“We stand on guard for thee”…..unless you’re a Leaf fan

The worst thing in all this Fitzpatrick hoop-la and the entire state of Canadian hockey…not a single Leaf fan bashed Vancouver fans directly for this ridiculous push to get a nobody into the all-star game because our thoughts don’t bend immediately to bash other Canadian teams and their fans (I’m sure there’s a few but typical Leaf fans don’t). If this was Toronto trying to get Hal Gill in the all-star game Leaf fans would hear “typical Toronto, doesn’t have any decent dmen so they have to try to force someone in the all-star game because the rest of their team sucks and can’t make it in on a real vote, admit it Toronto your team sucks, you always have to be the centre of attention” and everybody would be all over the leaf fans for fooling with the voting system.

Also here is what is wrong with EVERY SINGLE LEAF BASHER OUT THERE, if Toronto doesn’t make it to the playoffs (like last year) every leaf fan I know defaults to another Canadian team BECAUSE WE’RE ALL CANCADIANS IN THE END and we want the cup in Canada if we can’t have it in Toronto (40 years – oh my gawd that’s a long time). When Toronto is in the playoffs what do the Leafs (not the leaves) get from the rest of Canada….they get laughed at when they lose and are praised to get booted from the playoffs…what great Canadians you are to want another Canadian team to lose.

So basically for whatever your reason is to not like Toronto at least we’re (Leaf fans) Canadian enough to cheer for other Canadian teams when our own team isn’t available to cheer on. I’m not here to bash others, just stating the truth and I feel it’s insanely pathetic of Canadians outside of Leaf fans to cheer for an American team to beat the Leafs, but yet it’s the Toronto fans that get all the slack because other Canadian hockey fans feel the need to attack Toronto with every opportunity they get.

But yet you say “we stand on guard for thee” when you sing the anthem….think before you sing that line next time.