Weekes Inks With Rangers

Sportsnet has learned that the New York Rangers will announce the signing of goaltender Kevin Weekes on Thursday.

Terms of the deal are not known at this point.



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  1. Furlong19 says:

    I sense a trade coming for the Rangers. They have too many goalies. Weekes, Dunham, Blackburn, Montoya, Mclennan. Am I missing anybody else?

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I agree with Furlong19. I WANTED WEEKES DAMN IT. Now we’re stuck with going after Dafoe. Maybe the Leafs should trade instead of sign. I hate JFJ he really needs to get off his ass and do what he can to improve the team. We missed Gerber, Irbe, and now Weekes.

  3. PayUpSucka says:

    No faith in Tellqvist bro???

    You watch him in the WC.

    Go Sweden Go!!!!

  4. RangerSteve says:

    First of all, there is NO log jam in between teh pipes for the Rangers…yet. With Mike Dunham and the signing of Kevin Weekes, this simply shows that Dan Blackburn will definately spend a year or more in the minors to regain his strength after going down with teh shoulder injury. Montoya is 2-3 years away from even showing up in Hartford, and who knows when Lundqvist will be coming over. At the trade deadline, I could see Sather trading Weekes away for picks and prospects just like he did last season with many veterans.

    As for the majority of Leaf fans wondering why JFJ did not sign Weekes, this is just another classic example of why many people don’t think the Leafs will go to the Stanley Cup Finals. Most of the time the Leafs end up bringing back a roster that is close to one of the previous year and dish out substantial raises to ‘their own players.’ Like LeafyMcLeaf said above, now they must either trade or look at Byron Dafoe since Belfour might be out for a while. Garth Snow anyone?

  5. wingedim says:

    Who should JFJ sign? He can’t sign too much more until the CBA is finalized. You stated in another post that the Leafs have a boat load of money. In a sense you are right, BUT, that money is all investment money that the teachers pension want to see GROW.

    I’ll agree that we need to get another backup, and weekes would’ve been a good fit. However, I’d like to see Telqvist get the fulltime backup job once Eddie is back from surgery. If you bring in Weekes, that wouldn’t happen.

    The team is a strong team (granted bordering on geriatric) they had that amazing run early in the season last year that helped put them in the top of the league. This team is essentially the same team. Let the old guys play out the rest of their careers and or retire due to the CBA, and DEVELOP the kids in the system then let them replace those that are gone instead of trading them away for the ‘twilight’ players that we as Leafs fans think we need as a quck fix.

    I’d like to see a dynasty team like the Wings or Devils rather than a one year wonder.

  6. PayUpSucka says:

    Well said and true.

  7. Sands says:

    i think it’s more of a good move thena bad one. It hurts because they may nab a few more win with him in net and move father from last to get Crosby. But it’s a smart move because he can be Traded at the deadline. Teams will need a goalie and weeks does have potentical to be traded for a pick or prospects. many teams are in a hole at Goal and The Rangers are Deep with Youth.

  8. NYRebuild27 says:

    ok, montoya had already announced that he’d be returning to college, lundqvist had already announced that he had committed to another year at vastra frolunda, mcclennan was signed by the florida panthers, blackburn might not be ready to return (shoulder injury) until january, and labarberra is still not NHL caliber or NHL ready for that matter… so having a dunham/weekes tandem (with a potential trade of either for picks/prospects or player would then allow blackburn/labarberra to get a crack at the first team) for the time being isnt as bad as all the faux general managers we think we are say it is… granted, it also isnt the best goaltending duo in the league, but for now, us ranger fans have to deal with it…

  9. Minky says:

    Byron dafoe isnt the only option for the leafs.

    Other UFA Goalies and the 03-04 salaries are

    Johan Hedberg, $1,200,000

    Chris Osgood, $3,000,000

    Felix Potvin, $1,300,000

    Garth Snow, $1,313,000

    and Dafoe’s 03-04 salary was $3,500,000. The most expensive of the group.

  10. Rancid says:

    McLennen’s on Calgary.

    Your missing LaBarbera(lowest GAA is AHL last year), Lundqvist(top swedish goalie prospect)

    Steve Valiquette may also be on the team… I don’t know if he’s a FA or not

  11. Rancid says:

    Lundqvist is probably gonna get the majority of the minutes. Since he’s considered the best goalie to come of sweden in the last decade.

  12. Rancid says:

    Correction he signed with Florida….he got traded from calgary. stupid typo

  13. PayUpSucka says:

    According to the world cup home page, Salo is number 1 and should he falter Tellqvist will be his immediate replacement.

  14. StuWild says:

    Tellqvist will be one of the best backups in the league next season. No question ’bout it!

  15. bruinfan37 says:

    Wow, a Rangers article, and the leafs get started again.

