Washington Capitals Offseason Transactions & Thoughts

I have decided to do a few teams’ off season acquirements, or happenings. I will start with the Washington Capitals.

They seem to think that there team has a good roster now, and have mostly been re signing.

So far, they have done the following:

Washington re Signs Nylander

The Washington Capitals newest re signing was Michael Nylander. A major re signing for them, re signing a guy with a great vision of the game. The deal was said to be for only one year, worth a little less than 3 million.

Caps Lose Big D man

Team veteran defenseman, Calle Johansson decided to hang up the blades this off-season. A big loss for the Washington Capitals, losing a main leader of the team. He retired at the age of 36.

Washington brings back young Berry

While losing a major defenseman, the Washington Capitals have re signed a future leader, Rick Berry. The young 24-year-old signed on for a year.

Capitals Re Sign two others

The Washington Capitals have signed winger Mike Grier and defenseman Jason Doig. They were also signed on to a one-year deal.

Caps Trade Farrell

The Nashville Predators traded defenseman Alexander Riazantsev, for Washington Capitals right winger, Mike Farrell. The Caps picked up yet another young d-man to their core.

Caps re Sign young forward, Lose big Defenseman

While the Capitals re signed the young forward, Petr Sykora (a different Petr Sykora), they lost another veteran defenseman, Dmitry Yushkevich to the Philadelphia Flyers. Sykora signed a one-year deal, worth just over half a million, with a 2nd year option.

Capitals re sign two major players

The Washington Capitals have taken the option on star forward, Peter Bondra, and have also picked up the option on centreman, Jeff Halpern.

Washington’s Draft Pick: Eric Fehr

That’s Washington Capital’s summer so far.

Any thoughts?

22 Responses to Washington Capitals Offseason Transactions & Thoughts

  1. WeStSiDe says:

    Washington Org isnt bad, it is the city thats the problem. Either way, they are playoff team in the East, but I dont expect much more then that at this point and time.

  2. OldNord says:

    I don’t know why Yushkevich figure in that post. Is that Philadelphia traded his rights to Wash before july 1st to get a pick?

    Just to add that Klee and Berezin will probably not be on the team at the training camp (UFA players).

  3. Kashin says:

    Theres no point to this article. They lost way more then they gained. As a matter of fact they didnt accomplish one thing besides resigning a couple pplayers which every team did.

  4. G_Money says:

    the point of the article was to tell you what the team has done so far this off season.

    -W.C-Holla out a playa

  5. WeStSiDe says:

    Nothing, they are forced to dump, because fans wont respond to the team. They only had what half a building in a PLAYOFF GAME!

  6. Stuv_Dogg says:

    I agree that there isn’t really a point to this article. I read it as a list of transactions involving the Caps, which I could get at nhl.com if I wanted.

    To give props to G_Money, I think your article would have been better if you would have offered an opinion about the Caps being better, worse, playoff bound, miss the playoffs, best team in hockey, worst team in hockey, whatever.

    It doesn’t take any hockey knowledge to simply list what a team has done over the off season.

  7. Treva says:

    they don’t have a very solid core of defense. Rick Berry isn’t going to fix much but their AHL affiliate, and Doig is just a thug who can barely skate. Johansson’s retirement hurt them. Gonchar and knowlochuck(spelling blows) are thier only high points on defense. This is a team that should make the playoffs but will likely scrap for 7th or 8th

  8. PantherPaw says:

    The one thing they should have done, was get rid of the locker-room poison – Jagr! He is a waste of time and money, and brings a lot of disharmony to the team.

  9. WeStSiDe says:

    knowalchuk is not a d man.

  10. Treva says:

    I was having trouble with remembring the d. it was witt that I meant. sorry.

  11. habsoverserver says:

    Why aren’t the Caps resigning Ken Klee?

  12. swedishvoice says:

    I think the Caps will finnish at 9th place in the east… My thougts…

    1. Ottawa

    2. New Jersey

    3. Tampa bay

    4. Philladelphia

    5. Buffalo

    6. Toronto¤

    7. Atlanta

    8. Motreal


    9. Whashington

    10. Boston*

    11. NYR*

    12. NYI

    13. Carolina

    14. Pitsburgh

    *With a good signing and some hard work they can push down Altlanta an Montreal.

    ¤ If they rid them self of al the grumpy old men, sac Kidd and call up Tellquist, otherwise they will NOT make playoff.

  13. WeStSiDe says:

    Are the standings some kind of a joke?

  14. swedishvoice says:

    Im sorry i have to coment on your reply, but what the F*** do I know, I’m just a dumass swed that have whacht the game for 20years.

