Wednesday Wrap-up

This felt like driving my 4 cylinder Jeep Wrangler.A slow start, but once the moves got going…the wheels kept rolling!

Roloson and the Oilers

Apparently there are different stories about how this deal happened. Bob McKenzie said that Curtis Joseph is off the tables, then one story about the Sabres asking for Brad Smyth in exchange for Martin Biron, and so on. All gossip, I think. I disagree that Cujo is off, the guy will be dealt tomorrow.

As I mentioned earlier, I like the trade because both teams got what they wanted. But, the Oilers handed a 1st rounder and when a team deals its 1st rounder, it means it wants to be in the playoffs but also make a big impact in the playoffs.

Roloson is a good goalie, but how many of you see this guy carrying a team single handedly to the Cup Finals? It’s a tough image to see, quite blurry. The Oilers got their goalie, they should lock him up for next season (Roloson-Markkanen), but they need to make another move. You got the LA Kings acquiring Sopel and Parrish. The Avs got Theodore. Sharks made a small move, but does anyone really feel safe playing against them in the playoffs? Lowe has got to pull another one.

Leafs add and subtract defense.

I’m still sticking with my opinion that the Leafs should have sold, but anyway, Leafs acquired Luke Richardson for a 5th, and made room for him by giving Ken Klee to the Devils for a prospect who is more valuable than a 5th. A good trade because Klee was not cutting it and Richardson is a similar type of defenseman who would be more effective. So really, the main change in the Leafs so far is trading a 5th for Alex Suglobov. Suglobov, according to scouting reports, appears to be a skilled forward with good speed and does not mind traffic, however, he has a bad reputation for horrible defensive play. Nonetheless, the Leafs add a young winger who is skilled, and possibly ready to play in the NHL.

Lamoriello, huh?

The Devils will make a trade to slash their payroll because McGillis, Mogilny, and Malakhov are still counted on the Devils player budget. Really, I don’t see how Ken Klee could be much better than Dan McGillis. Klee, according to what I heard during the Penguins-Capitals game, is still struggling to adjust in the new NHL. Why on good God’s earth would Lamoriello risk on another defenseman? The guy can still struggle and how did worsening the Devils farm system do any good? This is a bad trade on the Devils part. Klee can perform okay, but he definitely was not worth a prospect like Suglobov, who may be a bust….but has the offensive skills. The Devils future was already weak, and Lou just made it weaker unless he can get a 2nd rounder or a solid prospect before the deadline.

Avalanche prepare to win the Stanley Cup

…..but not this year. Trading Aebsicher for Theodore was a good deal, but my first reaction after my eyebrows reached the ceiling was…. “they gave up on the Cup”. The Avs will be going with Budaij and Kolesnik and I doubt that will get them anywhere near the Cup, unless Theodore performs a miracle.

Either way, I think Pierre Lecroix knows that this is not Colorado’s year, and he did exactly what I said teams were going to do. He is preparing for next season. Lecroix will be a big player in the off-season. I think it’s a good deal, but a bit risky. Jose Theodore will have to snap out of it and make a fresh start. I think Theodore has more pressure than Aebsicher. The Swiss goalie has a new challenge and something to prove. I actually believe that Aebischer’s best years will be as a Montreal Canadien.

Milbury gets my nod

Okay, so far not so bad for Mad Mike. I said this would be Isle’s owner Charlie Wang big mistake by allowing Milbury to handle the trade deadline, but so far so good. Brent Sobel has been a horrible defenseman for the Isle’s and in return, the Kings give away prospect Grebeshkov who has been now regarded as a frustrating prospect who is not improving as expected. Mark Parrish is a very good forward, so the Kings have one of the best available forwards of the deadline. But, they paid a hefty price. During the lockout I got to watch Michigan play and Tambellini was a blast to watch. I don’t think he will be a high scorer, but a good point getter and very valuable all-round player. Definitely one of my favorites coming out of Michigan and I give full remarks to Milbury. Will he be better than Parrish? Time will tell, but I certainly think so. Isle’s got themselves an excellent prospect, which is what they need in the rebuilding phase.

Finding Nemo

How ironic. Nieminen’s nickname is “Nemo” and he is headed to the Shark Tank. Apparently the Rangers are either getting ready for a trade, or just clearing up room. Petr Prucha, very missed, should be back by next week and with Hollweg stepping up his aggressive play, Nieminen was expandable. Low salaried at about $700K (two year contract). Maybe the Rangers want to use that $700K on another player in the off-season. Maybe to re-sign Jason Ward.

This trade is either meaningfull or meaningless for the Blueshirts. A third rounder for Nemo? Good deal as the Rangers have received praise in their drafts as of late. But, Nemo would be a valuable playoff player, which could be a loss.

Ville Nieminen could not find himself on a better team than the Sharks. He gets a fulltime job and he brings the type of character that the Sharks play with. Gritty. I knew the Sharks were going for a LW’er, and thinking John LeClair would be a likely choice. The Sharks would be a deadly team to play against in the Western Conference come playoffs time. It’s a rough road for the Sharks since it’s a major playoff race for 8th seed, but they can pull it off.

Either way, the Sharks keep Nieminen for next season, where they will start with Joe Thornton.