    Osgood will not sign as a backup. Potvin is staying in Boston unless he finds a starting job.

  16. Minky says:

    calm down, all i did was post other possiblities for Toronto. Im not saying they will sign these people.

  17. PayUpSucka says:

    Damn straight!!!!

  18. WinterLynx says:

    Only makes sense to mention Leaf options because Weekes was one too at one point. Plus, I think it’d be nice to see Felix “The Cat” Potvin back between the pipes fort he Leafs… He still has a lot to offer if he’s up for it.

  19. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    I’m going to pull rank on you guys again. This as a former Jr. A goaltender is my area of expertise.

    Weekes is a highly OVERATED goaltender, and is NO upgrade over Dunham. ANyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know goaltending. Weekes will flop with the Rangers. Mark my words. He is also a headcase. That’s why he has been with 3 or 4 teams already in a young career.

    DUNHAM would be a good pick up for the LEAFS. They should seek him from the Rangers. He is perfect to sit in for Belfour. ANd the Rangers WILL now be moving Dunham.

  20. OoRaven says:

    Aiight maybe it’s just me, but I think Sather might be trying to spark either Dunham or Weeks… A little compitition never hurt anyone. He might just be letting these two fight it out till the deadline and see which one will get him more, in picks and prospects.. Figure if Dunham has a hot streak then hits his usual down slide he can throw Weeks in and let him play out his hot streak.. Which ever goalie is showing up on top will more then likely be traded come the deadline, since he will be the one with more value…. This is just my two cents.. Comments??

  21. Hyfte says:

    Well Dunham is shit and Nashville seriously screwed the rangers when they traded him for Zidlicky. And Weeks really is not that good but sather is a dumb ass.

  22. Kraut182 says:

    Wow the Rangers are throwing money around again, and again for a player that doesn’t really fit. They have plenty of young goalies, so what do they do? Sign another semi-young goalie to get in their way. Makes sense Glen.

    Leafs don’t need golie help anyways, season isn’t starting on time (I would almost guarantee this) and even if Belfour needs surgery he’ll be fine by then. Telly is ready to be a back up, everyone knows this. I honestly think Dafoe has a chance to be worse than Trevor Kidd, and that’s saying something.

  23. RangerSteve says:

    -Lundqvist is staying in Sweden for another year

    -Montoya announced he is heading back to Michigan for his Junior year

    -Blackburn is still rehabbing his injured shoulder and probably will be back in January.

    So after these three what young goalie are you talking about? Please don’t mention Jason LaBarbera as he is not NHL caliber.

  24. Minky says:

    If i were JFJ, and if i were, the leafs would be better 😛 i wouldn’t sign anyone until the season starts, if it starts. There is no reason throwing 3 mil away for no reason if there is going to be a lockout and belfour wouldnt even be missing anygames.

    the way things look right now, leafs won’t need to sign anybody. the season will start in january at teh VERY earliest, and belfour should be good to go around then, and Tellqvist is a very capable backup goalie.

  25. GretzNYR99 says:


    Considering that Lundqvist backstopped Sweden to the Silver at the WCH, I wouldn’t count on Tellqvist being his backup.

  26. GretzNYR99 says:


    He put up stellar numbers last year on a team that was going south real fast. How would you call that overrated? If that’s the case, then why are you telling Leafs fans to get Mike Dunham? He’d fall under the exact same category.

    3 or 4 teams… Lets see, were any of these teams aside from Carolina competitors at the time?

    The answer to the question is an obvious no. Florida was nowhere close to being a competitor, the Asslanders were the laughing stock of the NHL, and still are due to the fact that their franchise is a piss-poor excuse of a franchise with fair-weather fans, and the Canucks were a few years away from making their impact, and the year after he left Tampa, they made their first apperance in the playoffs in 6 years. How is he such a headcase playing on crap teams and putting up decent numbers?

    I wouldn’t call a career 2.86 gaa “headcase” material.

    And by the way, what’s your name so I can look up your stats? Since you are a former Jr. A goaltender, and what not, I’d like to see them.

  27. GretzNYR99 says:

    Could you rip him anymore of a new asshole?

  28. GretzNYR99 says:

    Annnnnnnnnnnnd, you’re an idiot.

    No one cares about the leafs when this is a Rangers post.

    No wonder why NO ONE likes you guys.

  29. GretzNYR99 says:

    No one cares about the leafs, get over it.

  30. OoRaven says:

    LoL. It’s funny cause it’s true.

  31. GretzNYR99 says:

    Yeah, I’ve been on this site for a while.

    That’s just one of the reasons everyone hates them.

  32. GretzNYR99 says:

    Nah, he has reason to take a stand.

    Go post your leafs shit somewhere else.

