Wendel Still Rules!!!

Remember when Chris Osgood beat the crap out of Patrick Roy?

Or when Felix the Cat had his first NHL fight against Hextall?


Of course, we all remember Mr. Bertuzzi.


A very similar incident happened in Toronto about 12 years ago…

Marty McSorely cruised across the blue line and absolutely CRANKED Dougie Gilmour. Much like the hit that Steve Moore threw on Markus Naslund. Both hits were clean and punishing.

Well, Wendel Clark, without any hesitation, skated over to McSorely and just pounded the crap out of him.

I mean, it was Amazing! I’m sure you all remember this one.

One of my favorite moments of the “Darker Side” of hockey.

What are yours?

And, if you HAD to fight anybody in the NHL. You didn’t have a choice. Who would you fight, and why?

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  1. Pucked says:

    I will never forget at the Cow Palace in Daly City when the Sharks were playing and (Missing) Link Gaetz went at it with Bob Probert. It was altogether scary and fascinating, kind of like a car wreck, you just want to see what the end result was. It seemed like it lasted forever and both men were spent at the end. Gaetz held his own against Probes. What a fight!

    If I had a choice, I would have gone after Probert in his prime. I may have gotten my ass kicked, but it would have been great to go up against one of the best.

  2. bakunin says:

    Habs vs Nordique 😀

    the "Vendredi saint" playoff match !

    2 general fights.

    More than 250 minutes of penalties.

    10 expulsions.

    1 ending career hit.


    In a particularly violent match, at the end of the 2nd, The two benches were emptied when dale hunter and guy carbonneau started fighting.

    Chris Nilan attacked Randy Moller. Peter Statsny was going to fight with Mario Tremblay. The two substitute goalies, Richard Sévigny and Clint Malarchuk, delivered a long showdown. Difficult, in all this disorder, to decide between those which sought noise those which wanted to calm the spirits. Then Louis Sleigher knock down Louis Hamel with a violent kick ass punch which calmed the heats. (that punch ended Hamel career) The players finally returned to the cloakroom, but the worst was still to come.

    At the beginning of the 3rd period, the players returned on the ice before the referees had time to decide the penalties to be decreed. When the advertiser Claude Mouton announced the decision of the official, the expelled players started again the hostilities in a general fight which was stretched on more than 40 minutes.

    Everywhere, on the skating rink, duels were delivered with an extreme violence. As soon as one believed it was calming down, it started again in another corner of the skating rink. At the end of the hostilities, the nordiques lost Louis Sleigher, Peter Statsny, Dale Hunter, Wally Weir and Clint Malarchuk for the remainder of the game. The Habs finished the match without Chris Nilan, Mark Hunter, Mario Tremblay, Mike McPhee and Richard Sévigny. More than 250 minutes of penalty were decreed.

  3. nordiques100 says:

    i am clever thank you very much

  4. Gretzkin says:

    It is you.

    Maximum Respect!

    Keep up the good work, my good man!

  5. Air33 says:

    Ive never seen him fight but i would sure love to.

  6. Air33 says:

    Ya that was a cheap shot.

  7. lindrosfan says:

    my post was taken off of the board… why.. because i have an opinion….

    all i said is that i would fight heatly because he is a killer… Is it wrong to say that the guy should be behind bars???

  8. Mikeyribs says:

    I think you have the wrong team. I remember Zednik DESTROYING Chris Neil, then fighting his way to Chara.

  9. dcz28 says:

    I think you need a couple more concussions Lindrosfan

  10. dcz28 says:

    My favorite fights were the brawls between Wings and Avs…Vernon vs Roy, Osgood vs Roy, Larionov vs Forsberg, McCarty vs Lemieux ect…

    The Chara vs McCabe was really funny and so was the Probert vs Brashear (when he started with Montreal) Brashear looked like he was scared and didn’t want to fight Probert…The Flyers vs Sens game that set the NHL record for penalty minutes was pretty good too with fights at every drop of the puck

    Now the guys i would fight in order are:

    #1 Claude Lemieux — coward is what Lemieux was

    #2 Tucker — can’t stand this diver and whinner

    #3 Avery — big mouth little bastard

    I’m surprised more fans of the Leafs and Flyers didn’t say they wanted to fight Havlat since they think he is dirty

  11. nplchamp says:

    Favorite scrap…its tough, maybe watching Iggy hand Hatcher his ass in the 03/04 playoffs.

