Was the trade Rask for Raycroft another dumb move by JFJ? OF COURSE!!

I have to admit, Raycroft USED to be a good goaltender (being a former calder trophy winner). But why trade Rask, he is pretty good for a young guy like him! I think that was the dumbest trade JFJ has ever made! Yes, Raycroft was a good goalie in Boston but now he is playing like he doesn’t care. Rask and Pogge were their future in goaltending. They would have had AMAZING goaltending in the next 3-5 years. I saw that game when Rask made his NHL debut, and he is the reason why the Bruins won.
But, I have a solution to the Raycroft problem, I mean Raycrap problem. I say they should place him on waivers and then sign Curtis Joseph because, Cujo ALWAYS plays better in Toronto than any other team and he’s good. And he can teach Toskala how to be a little better than he is now and, he could also teach Pogge and Clemmenson how to be better goalies.

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  1. jpmac says:

    A few questions:

    1) I am pretty sure that Joseph played well in other places, i.e. Edmonton and St Louis.

    2) What could Joseph teach Clemmenson that he hasn't already learned from Brodeur.

  2. 42wellwood42 says:

    The Rask for Raycroft deal was stupid then and its very stupid now…… JFJ needs to be fired!

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  3. Hoondog2 says:

    Yes, in hindsight its a very bad trade.  We need to get over it, and move on.  Rask isn't coming back, so why do we dwell on it?

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