Vindication to those of us that have said all season he's value is a 1st rounder + prospect.

  7. Titan2710 says:

    Honestly Antropov is good, but not good enough that he would be THE piece to push us into the playoffs, therefore I wouldnt send Whitney or Gologoski and a first for him.  Go Go yes, but the pick would have to be conditional. Somewhere on the lines of a 1st if he resigns with the Pens longterm AND they make the playoffs, a 2nd if the do only one of those things.


  8. the_word says:

    From the Leafs perspective why would they make such an awful trade? Antropov is an afforadable and productive rental. Why should the Leafs handcuff themselves to those conditionsl to accomodate Pittsburg's interest?

    It doesn't make sense, we're talking about a league where Matthew Schneider is worth a 2nd and a conditional 3rd.

  9. hockey_lover says:

    Wait .. what?

    The Pens are going to trade a #2/#3 d-man AND a 1st round draft pic for Antropov (who is a UFA). THEN, ship him off to Atlanta (obviously packaged with other players) only to bring one player back .. a player, who while awesome, is only signed for one more year?

    The package for Kovie (who is under contract for another year), will likely be a player, prospect and a 1st.

    So the Pens will have lost TWO 1st round pics, a prospect, a high end d-man, and a prospect ….. for a player that MAY only stay one season?

    Hmmm … I'll say HIGHLY unlikely on that one.

  10. GoLeafs13 says:

    When are people going to realize that teams will almost always overpay for a rental player.

  11. hockey_lover says:

    I realize it. But there is overpaying … and overpaying to such a degree that you are getting ridiculously fleeced.

    Two 1st rounders, a #2 d-man, and a prospect is WAY too much for Kovie, as awesome as he is.

  12. GoLeafs13 says:

    Yes but look at Kovalchuk's numbers now. They are incredible and look who he plays with, Kozlov and White. Now imagine what his numbers would look like if he played with Crosby and Sykora.

  13. pensfan29 says:

    Whitney and Goligoski both have more value than Antropov.  He isn't the winger they need, nor can i see the Pens going after another 8 mil guy in Kovalchuk.  Even if they had the cap space, which at this point in time they don't, I still wouldn't see a deal for Kovalchuk happening to the Pens due to the hate I've seen between Crosby and Kovalchuk in previous meetings.  If it would happen it would without a doubt put the pens over the top to get into the playoffs and make a good run, but I just don't see it happening with regards to cap space, his his history with crosby, and the names involved.  But thats just me..

    Let's Go Pens!

  14. hockey_lover says:

    Fair enough. I still think its too much. If Kovie was signed for at least 2 years, then fine. But for one year? Im not sure its worth it.

    Besides, the issue of cap space still applies. The Pens would have to get rid of Whitney AND Staal, just to have the cap space to pay Ilya and then they still need to replace other players.

    I just dont see it happening.

  15. hockey_lover says:

    I dont believe that Goligoski has more value than Antropov right now. Goligoski is still young and wet behind the ears. In a year or two from now, he might turn out to be a #1 pairing guy, but right now, he isnt. Nik is definitely a bonafide 2nd line winger (provided he is healthy).

    They could make the cap space for Ilya by getting rid of Whitney AND Staal but I dont believe another $8m guy is the need. They need some secondary scoring.

  16. jeff_friesen_wpg_jet says:

    To Columbus: Nik Antropov 2.050 mil/year
                        Dominic Moore .9 mil/year
    To Toronto: Pascal Leclaire 3.8 mil/year

    Please don't tell me that Antropov is worth more than that. Im getting sick of the Antropov for franchise players trade rumors.

  17. GoLeafs13 says:

    Yes I agree with that. I think the deal should only go through if he agrees to resign long term with the Pens.

  18. blaze says:

    Does anybody think an Antropov and Ponikarovsky for Whitney and a 1st (or second if thats too steep) could be a reasonable trade.

    Poni is signed for another year at 2 mil would be a cheap productive winger to play with Crosby or Malkin.  Could easily replace Satan (who he's currently out producing) at nearly half the price and add a big body up front.