    Guys I’d fight, there’s three that come to mind immediately…

    1. Marcus Naslund…he’s a little b*tch and I’d own him

    2. Todd Bertuzzi…after I’d decimated Marcus, I’d have to fight Todd right away before he suckered me…I’d get him before he got me

    3. Marc Crawford in the hallway after I got tossed from the game for gouging out Todd’s eye…or at the post game press conference when he’s up there whining in his nasally whiny voice….yeah…I love the Nucks

  12. Gretzkin says:

    It’s only “Not Cool” to kill somebody accidentally if you do it drunk.

    What happened with Heatley and Snyder was only an accident.

    Leave the guy alone, already…

    OR, better: Cage Match to the death between Heatley and Bertuzzi.

    Sinner Vs. Sinner.

    Oh yeah, Bertuzzi’s was just an accident as well.

    That chicken Steve Moore should have dropped the gloves and got it over with at the other end of the rink 10 seconds before that and just got it over with.

    Tail between the legs and not standing up for himself nearly cost Bertuzzi his career.


    The only Hockey Player that would sue as well.

    They should get that guy a skirt, and a copy of the book of “Man Law”

    5.c) Stand up for thyself when you’ve been called out for something you’ve done.

  13. toronto77 says:


  14. toronto77 says:


  15. toronto77 says:

    his face makes him look like a 4 year old

  16. toronto77 says:

    i wanna fight white guys who try to be black and gangsters who drive around in shit cars with that loud sound whatever the ***** it is…you wanna show off ur car, you should drive around in a Lexus, Bmw, audi,volkswagen, Acura,Volvo, Porsche…..not a *****n honda,toyota, or any american car, that’s un 40 grand……who you trying to impress………..just wondering all those ford commercials that gretzky’s in,does he actaully drive one?

  17. Deadman says:

    Hey does anyone remember those “Don Cherry’s Rock’em Sock’em Hockey” VHS tapes from back in the eighties. They were great, basically highlight reels of each season’s best fights, and I was wondering if they were available on DVD now, I’d love to see those old Probert, Mc Sorley, Kocer, etc fights. Any info on where I could find those would be greatly appreciated. By the way best hypothetical fight ever: Gahndi vs. Gretzky… Ghandi by knockout in the third round.

  18. tacitus says:

    if u call saying forsberg is better then sundin bashing sunding then ya i am. I also think Naslund, Lidstrom and Alfredsson are better. Also Jagr Kovalchuk, Iginla, Heatley, Lidstrom. I also think Crosby, Staal, Spezza, Ovechkin are going to be better. Id even take Lacavlier, Richards, Nash, Sakic, Bertuzzi over Sundin.

    Ya Moore is a woman.

  19. dre2k5 says:

    Troy Crowder vs. Bob Probert.

    All 3 rounds were awesome

  20. morrissey says:

    without a doubt, that litle ***** Darcy Tucker. Hated him since he played for the Habs. That whiny little diving turtle needs to be sorely *****-slapped out of the NHL.

  21. Muller11 says:

    Snyder got into the car with Heatley on his own free will. Snyder died because they both made a stupid mistake. It was an accident and Heatley should be left alone.

  22. Freeze says:

    I’d love to beat the hell out of Tyson Nash, now with Phoenix.

    I think one of the Probert-McSorely fights is most memorable to me. These guys just beat the crap out of each other for about 5 minutes straight. When the fight was over, they patted each other on the helmet as if to say, nice fight. It was a classic.

  23. Gretzkin says:

    Far as I know, when Gretzky is in Canada, he drives a Ford.

    My buddy in highschool’s Dad owned a Ford dealership, and they’d always give one to Gretz when he was around.

    Free stuff rules.

  24. SensfanVone says:

    Gill versus Chara…Oh man Chara simply peppered him and Gill got split open…..

  25. intothevoid001 says:

    my fave fight has to be the 12 man royal rumble between toronto and philidelphia in an afternoon game a few years ago, absolutly classic

    and if i had to fight anyone in the nhl, it would have to be danny alfredsson becuase he has to be one of the most sleazy players in the league, he can score but he can’t back himself up when he goes and does something stupid, therefore, i would love to put him in his place.

  26. intothevoid001 says:

    but because hes a hockey player and has millions in the bank he gets away with murder.


    its no different for anyone else. theres been people handed life sentences for less.. what a joke..