  33. wheresthesoda says:


  34. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    Is the parade of moron Ranger fans ever at an end? God , you Ranger guys are stupid. That’s how you have to be to remain fans of that club.

    Ok here are the facts fool.

    First I’ll start with a quote from a hockey article written about Weekes 2 weeks ago by a prominent hockey writer:

    “I’m sorry, but Kevin Weekes is a flaky goaltender with Shake-and-Bake fundamentals that crumble under the microscope. Vancouver was too much for him, and he only flourished somewhat in an out of the way place like Raleigh. Even then, the Canes didn’t bring him back, and they aren’t exactly a goalie-rich team.”

    Next I’ll point out, that the Islanders dumped Weekes AFTER he had criminal trouble that he lied to team mgt about!

    Finally I’ll point out, that unlike YOU i understand the game as a player. More specifically as a goalie. I do not see the game as you do from my couch. That is why I can see all the naunces of goaltending that you cannot see. I judge goalies not just on stats as you do, but on style and ability to play properly, from a fundamentals standpoint. Things you as a couch sitter cannot possibly understand.

    That having been said, Weekes is shit.

  35. wheresthesoda says:

    zidlicky only plays on the power play. is that what you consider a good defenseman?

  36. GretzNYR99 says:

    Ok, you’re one to call other people idiots… you’re a fair-weather Asslander fan parading around a title of “former junior-a goalie” like people are supposed to give a shit.

    Needless to say… Nice One, Shit-For-Brains.

    Stats? Numbers? Did you ignore that part in my last post asking for your numbers? Meaning I’d like to see something, otherwise you’re just a pathetic liar which I’m leaning towards.

    Lesson: If you’re going to go making claims or using information, have backup.

    Now lets see how many times you manage to screw up…

    1. “First I’ll start with a quote from a hockey article written about Weekes 2 weeks ago by a prominent hockey writer:”

    Source? Article? Most importantly, writer?

    My, my… if us Ranger fans are stupid, I wonder what’s made of Asslander fans… that’s not a pretty sight.

    2. “Next I’ll point out, that the Islanders dumped Weekes AFTER he had criminal trouble that he lied to team mgt about!”

    I’ve never seen this, and this hasn’t been reported by anyone, anywhere. If that was the case, Larry Brooks of the post would be the first to knock Weekes for his actions, despite the fact that he is a Ranger.

    First off, what did he do? Second of all, proof, if any? Article? Something? Anything? Nope.

    Last, but not least…

    3. “I’m going to pull rank on you guys again. This as a former Jr. A goaltender is my area of expertise.”

    Lets see, out of all the times you go on and on about being a “FORMER JR. A GOALTENDER” I haven’t seen one mentioning of a team, any stats, any numbers, or anything of the informative nature.

    Couch sitter? Anyone who knows me knows that I live, breathe, eat, sleep, and most of all, play hockey. I’ve been playing since I was 7. I don’t need to lie about being a junior player, because I’m not, and never will be. I’ve got a far better understanding of the game than you do, being that I’m a forward, and you’re a goalie… moreso a joke, but an a supposed “FORMER JR. A GOALTENDER.”

    Yeah, you’re a “FORMER JR. A GOALTENDER,” and the Islanders “fan-base” didn’t mysteriously dissapear after 4 straight years of missing the playoffs, then almost going bankrupt. There are only 3 people that I’ve known that have been true Islander fans and that have stayed with the club throughout the full tenure of their ridiculously long playoff hiatus. You’re not one of them, and quite frankly, outside of those 3, the other people I’ve seen with Islander jerseys knew shit about hockey, yet alone their own team. Islanders fans were ashamed to show their faces, and a lot of “Isles fans” I knew are now “Devils fans.”

    Not surprising at all…

    When the going gets tough, the pussies leave.

    And the Islander fans left and burned all the bridges on the way out.

    Before you go talking about “jokes” and “idiots” look in the mirror, you sad sack of shit.

  37. Sands says:

    Weeks signed for 1 year.

  38. wheresthesoda says:

    “weekes is shit”

    i havent seen weekes play alot but the games i have seen him play, he’s not bad, and looking at his stats, with the canes last year i think he good do fine and dandy with the rangers.

    just keep your mouth shut about the rangers moves because if u ask me the islanders dont look to good.

  39. wheresthesoda says:

    haha, your right.

    The rangers are going 7 years without the playoffs, i’m still proud to be a rangers fan.

    and not to long ago were the islanders missing the playoffs 7 years also.

  40. GretzNYR99 says:

    What did you assclowns just see the white and blue and think it was a leafs thread or something?

    Go post on your own thread.

  41. GretzNRY99 says:

    O, please forgive me sir, I know my mercy pleas grow weary to the average user, but i have insulted for the last time. my buttocks redden with humiliation at the embarrasment i have cause myself, show me mercy and forget this incident i pray.

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