WHA Update

Franchise owners in the World Hockey Association today announced their Draft Exemptions for the 2004-05 season.

Each franchise was allowed one selection prior to the NHL/AHL Free Agent Draft on July 17, 2004.

The WHA draft exemptions are:

Dallas – Brett Hull (unrestricted Free Agent)

Detroit – Chris Chelios (unrestricted Free Agent)

Florida – Martin St. Louis (restricted Free Agent)

Halifax – Glen Murray (unrestricted Free Agent)

Hamilton – Paul Kariya (unrestricted Free Agent)

Québec – Mike Ribeiro (restricted Free Agent)

Toronto – Chris Phillips (restricted Free Agent)


**obviously it doesn’t mean that these players will sign with the wha but you have to wonder if they were picked first maybe these guys are the ones who are most interested. If so this isn’t bad talent at all to start a new league with

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  1. greengiant says:

    first lol

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The WHA is having dillusion of grandeure(sp.) and will never suceed in their market take over.They’d be better off buying as many NHL teams as they can and moving them around. Then declare they are leaving the NHL to make their own league. It doesn’t matter. The WHA will only work as a small town league where cities like Halifax Hamilton or cities that lost their NHL teams can see action. Oh and are Quebec and Toronto crazy look at the market and they take Ribeiro and Phillips.

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Oh ya and by the way, players don’t care about the Avco cup and they’ll follow lord stanley. Where ever the Stanley Cup goes so shall they.

  4. Havlat_hasit says:

    What your point Ribeiro is still developing and as for Phillips he’s among the best stay at home defensemen in the game.

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    But look at what they could have. IGINLA is a RFA they could have taken him. I guess they took people with a more realistic chance of going. I have no respect for Ribeiro and his Olympic diving team ways. He has no respect for the game and should have gotten something for what he did.

  6. cgolding says:

    it’ll be fun when these guys get the WHA to pay them during the lockout then bolt back to the NHL with padded wallets whenever we got play again.

  7. wayne2 says:

    If there is(and there will be) a lockout or work

    stoppage of somekind and some players are ready

    to go play in europe for less money then for sure

    some will play in the WHA

  8. 19Yzerman says:

    The WHA is a plan for the players to be able to put on a show. More then just on the ice. They hope to be able carry on with play and pay showing the owners that the NHLPA can play hardball for longer. It just might work too. I think the only ones who will ever be thinking the WHA could become larger then the NHL are the NHL team owners. Team owners vs NHLPA the game is on and it called “Who can go without for longer”.

  9. cgolding says:

    it’s hard for the NHLPA to use the WHA to play hardball when it is going to be such a small league… with SUCH small salaries… as well as a salary cap. w/out teams in the major population centers of the northeast corridor, where media blows things into national news with ease(yankees v. red sox rivalry for example), they have zero shot of making a huge impact. unless they can get teams into philadelphia, new york, and boston they are going to have a hard time accomplishing anything in the WHA…

    the other thing that hurts the players using the WHA is that there was a rumor that the WHA would only allow one or two players per team to have opt-out contracts in order to return to the NHL… where the money will definitely be better, so very few NHL players would be willing to lock themselves into a potentially sinking ship just to stick it to the NHL owners.

    nevermind the bullox,


  10. Havlat_hasit says:

    I see your point on Ribeiro but its a start for a fledgling organization… you gotta start somewhere.

    I think players like Iginla are more likely to go where the money’s at. 5 million i believe is what the best players are going to get.

  11. cgolding says:

    you have Tucker on your team… The man acted like he was dead after being tripped by Amonte… then didn’t miss a shift.

  12. 19Yzerman says:

    Ya learn something new everyday. I was think of the WHA being a way for the needy unprepared players to ration needs of finance. I can see guys like Hull and Chelios sticking to a plan with the WHA whatever the plan may be. As pioneers for the NHLPA. WHA Growth as you mentioned will spell trouble for the owners. So what is the purpose with the whole WHA idea. Now I am going to sound like Iverson.PRACTICE??We talking about PRACTICE????

    Hey Chris have you seen the movie “NET WORTH”? Its about the formation of the NHLPA and a must for every Hockey Fan.

  13. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I would say something really rude here but I think I am on probation since the Glen Murray article.

  14. hairdesign says:

    Why don’t you retards shut the ***** up. You are all a bunch of no brain *****ing numpties with shit for brains and piss for fuel. Let me guess you’re favourite colour must be “clear”

  15. nocuphere says:

    I wonder if his whincing had anything to do with his groin being torn from his nutz to his knee? That trip without a doubt in my hurt. I don’t see where you see Tucker diving around and acting like a *****. He’s the only agitator in the league that will actually fight. Not only that he wins the majority of them. And Chris, don’t go putting my words in quotes. haha.

  16. nocuphere says:

    The league is apparently garnering some respect throughout the NHLPA. Living in Halifax I hope it succeeds!! I’m sick and tired of watching NHL exihibition games filled with nobodys!!!

    But it sounds like a canadian version of the East Coast League to me, a breeding ground for washups.

  17. cgolding says:

    dude he lay on the ice motionless with his stick lying on top of his body, arms at his side, like he was unconcious… i was waiting for him to start doing snow angels.

  18. dkball7 says:


  19. habsoverserver says:

    Is it too late for me to start my own WHA team?

  20. Lint07 says:


    As long as you can provide 25 jerseys and numbers with a cool logo, I think you can have your own team.

  21. NYRules says:

    Barnaby fights and wins. I had a list of others but then realized they all are just for fighting not agitating.

  22. nocuphere says:

    Go on you crazy s.o.b!!

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