Dooms Day for Iron Mike

Talk about slapping the Senators. Will Keenan trade Jokinen? Impossible to know as I think Jokinen, and maybe even Luongo, will hit the newswire close to 3-PM. The offer was made and yet Jokinen did not sign it yet. Keenan has to gamble here. Keep trying to re-sign Jokinen after the deadline, or trade him by not losing anything? Apparently the LA Kings had an offer that was taken off the table, and though they could still make a pitch for Luongo, since they still have good young talent, it’s quite questionable. I still would not rule out the Philadelphia Flyers, but Keenan’s preference would be to deal his two stars out West. And there are two teams that come to mind when I think about West and the Panthers. The Mighty Ducks and the Canucks. Hey, whatever happened to J-S Giguere? Roloson, Cujo, Theodore, Aebsicher, Biron…..all got mentioned today but nothing on Jiggy.

The Ducks signed Bobby Ryan to a contract. Sure, it could mean nothing more than letting the guy play at the NHL level, but it could also mean that the Ducks are ready to deal a prospect or two. Olli Jokinen is a perfect fit to Anaheim’s roster. Burke knows he needs a center, and maybe not even Luongo, but Jokinen is a sure chance. My prediction: Panthers will be buyers, making a minor move and not dealing Jokinen and Luongo

I think Nonis will not sleep for one minute until everything is over. He can still pull off a big trade. I think he should just go for Cujo, but Giguere may be an option.

Well folks, that’s all the wrap up talk for you to think about. My Jeep’s still rollin`….. hang on and get ready for a ……poopload of trades to come our way.

Thanks for reading,

Micki Peroni


P.S Do not touch my car stereo though. Low Rider is playing.

11 Responses to Wednesday Wrap-up

  1. NemiNA says:

    The last time Montreal gave up a goalie to Colorado, it didn’t turn out to bad for the Avs.

  2. SensDude says:

    According to le Journal Le Droit of Ottawa the French newspaper, Ed Belfour is going to Pheonix.

  3. tacitus says:

    i was kinda sad to see nobody picked up Daigle. Hes not an all star but was the 6th best offensive player on Minn. I hoped a team like the wings would turn him into a speedy 4th liner kinda like what they are doing with Daniel Cleary who was a high pick. I still wont understand why an offensively weak team dropped one of there best talents just to save a buck watching them was already a snoozefest to begin with. Now they can complain about scoring and have nobody to blame but management

  4. goalieman32 says:

    with more cap room, could montreal deal for mcabe. cujo could still be traded, possibly to the leafs, lightning, or kings (though they are in the same division so i doubt it) this gives lenevue some time to develop at the nhl level, and since they are essentiallt out of playoff contention they may be looking to the future already

  5. SensDude says:

    the only problem of this guy it’s his lazyness, dont think Detroit would want him, that team everybody is working at their 100% and no one is lazy.

  6. Laus723 says:

    budaj showed to be a great player in the olympics, guess they figure they’ll ride him as long as they can!?!

  7. SensDude says:

    I just heard a rumor on TSN and on Sports is confirming this rumor.

    to Tampa: Khabibulin

    to Chi: Prospal – 2nd round pick 06

    on RDS they are still talking of 2 possible trades, one involving Columbus and the other one Phoenix.

    Richard Zednik to Columbus for David Vyborny

    Jan Bulis – Radek Bonk to Phoenix for Mike Comrie

  8. nova_scotia123 says:

    I think there will be a couple big trades today before the deadline.

    Trade 1

    To Montreal:


    2nd round pick

    To Vancouver:



    TRADE 2

    To Ottawa:

    John Leclair

    To Pittsburgh:

    Chris Neil

    TRADE 3

    To Philadelphia

    Mark Recchi

    To Pittsburgh

    Ben Eager

    3rd round pick

    TRADE 4

    To Philadelphia

    Brian Leetch

    To Boston

    Randy Jones

    2nd round pick

    TRADE 5

    To Ottawa

    Mikko Norrinen

    To Buffalo

    2nd round pick

  9. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Deal for McCabe. No way Jose! Montreal isn’t looking for defenseman that can’t play defense and cough up the puck all the time, we already have plenty of those. I wouldn’t even take McCabe if his contract was 1million/yr.

  10. big_booty says:

    Real Wranglers have six cylinders. I’d be willing to wager that you have square headlights too.


    Almost as sad as Kevin Lowe giving up a first rounder and more for one half of a goaltender.

    Almost as sad as John Ferguson Jr. believing that Luke Richardson is, right now, as good a defender as Ken Klee.

    Almost as sad as Glen Sather keeping a waste of space like Colton Orr on his roster instead of a proven and playoff-tested role player like Ville Niemenen.

    Almost as sad as a formerly savvy general manager like Pierre Lacroix doing shots of whatever Kool Aid flash-in-the-pan netminder Jose Theodore is dolling out.

    Almost as sad as an armchair GM like yourself criticizing a three Stanley Cup-winning real world GM like Lou Liamorello.

  11. Flyers70 says:

    Interesting deal with Theo and Aebischer. Only time will deal. Montreal is taking a bit of a gamble. Aebischer is a solid goaltender, but I will believe he will be nothing more than solid. Theodore has the ability and talent to be great if he can get himself right. But that’s a big “IF”.

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