    Should Antropov walk Poni will still be around for another season and the Pens will have freed up over 10 million in cap space between Antropov, Whitney, Satan and Fedotenko. More than enough to pick up a good UFA, maybe take a run at Franzen?

    Whitney has great potential but seeing as how Letang and Goligoski are younger, cheaper and have good offensive potential Whitney could become a cap casualty pretty quick. Antropov and Ponikarovsky would be a cheaper improvement over Satan and Fedotenko.

  19. GoLeafs13 says:

    If anything it would be Antropov for Leclaire straight up. Columbus has no primary scoring besides nash, nevermind secondary scoring. Their number one center is RJ Umberger. If they want to make the playoffs they need a better number one center.

  20. reinjosh says:

    first of all Goigoski does not have more value then antropov especially if he was the one sent down when gonchar cam back up.
    yes antropov may have been overvalued a bit but thats what happens at the deadline
    teams overpay for players
    antropov could definetely help crsoby though and easily could be a great help and well worth the price

  21. mojo19 says:

    Antropov is worth more. We'll get more for him.

  22. mojo19 says:

    Well, Antropov is worth Whitney, but Poni is not worth a 1st, but a 2nd is reasonable.

  23. reinjosh says:

    never gonna happen
    antropov for leclaire maybe
    but the fact that hes injured and lost his job to mason is going to undervalue him hugely

  24. Sjostrom says:

    Still too much.  Whitney and Goligoski will be top 3 wingers where ever they are.  Whitney is likely going to play for Team USA, so that should show people his caliber.  And Goligoski has succeeded at every level he has played (NCAA, AHL, and now NHL).  Neither of these guys should be moved.

  25. Sjostrom says:

    Having previously said this is too costly for the Pens, let us not forget that Sherro basically traded six guys for Dupuis last year (Armstrong, Christensen, Esposito, 1st round DP; lost Malone, Hall, Laraque [all needed still], plus Rutuu while waiting for Hossa to leave).  Sherro might just be dumb enough to do this, "in search for a winger for Crosby."  At some point, maybe the wingers aren't the problem.  Malkin seems to play well with everyone; Crosby with the grinders…hmmm.

  26. mojo19 says:

    Hey, how about that Jiri Tlusty?! 5 goals last night for the Marlies vs. Syracuse. Marlies win 8-5 on the strength of Jiri Tlusty.

  27. mojo19 says:

    I don't know, feels like you guys are underrating Nik.

  28. leafy says:

    5 goals from Tlusty for the Marlies last night.  Just remember what I've been saying.  PATIENCE. 

    He has the tools to be a good one.


  29. leafy says:

    Sorry Mojo, I posted my comment on Tlusty before reading your comment, so I ended up repeating what you're saying.

  30. dumbassdoorman says:

    They are defencemen not wingers. The trade does make some sense with Whitney as he is taking up a lot of cap space for them. As for Gogo and the 1st….that would be amazing for the Leafs….so i doubt thats all that was invloved there.

  31. leafmeister says:

    According to The Fourth Period Burke got offered a 1st rounder from a team who will likely have a top 5 pick for Schenn.

  32. pensfan29 says:

    First of all learn to spell the players name.  Secondly, long-term Goligoski has way more value than Antropov.  I don't think Antropov is a good fit for Crosby, maybe Malkin because of his soviet background.  I think the Pens will be in the market for Guerin, Tkachuk, Armstrong, or Cole.  You never know what could happen but as for a winger to play with Sid, I don't see it being Antropov.

  33. leafy says:

    Watching the 1st period tonight, Columbus looks like a very average team. Except for Mason.

    But I am fantasizing seeing Steve Nash in a Leaf uniform.

  34. leafy says:

    Sorry, Rick Nash. This isn't basketball.

  35. blaze says:

    Yeah Crosby's point totals sure prove your point.

  36. leafy says:

    Apparently Burke immediately rejected the trade offer for Schenn.

    This should be an immediate eye opener to every Leaf fan.  Opposing GMs are NOT going after Jamal Mayers or Andre Deveaux. They are going to target guys like Schenn, Tlusty, Kulemin, Stralman.  The core young guys.

    The GMs job is not so simple.

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