Weight to the 'Canes!

Canes add some Weight

Sportsnet.ca — The St. Louis Blues continue to clean house.

Sportsnet has learned the Blues have sent Doug Weight to Carolina.

Details to follow…

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  1. dcz28 says:

    – Hudler is a good prospect still and his size is not as big of a deal in the new NHL unless the whole team is small and he can play physical despite his small size

    – Grigorenko would be playing if not for the car accident but will be playing for the Wings next year

    – Kronvall without a doubt if he stays healthy will be a top 4 and in the future probably a top 2 with the Wings

    – Fisher was still a great steal because he also was a top 4 before the heart thing and he might come back in the future so it can’t be said it wasn’t a good pick that late in the 1st round

    – Wallin was a decent dman but his career was cut short because of injuries

    the rest as you said was crap but they were able to fool other teams into taking them for deadline trades like Kuznetsov going to L.A with Avery and 1st and 2nd rounder for Schneider…all those guys you said weren’t any good were traded for deadline deals

    The Wings have had better luck with the later rounds for some reason (Zetterberg, Datsuyk, Holmstrom, Franzen, Dandenault to name just a few but like i said they did not have a 1st rounder since 2000 (Kronvall) before the last one and if you look at the Wings prospects they do have some good ones comming up for the future

  2. neilios says:

    Not a bad pick up for the Canes it will be the Canes or Sens to come outta the East to play the Canucks in the finals either one the Canucks will dominate them.On Sportsnet Central tonight Kipper and Hughson where talking about Nonnis talking with the Caps about aquiring Witt and Kolzig know that Jovo is gone for 6 weeks,now I just wonder who they would offer up for those 2 players.I would have to say the rights to Cloutier,King,McCarthy,1st rounder,and maybe a 2nd rounder.What does everyone think and who does everyone think the Canucks will pick up on D to help out till Jovo gets back???

  3. mtl_prince says:

    All they need is Jack Johnson on the blueline and they are set bigtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. NinjasOnly says:

    Calm down there Neely. I knwo you’ve been waiting months to throw out all the wonderful ottawa stats you have. I am well aware that both time Carolina won they were outshot. I believe the first was 44 shots and the second was 34? maybe…..but the fact is they still won. Last time I checked goaltending…whether it is “retarded” or not….is still a part of the team. They picked up two wins against them is what I was trying to say, and now they have added more depth up front. Not once did I say that they were number one…I realize it may have been implied, but trust me that was merely my distaste for everyone who lives and dies by the sens in this forum but do not have any reasonable arguements coming out. Besdies….the sens are slowing down qutie a bit and teh canes are not. You cant even blame it on teams as they lsot to Boston tonight. QUICK everyone reply back that it was Emery in net again! once again though…the goaltender is part of the team.

  5. parrotheadta says:

    As dreadful as the Blues are, Weight did not want out of St Louis. He has steadfastly maintained that he wanted to stay despite the struggles. He has also said that if he agreed to a trade he would like to return to St Louis next year as a UFA. In the end, he took one for the team and agreed to be dealt.

  6. parrotheadta says:

    Keith has another year at 3.5 mil. He is not a UFA. The fact that he has a pretty low cap number is one reason the Blues may keep him. The fans here have to have someone to hold onto and even though they probably should move him I don’t think they will. Also, because he’s not a UFA and has a good cap number next year, he will cost a team more than the usual playoff rental player.

  7. parrotheadta says:

    Players seem to love playing in St Louis. Until this year, the building is usually full and the fans seldom get on a struggling player. Many formers Blues now make St Louis their permant home. Just because a player likes were they are and don;t want to uproot their family doesn;t always mean they are selfish. I’d say its 75/25 Weight comes back next year. Likely for less money than offered elsewere.

  8. Aetherial says:

    Because now they have Rod Brindamour and another *version * of him.

    Really though, it is depth.

    The playoffs are a LONG grind and one key injury can ruin a team’s run.

    Rightly or wrongly, the Canes feel they have a legitimate shot at the cup this year so they give up a few spare draft picks (and one good one, high 20’s first round) and a few role players for some front-line depth.

  9. V3n0m says:

    (Raises hand meekly)

    But, I had heard this from what I considered a reliable source at the time (a player on one of the two teams), and I heard this several weeks before the trade was ever whispered in the mainstream press. Once it started circulating, I figured it was real, so I went with it.

    As an aside, the other part of my posts were that the trade was to be completed “closer to the trade deadline.” If anyone caught the 2nd intermission interview with Muckler last night, he said the same thing, saying they were looking to make a trade closer to the trade deadline.

    So, basically, I stand by my general inference about a trade happening close to the trade deadline. I was just wrong about it being Weight. I can accept being wrong, something you won’t see most Leaf fans do after them posting trades (with far less legitimacy than the one I posted). However, don’t paint all Sens fans with the same brush. It was my mistake, though I’m still confident a large part of it will pan out.

