Wendel Still Rules!!!

Remember when Chris Osgood beat the crap out of Patrick Roy?

Or when Felix the Cat had his first NHL fight against Hextall?


Of course, we all remember Mr. Bertuzzi.


A very similar incident happened in Toronto about 12 years ago…

Marty McSorely cruised across the blue line and absolutely CRANKED Dougie Gilmour. Much like the hit that Steve Moore threw on Markus Naslund. Both hits were clean and punishing.

Well, Wendel Clark, without any hesitation, skated over to McSorely and just pounded the crap out of him.

I mean, it was Amazing! I’m sure you all remember this one.

One of my favorite moments of the “Darker Side” of hockey.

What are yours?

And, if you HAD to fight anybody in the NHL. You didn’t have a choice. Who would you fight, and why?