We can all get off Don Cherry's behind now

CBC just posted a story that a lawyer in Winnipeg proved Don Cherry right.

Interesting read (taken from the CBC website):

WINNIPEG – Don Cherry was right when he claimed mostly French-Canadian and European NHL players wear hockey visors, says a Winnipeg lawyer who crunched the numbers.

Curtis Unfried told Newsworld on Wednesday that his investigation of data showed 59 per cent of European players wear visors, followed by 55 per cent of French-Canadian players.

Among North American players born outside of Quebec, only 20 per cent wear face shields to guard against injury.

“At the end of the day, when you boil it down to [Cherry’s] one particular sound biteā€¦, the numbers speak for themselves and clearly show what he did say is correct,” Unfried said.

Unfried said his research consisted of getting the rosters of all NHL teams, then going on the internet to confirm the players’ places of birth and whether they wear visors.

Unfried said he was surprised by the results of his research, especially the finding that only 35 per cent of all NHL players wear visors.