    P.S. Coincidentally, I’m also first a Red Wings fan, and a Sens fan second.

  10. V3n0m says:

    Dumbass, before last night’s games, the Sens & Leafs were 20 points behind. So, like I said, unless Ottawa trades half its lineup to Toronto, no way are they going to be seeded 4 & 5.

  11. parrotheadta says:

    You also have to remember that the Blue’s could draft if their franchise depends on it. And apparantly it does. Mark my words, there will be no impact players from those draft picks. Best bet is guys who just barely stay in the league. Or develope and play for other teams.

  12. penguinos66 says:

    the canes have a few decent farm players to bring in next year, so def a good move, they dont need draft picks this year, they want the cup

  13. leafs8917 says:

    ya cause there so far out, ***** there still in eigth place , and they ll still probably finish in 6th

  14. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Take out the 1st and 2nd Rounder and add in that all star caliber player park, and i think washington would make that deal.

  15. shakrmakr says:

    At least you admit it. I applaud you.

  16. Kraut182 says:

    The point I was making is about the value of the pick. Grigorenko might have been great if not for the car accident, Wallin might have had his career cut short, Fisher might never play again, these are the risks of a pick. Even if you do manage to get it right and make a good pick, they may have external factors that turn it into nothing.

    When I read your initial statement, to me it sounded like, “I don’t know about the Blues, but if the Wings had that pick it would surely amount to something good.” I was just trying to point out how untrue that is.

  17. parrotheadta says:

    All I’ve heard is that he didn’t want to leave St Louis and would love to come back next year. I think the quantity of the deal sounds like too much but I would bet that there isn’t much quality in the group. And the Blues are very bad at drafting and deveoping players. Before Jackman, Jamie Rivers was going to be a homegrown “great ” defenseman.

  18. parrotheadta says:

    When Brind’Amour came up I though it was as a winger. It’s been a while since he was in St Louis.

  19. joechoda says:

    currently they are 2-2 head to head. with Carolina winning the first 2 encounters back in the start of the season when Ottawa looked truly invincible!

    Ottawa took the last 2 games quite easily you could say. still in a best of 7 a 2-2 matchup results in a best of 3.

    so offically they are both good teams, and i hate Ottawa.

  20. joechoda says:

    Weight has played for the BLUES all season so far, how many games has the TEAM won? how many goals has the TEAM given up?

  21. joechoda says:

    Roberts is injured [again] and isn’t Tkachuk out as well?

  22. joechoda says:

    they still need Rod to win the important faceoffs!

  23. joechoda says:

    NUMBER 1 baby!

  24. joechoda says:

    yea i still dream about the Dallas series, and Marchant’s winning goal in OT

    i was so young,, Cujo was the man, and i beleive that would be as good as it ever got for Cujo [who is the next Belfour] ie: hes washed up old and living in the past glory.

  25. dcz28 says:

    Those aren’t really risks of a pick (Grigorenko, Fisher and Wallin) its life and shit happens but Weight could also break his leg in four places and be out for the rest of the season and playoffs in his first game so it doesn’t matter weather they were picks or not injuries happen to established players too and i do think the Wings would make it a good pick because nobody can argue their success at the draft table and just because its a late 1st round pick it doesn’t mean they wont get a guy who could be the face of the franchise down the road just look at Datsyuk, Zetterberg or Bergeron (Boston) they were not taken in the first round but could have been a late 1st rounder…i’m not saying every pick from the Wings is a sure thing because none are for any team but to say (in the original post) that a late 1st rounder and (2) 4th rounders is crap is being naive because this deal could come back to haunt the Canes in the future if the Blues scouting does their job right and the franchise develops them the right way atleast one of the picks should give them an impact player down the road

  26. parrotheadta says:

    What’s your source for this and what do they is up?

  27. parrotheadta says:

    Mistyped- Teh Blues CAN’T draft worth shit.

  28. CSakicGAP says:

    Yeah….that about sums up what I was trying to get across

  29. Wigdog says:

    Who won the games a-hole?

  30. Wigdog says:

    I really think some of you people are officially on crack. Vancouver will dominate Canes or Sens? HaHa

  31. Freeze says:

    Is he still alive?

  32. Neely4Life says:

    also, look at the division they r in as well, the South East is a joke.

  33. Neely4Life says:

    that was really clever. Ottawa is the best team in the league, and the only teacm close is philly, and thats if foresberg is in the lineup.

  34. Neely4Life says:

    ya, because the canucks dominated the sens on home ice where they r one of the best, and took a shoot out to beat them. With Spezza playin injured and Havlat out. good call, u might wanna stop writting, because your lowering everyone else’s IQ

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