Weiss For Six

According to TSN.ca, the Florida Panthers have re-signed Stephen Weiss to a six year deal worth $18.6M, $3.1M a season. The Panthers have been re-signing their key players to long-term contracts, and Jay Bouwmeester is expected to be next.

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  1. tacitus says:

    this makes it the happiest day of my life

  2. senators101 says:

    Good move for the Panthers to lock this guy up long term.  3.1 will look like a steal in a couple years.  Good deal.

  3. riseagainst says:

    good deal.  I'm liking these panthers they'll be a good team, starting to show the league there not a joke.

  4. mikster says:

    I wouldn’t say a steal. I think he’s a good player, i like watching him when he is healthy, but after watching two full seasons of this guy, i must say i am not totally impressed with his offensive abilities. He should become a more effective Matt Cullen type, but has a better nose for the net.

    I hope in a couple of years he’ll be worth it, but i wouldn’t be betting on it either.

  5. senators101 says:

    I'm not saying he's a steal now, he's not.  I think in his 3rd and 4th year he would be.  He posted 48 points from 74 games, he's a good 2-way player, and I don't think he has any wingers because Florida isn't an offensive juggernaut and the good wingers will probably be playing with Olli Jokinen and Nathan Horton.  Man, they got some good centres.

    If he gets more playing time and a couple good linemates, I think 3.1 will look like nothing in 3-4 years, especially with the other contracts being given out recently.

  6. turdfergusson says:

    Here's a guy that needs a change of scenery. Horton more so. Still young they are I guess so let's hope these guys along with Boumeester can step it up a notch this year and give this team an identity. 

      I wish them well as they are sticking to their story.  


  7. moosehockey says:

    Excellent hockey player. Definitely a steal. I think they have the tools to be a playoff team.

  8. modk09 says:

    i agree with mikster, hes been around for a while and has yet to impress anyone. no way does a 1 time 50 point player deserve a 6 year deal. he hasnt even defined himself as a player yet. he might take the Radek Bonk route and become a defensive center with upside and then he will be a completely overpaid player. his potential could go either way with just as much likelihood which makes this a gamble not worth taking.

    that said, Hartnell's contract has ruined the salary structure as everyone is getting inflated contracts except the lower tier players who are getting told to either excpet near league minimum or move to russia

  9. senators101 says:

    Anything can happen, right? If he takes the Radek Bonk route, then you’re right, he will be overpaid. And you’re also right that he doesn’t deserve a 6 year deal. But taking all that into consideration, I feel he’s well worth it. He put up the 48 points playing without superior wingers. I just feel if he gets a good winger or two, those numbers will increase bigtime.

  10. mikster says:

    I know, but i doubt he’ll ever break 60 points. The wingers are okay, and Horton is a W now, no longer a center. It’s that Weiss is a very smart player with excellent speed and good skating abilities, and he gets his chances to score, but as far as skills…not like he has a good shot or anything like that.

    Still, he is a good player, smart, and already wore the A on his jersey once Roberts got traded, so he is a good team guy. It was a good deal.

  11. modk09 says:

    fair enough, Im just wondering when he would get a shot with top wingers given Jokinen and Horton are both locked up for a few more years and are definetly ahead of Weiss on the depth chart

  12. TheDonkey says:

    are you serious?

  13. TheDonkey says:

    Why change the scenery?  This team seems to have a future.  Maybe they just needed a little time to get Keenan out of their blood. 

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