Western Conference Playoffs

With many of us missing Nhl hockey and want the olympics to be over, heres a little something to think on. I already hit the Eastern Conference playoff teams, now its time for me to be fair and take up the west side.For starters here are the current standings:

1. Detroit- 83 pts

2. Dallas- 79pts

3. Calgary- 73pts

4. Nashvile- 74pts

5. Vancouver- 71pts

6. Colorado- 70pts

7. Los Angeles- 69pts

8. Edmonton- 68pts


9. Anaheim- 65pts

10. Minnesota- 63pts

11. San Jose- 62pts

To be honest here, I think the only two locks in the West right now are Dallas and Detroit. Playing the most consistently earns them the right to be a lock.

As for 3-8 well here goes:

Calgary is a solid team with the possibilty to go far. I see them finishing right now where they are 3rd but they could easily slip. They arent a offensivly talented team, and if there goaltending went downhill for a few games, they will be in some SERIOUS trouble.

Nashville despite there great start to the season has been a little, well shaky as of late. Most of the Western Conference has been. Vancouver, Colorado, LA, Edmonton, 1 or 2 of them could easily fall out of the playoff picture to the Ducks or the Sharks who will be fighting for a playoff spot come April.

Vancouver could go either way, and right now Im going to give them the benefit of the doubt. Carter and the Sedin twins have been awesome. They could overcome some poor goaltending if needed.

Colorado will need David Abeischer to be solid in goal because as of right now they are only 5 points ahead. I do think this team will have enough depth to stay afloat.

Los Angeles, well they are flat out the most interesting team. Bizzarly streaky play from this team. They do have 69 pts but they also do have 3 games over Anaheim. I dont think they are going to be able to stay alive. The streakyness is going to catch up with them, sorry kings fans.

Edmonton, they are a solid team in my opinion but, havent gotten the goaltending they have expected from Ty Conklin. The load has rested on Jussi Markkanen, and Morrison. Even though I do think this team is talented enough goaltending will be there achilles heal in the downstretch. They are going to have to fight with Anaheim and San Jose.

Any team that has a player like the with the skill and ability of joe thornton, automatically has to be considered a contender. This guy is one of the most dominant players in the league, and if they can get some solid goaltending, they have the type of team to put a stretch of games together and make a run.

Many of you are probly wondering why Im not throwing Minnesota in to the mix of possible playoff teams. Well heres why, they have played more games then Edmonton, Sanjose, and Anaheim. They are 1 point ahead of SJ have played 3 more games. There hottest player right now is Wes Walz… that doesnt say much. In there last 20 they are 11-9 and in order to make the playoffs they are going to have to go something like 17-6 in there final 23 games. I just dont see this team doing it. Sorry Wild fans.

For the other teams, well with the whole Gretzky thing, whether he is really had anything to do with it or not, i think its going to be a distraction. The Coyotes have been a very inconsitent team this year. And with Nagy being injury bugged, thats a major blow to this team.

A heads up though, next year people, watch out for the Blue Jackets. This is a seriously good team, and its unfortunate they lost Nash for so long, because of the incredible skill he has.

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  1. dave1979 says:

    what do you mean about the Canucks becoming the A holes of the league?????

  2. dave1979 says:

    that question is directed at you: flaminghomo

  3. FLAMESOWNU says:

    dude someome from the nw division has to be in top 3..

  4. FLAMESOWNU says:

    hah ok buddy..Dallas and Detriot head and shoulders above the rest???…Flames, Preds, Nucks

    all non threats?

  5. oiler1fan says:

    Vancouver is…

  6. FLAMESOWNU says:

    sorry meant this above

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