    It’s what I think, not the fucking end of the world, I read your coments and you must be the fucking shortsighted person I ever read a coment from.

    I’m sorry… Do better yourself.

  15. Enigma says:

    i don’t think florida wont be last, (u forgot them btw) and what’s the point of listing the teams below #8, oh and what makes you think buffalo will make it? i can understand atlanta, they’re young players are probably ready to break through (if they haven’t already) and with ther coaching and a full season with dafoe they’ll surprise a few ppl.

  16. WeStSiDe says:

    Easy, I just think the standings list you wrote is out of whack, dont get so defensive. What is wrong with the posts I make? Calm down.

    The East is a crap shoot outside of Ottawa, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Toronto. Those are the only 4 legit good teams. The rest could line up anywhere. I just think some of the teams you pick to make it is a bit premature.

  17. swedishvoice says:

    I’m sorry if I was a bit harsh, but the problem with alot of the American/Canadian Hockey fans is that they seam to miss the big picture, I mean they almoust only sees the goals.

    “The East is a crap shoot outside of Ottawa, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Toronto. Those are the only 4 legit good teams. The rest could line up anywhere. I just think some of the teams you pick to make it is a bit premature.”

    Don’t even say Toronto in the same sentense as the big three unless it contanes how bad the leaf got beaten. To be honest, if the lefs don’t make some real GOOD moves I don’t see them in the playoffs, Tampa is trying to be the forth big team dut they still are a Scott Stevens short of making it.

    Buffalo made some good moves, Drury, Delmore, Briere and the way Tallinder has worked out for them. I dont see how they can miss playoff

  18. swedishvoice says:

    Sorry forgott about them, the will be right after NYI

  19. WeStSiDe says:

    Do you not realize Toronto is better off this year then they were last year? And on top of that AT LEAST one more D man is on the way.

    Roberts and Nolan to start the year. Antropov emerging as teams #2 Center.

    Subtractions of Lumme, Hoglund, Erickson, and Corson, with possibly some more to come(Kidd, Reichel).

    Pat Quinn dropping the role of GM, focusing soley on coaching, with a new outlook on the way he coaches this year.

    Last year they finished 5th(Really 4th, but stupid Division rule), after that HORRIBLE start into the season, do you really think it will happen again, probably not.

    Now the off season isnt even over yet, so we wont know all what else happens, but a return of Gilmour would be good for the team, not for his play on ice, but all of the other things. Some more young guys being used this year most likely, and even better depth now for St.Johns and on Maple Leafs in case of injury etc. As well, I see a lot more people on this team that can only have BETTER years then they did last year, we had some players who had off years, so they cant get any worse, only better. So then when you factor in a soon to be workable Defense core, things are not looking bad. I see no reasoning to your take on Toronto. They are one of the top teams without a doubt. To disupute they wont even MAKE the playoffs is out of this world. It will be easier to make final judgements on the team at the end of training camp, but as of right now this is my assesment.

  20. swedishvoice says:

    Yes I realize that the Leaf’s are better off this seson, Nolan and Roberts is a good thing Antropov is going to be huge this seson maybe 70points.

    Good thing to dump Lumme, Ericsson (althow he would be good on another team, but not the leafs), Corson, but dumping Hoglund was not very good, thats right he didnot score 60-80points, but thats not hes job. Hes is that similar to Grant Marshall of the Devils, PJ Axelsson of the Bruins and Battaglia in the Avs.

    Kidd need to go, if not thay will loose Tellquist, and he is the best swedish golie in the NHL (Stefan Liv is not there yet).

    Yes the leafs hav become better, byt… so have the Bolts, there players that are realy good are finaly clicking. The sabers have gone from night to day. Florida will probably take more points from the other teams, so will the thrashers. Montreal was good last seson, just some bad luck and a massive hangover on Theo, they will not go far but i think they can make playoff. The caps and the Bruins have lost some qualety players and if they are gona make the playoff and not the P-off they will have to make som smart moves. Toronto will probebly make playoff but for how long? Hopfully they will sack Quinn midway in the seson, call upp some youth to get some speed…

  21. WeStSiDe says:

    I agree Tellqvist needs to be used in a backup role to Eddie this season. How will they lose him though?

    As far as Hoglund goes, I think his time has basically just run out in Toronto, Im not a fan of his style of game, he is too pasive, kind of the reason I dont really like Reichel.

    So hopefully those D men will come soon, and the teams clicks. Everything has to go right in order to win in the playoffs. The Leaf’s schedule this year is very good, I like how it is layed out for them, so does Quinn and the rest of the Org, that is a plus for us.

  22. G_Money says:

    Yes, that looks about right/

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