  27. intothevoid001 says:

    you know i wouldn’t have so much of a problem with it except the fact that hes pulled on a team usa jersey. thats like the ultimate insult to canadian hockey

  28. intothevoid001 says:

    AHAHHAHAH hes such an idiot, i remember he had that stupid interactive board crap last season. what a waste of money and how boring is it to sit there and watch him draw on this thing what happened, and practically every play he thought would happen in the next period…

    needless to say i haven’t seen him on tsn lately lol

  29. Gretzkin says:

    Not true at all…

    It was Manslaughter at best.

    And the fact that the Snyder family forgave him and didn’t press charges also has a big thing to do with it.

    Nobody has been given a life sentence for vehicular manslaughter, are you kidding me?

    Like you’ve never driven like an idiot?

    And give kids money and Ferrari’s?

    Somebody is going to wind up dead. Happens all the time.

    This one was just high profile.

    The MURDER that you are talking about is a different crime altogether.

    If this were a Football forum, and we were discussing OJ Simpson, then, well, okay. I’d totally agree with you…

    This is totally different.

  30. Bummer12 says:

    I would love to see Clark in the Hall, but due to his past injury trouble and the lack of a cup they probably won’t let him in. However the Leafs should Honour his #17 with a banner like the other greats.

  31. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Volkswagon? What’s so special about those? They suck ass.

  32. pop0331 says:

    not one of the best fights i’ve ever seen but Primeau vs Primeau in 96 sure as hell was fun to watch

  33. habsoverserver says:

    It was a terrible sucker punch on Jean Hamel, not Louis Hamel. Hamel stopped fighting at the request of Mario Tremblay and Sleigher cold *****ed him.

    The referee, Bruce Hood, never worked another NHL game.

  34. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Not to nitpick, but that happened while Domi was on the Rangers.

  35. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    I’m a proud Canadian and I have no problem with Brett Hull playing for Team USA. He was cut by the Canadian World Junior team and offered a spot by the Americans. He desperately wanted to play, so he jumped at it. Years later, he could have played for Canada but chose to stick with the US out of loyalty for giving him his first shot. I don’t see any problem with that. If anything, it’s admirable.

  36. islesdynasty says:

    Even worse, that incident didn’t take place during play. Turgeon had just scored the series clinching insurance goal with about five minutes left in the Patrick Division semi’s, the light had gone on, the crowd was going insane and turgeon had already circled around the bottom of the circle and was heading up along the boards about to do his signature hand pump when Hunter assaulted him. Hunter would later say that he didn’t realize Turgeon had scored. Ha! That hit happened atleast 5-10 seconds after the goal. Hunter should have been banned for a year. I consider the hit it’s self to be more vicious then Mcsorely or Bertuzzi b/c it happened after play had stopped. Ofcourse Turgeon only seperated his shoulder and was back for The Wales Conference finals against Montreal. To this day, if I ever see Hunter in a bar or at The NVMC he will recieve real justice as will McCracken (Tucker).

  37. islesdynasty says:

    Nobody will mess with the midget albino lest they wish to have their face collapsed by Godard…

  38. islesdynasty says:

    WOW!!!! From a Ranger fan????

  39. p0k3 says:

    “Gretzkin writes “

    Remember when Chris Osgood beat the crap out of Patrick Roy?”

    Yea, but Mike Vernon kicked his ass even harder the year before that. Vernon landed a wicked upper cut and put a huge gash over Roy’s eye.

  40. 92-93 says:

    ok, your sundin point is completely useless to address here (remember i already addressed it with loads and loads of stats to which you had NO RESPONSE).

    but your moore point is probably the most asinine point anyone has ever made on HTR. Moore makes a clean hit on Naslund, gets gooned by Bertuzzi so that he can’t play hockey anymore, dares to sue Bert (which he has every right to do), watches Bert make an EARLY RETURN from a suspension that was not nearly long enough, and now gets to watch bert go on Team Canada while his own career and his health remains questionable…

    are you a f***ing moron?!

    sometimes i can laugh at ignorance (Sundin comment is a good example) … but the ignorance that you have diplayed tacitus regarding Steve Moore – relying on a code of manhood, a code of silence that says ‘how dare steve moore holds Bert accountable for his actions, how dare he goes outside the NHL to settle his disputes,’ is indefensible and should not be tolerated.

    i was going to ask you to elaborate on the very brief comments/descriptions you have made about steve moore but i know that all i am going to get is a bunch of BS that is just going to anger me even more.

    one piece of advice for you: STOP WATCHING COACH’S CORNER.

  41. Mullet says:


  42. bleed_senators says:

    My top 3 are:

    3. Lalime VS Esche

    2. Hurme VS Potvin

    1. Chara VS McCabe, or whoever it was (ragdoll)

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