Was trading Smyth a good idea?

Yes they should have traded him. I know i’m going to get critized for this, but why pay 5.5 million for a grinder, even if he is your leader. I would much rather have a very skilled two way player in Richards for 7.8 million then a aguy who stands in front of the net, which almost anyone can do if they have some size, and are willing too. He was the Oiler’s, but if you can get a few good prospects and a draft picks thats good. Smyth is not a good player, or even close to an elite player. He scored goals, and tried hard, but that does not mean your worth 5.5 million. Here’s an few a ideas that I have that would not only replace Smyth, but be a large improvement over him.

To Edmonton: Dany Heatley
To Ottawa: Joffrey Lupul, Denis Grebeshkov, Raffi Torres, Ryan O’ Marra

Since it costed Lupul (right after a good season), Smid (replaced by Grebeshkov), and two 1st rounders, and a 2nd (replaced by Torres, and O’ Marra) for Chris Pronger one of the top d man in the NHL, then why wouldn’t it cost that much for Heatley? Also Edmonton lost that deal too so they should have got even more (well unless the picks turn out to be top players). Heatley is a UFA after the 2007-2008 seasons, and he is apparently asking for 7.0 million, and Ottawa can not afford that, so he could be traded once the season ends.

What does everyone think?

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