Well, At Leat All Russians Aren't Money Grubbing…

This story is really only worthy of news for one reason: it proves that not all NHL players are greedy money grubbers, and some actually respect the organizations they play for. And, it gives me another opportunity to rave about Datsyuk.Pavel Datsyuk has been offered a contract by his old team, the same Kazan team that may lure Dmitri Bykov back w/ a tax free 2 year contract for one million dollars, that he describes simply as “huge”. His agent, Gary Greenstein, won’t reveal exactly how big the offer was, except for “six digits tax free” per season and “much more than Bykov”, obviously a substantial offer.

However, Datsyuk refuses the sign the contract to give him leverage in negotiations for his new contract w/ the Wings, b/c he respects the organization “very much”.

I mean, when is the last time you’ve heard any pro athlete turn down an opportunity for contract leverage for more money b/c he respects the organization too much? That right there put a smile on my face, and made me realize once again, goddamn, I love Pavel Datsyuk. Now, why can’t certain other Russians be this nice in negotiations? (not naming names, I’m sure you can use your imaginations).

The respect apparently flows both ways. Holland replied that, “Where I’m prepared to go is way north of where I think I would normally with a player with no arbitration rights and no real leverage other than to withhold services.”

Its good to know that when we get back from the lockout, there are some players out there who at least care about the hockey and not just the money. And damn, the potential for Datsyuk keeps on rising through the roof. Mix his talents with that type of character and unselfishness…

Ah well, I’ll get off my soap box. Just one of those nice, heart lifting stories in a sea of greed and buisiness.

Oh yeah, Fedorov is so out of here. Just thought I’d let you guys know, in case any of you are stupid enough to want him.