Weighing the Sharks’ trade deadline options

The NHL’s trade deadline has become one of the true holidays of the professional sports world. It’s the day that a team can declare in one bold move that it’s making a hard push towards a championship, or a day when a general manager decides to throw in the towel on the current campaign and add pieces for the future.

In recent years, though – particularly the last two – the deadline has come and gone without much activity. Sure, there have been some notable deals involving key players, but nothing resembling what used to go on a decade ago, and especially before the implementation of the salary cap in 2005-06.

This year’s deadline is on April 3, less than two weeks away, and there’s already been educated speculation that it could be another dud. The NHL’s wacky points system means more teams than ever are still in the race, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that 12 or 13 teams in each conference will still be alive headed into the final weekend of the regular season, let alone at the deadline. Logic dictates that if you’re still in the race, you’re not going to be dealing your key players, or even your role players.


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