Washington Capitals in talks to move Fleischmann for Souray or Bieksa

The Washington Capitals are in talks with two teams, the Edmonton Oilers and the Vancouver Canucks, about moving forward Tomas Fleischmann, 26, who is coming off a career year, an NHL source says.

If Edmonton were the place, Sheldon Souray would be heading to Washington. If it’s Vancouver, Kevin Bieksa would move from the Canucks to Washington.

Fleischmann is coming off his best season, having scored 23 goals and 51 points in 69 games for the Caps. He also made the Czech Olympic team. In the playoffs, however, he scored just one assist in six games.

The Oilers have been trying to trade Souray for months now, as the player has made it clear he wants out of Edmonton.

Back when Fleischmann was a junior player, Hockey’s Future said of him: “Fleischmann is an flashy winger with great offensive tools. He plays a high speed game with a lot of skill and is exciting to watch. His great hockey sense and hands allow him to create quality chances for both himself and his linemates. Although being a good playmaker, he is more of a scorer and he uses his shot often to prove that. Has a good, hard wrist shot with a quick release. His downside is his lack of defensive involvement and he needs to gain more strength in order to take his game to the next level.”

Fleischmann is well aware of life in western Canada, having played his junior hockey in Moose Jaw, before spending a few years at Hershey in the AHL.


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  1. hockey_lover says:

    Whoever trades for Tomas has to be careful. Tomas played on an absolutely powerhouse of an offensive team so of course, his numbers are going to be good. Washington had SEVEN players who had 50+ points.

    Will his production be the same on another, less powerful team? Maybe, maybe not. Definitely, to me, buyer beware on most trades with the Caps forwards.

  2. Bure96 says:

    We don't even need Tomas Fleischmann were too stacked upfront anyways ! Think about it, we need big forwards, what we even do with another 20 goal scorer who offers not a lot of size and grit (he's only 180 pounds!).

    Sedin – Sedin – Samuelsson
    Raymond – Kesler – Burrows
    Fleischmann – Malhotra – Hodgson
    Hansen – Rypien/Tambellini – Oreskovich

    Pretty sick lineup right there though, just not much size.

  3. leafmeister says:

    I would say the one thing lacking in Vancouver's roster is a legit #1 defensemen, and that isnt even that pressing a need, as they have terrific depth. There is nothing about Vancouver's roster that I dont like. Although you are right, they could use some size, but even that is not too pressing a need. If Luongo can live up to his contract, the Sedins pick up where they left off, and the defense holds, I see no team in the West that I would put above the Canucks in the standings.

  4. reinjosh says:

    Yep I completely agree. Its the same with any player coming from Chicago. It's why I'm still wary about Versteeg.

  5. leafs_torraville14 says:

    versteeg put up respectable numbers in chicago but was not relied upon, nor did he get the ice time the players that were relied upon did (toews, kane, hossa, sharp). He is one of the big fish in T.O now and will have all the opportunities and ice time in the world to put up the same numbers at LEAST that he did in Chicago. The real question is whether he can handle the pressure of being a go to guy in toronto because he didnt have that kind of pressure with the hawks

  6. Kramer says:

    Nashville and Carolina should make a trade.

  7. turdfergusson says:

       In comparison, each player's jacket contains a laundry list of intangibles that are somewhat similar. Both being prone to injury, their WARNING labels read the same as well.

       Sheldon Souray: 
    there's a fear factor associated with Souray which affords him time and space to do what he needs to get done at both ends of the rink. Whatever is happening you know Sheldon Souray is on the ice.

    -not the flat-out defensive liability many make him out to be but clearly there are issues

    -2yrs 4.5/yr UFA
       Kevin Bieksa:
    Kevin Bieksa's defensive game is suspect at times but more of a Jekyl and Hyde thing as oppossed to Souray's occaissional blatant disregard…

    -Bieksa's skating ability is the equalizer that makes up for poor decisions and compliments a respectable offensive package. 
    -He's tough, always miserable and likes to get involved but can easily be agitated which results in bad penalties at inopportune moments.

    -1yr 3.5ml/yr  UFA

       With their core intact for awhile, Washington's window isn't about to close but the time is now. The Caps don't have alot of cap space this season but with only 30million commited next year, George Mcphee's budget can handle the strain of either. Should Washington find themselves deep in the playoffs this spring, Sheldon Souray would probably play a more significant role than Bieksa.

       Going the other way, Thomas Fleischmann who can also play center just might be the guy to spring Ales Hemsky loose in Edmonton. It's hard to imagine where he would fit in on The Canucks.

  8. DannyLeafs says:

    I agree, I would also point out that while Chicago was an offensive juggernaut, they were so because of the depth of talent they had not because they played a wide open free wheeling game. Chicago was good offensively because of players like Versteeg who were able to produce consistently despite being used in lesser roles than their talent dictated.

    Washington is a different matter. Their superstars are amoung the best in the league offensively, and their entire gameplan revolved around sustaining offensive pressure, so in that case I would be weary of going after some of their players simply because some of them such as Fehr, Fleishman, and even Laich were able to produce numbers that it would be difficult for them to replicate on many other teams. That's not saying they aren't talented players, simply that they may get a little over valued based on their solid numbers.

  9. alpalstewart says:

    how about souray for bieksa 🙂

  10. alpalstewart says:

    Hey lets not forget that Souray was put on waivers and any Team could of had him for nothing.(WELL NOT NOTHING 5.6 MIL). I think the Oilers could use a guy like Fleishmann, with the departures of Moreau and Pisani we still need expierienced 3rd line players possibly 2nd line.

  11. alpalstewart says:

    i also like a possible souray for bieksa trade. The oilers will still need some experienced  defencemen, Van need a top line defensman they both have equal risks and all the GM has to do is check on souray when he's hurt to keep him happy. lmao

  12. futurebruin says:

    Eric Staal for a 6th rounder?

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