What a Stupid Series

Yes, I like to be controversial, I like to get things heat up, and so I am going to start of with this.

Two Canada junior players in the “Super” Series should be ashamed and the Canadian mass hockey media sickened me.Hello hockey fans, welcome to the month of September where we may see things get a bit more interesting. Training camps start in a bit over a week, pre-season games in over two weeks, and teams will see what else they could do to their teams before the season starts. Excited? So am I.

But, let’s get on with it.

This Super Series idea was stupid in the first place. I could not care less about it, only Canadians and Russians are involved, but what does this “super series” prove anyway? Nothing. It means nothing, and it does nothing. It’s only a small competition that most of the hockey world cares less about. It does not make anyone the best or the worst either. All I cared about was cheering on for Canada to beat the Russians, but if not oh well. Who cares? But now, I DO CARE. Why do I care? Here is why.

Young Sutter and Mr. Gillies took unnecessary actions that injured two very good players. These two youngsters are Anisimov and Cherepanov. Coincidence? Both are Rangers prospects and two highly ranked forwards in their farm system. Anisimov took a knee-on-knee hit, by Gillies, and Cherepanov was torpedo’ed by Sutter. When I saw these two incidents I said to myself, what the hell were they thinking? Cherepanov did a bit of a cheap shot on Sutter by tripping him, but Sutter went from the blueline all the way down to the opposite side, charging at Cherepanov with intent to injure. Horrible retalliation, and pathetic to say the least. My respect on this young guy is none now and I hope he gets roughed up in the NHL. If Cherepanov did not cut across, it would have been a hit from behind. The hit itself was dirty, cheap, and premeditated. It could have injured Cherepanov’s neck as well and neck injuries are seriously dangerous. Sutter’s lucky that Cherepanov just got a concussion, it could have been worse. If you retaliate from such a silly play that an opponent tripped you then you have no place in the NHL. I can understand if something horrible was done by Cherepanov, but not in this case. Sutter should be ashamed of himself and should not even be playing the rest of the series with intent to injure a player, which he did.

Gillies is not as bad as Sutter as he tried to hip check, but it was careless because even if the hip was there to knock down Anisimov, it would have busted Anisimov’s leg anyway. Anisimov has been well touted by the Rangers, he was signed, he was going to have a shot to make the NHL this year as a 19-year-old, and a careless play sidelined him indefinitely. Will this guy ever be the same? I hope so. It was careless, stupid, and unnecessary. These players should know better than to risk a young guy’s career, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

What is worse is that these two incidents have been barely talked about by TSN and Sportsnet. It sickened me. Let’s change the situation here, shall we? Let’s make it that two Russians did this to two Canadians. Let’s say that a Russian did the same exact thing on Tavares by giving a concussion, with intent to injure, and let’s say that another Russian did a knee-on-knee on…say….Turris. And, make these two Canadians Toronto Maple Leafs prospects. It would be all over the Canadian media, the Russians would have been blasted with critcism and it would be such a big deal. It sickens me because one, I know that to be truly certain, and two, it should not even matter which team/nation and which player. Even if it was Finland and Slovakia, who cares. Those plays were cheap and stupid, and one was very dirty. I don’t really care who it was, I just care about the dirtiness of the play. Yet, it was all “hush hush” by TSN and Sportsnet, it was just mentioned as mainly a side note or a “by the way”, with a media theme of “we’re proud of our boys”. Media bias at its best and it sickened me because it excuses Sutter and ignores the players that got the injuries. Unprofessional and biased.

So, that is my rant and I may get a bunch of heat for it but bring it on!!! I am not slamming the Canadians, I am slamming two players, and the media. I was cheering for Canada, even though I really did not care, but I have to say that I’d like to see Sutter watch his team get humiliated at home, because now I do care. A Super Series? It Super Sucked.

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  1. hatterson says:

    Summary of the article: "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"

    Okay, here's a hint.  The Super Series isn't supposed to be a world tournament, it's supposed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Summit Series which was a two country tournament.  It never was supposed to 'prove' anything, it was supposed to be an 8 game exhibition between some of the best young players in the world.

    And as people have said before, Sutters was a perfectly clean hit, *maybe* it was charging, but other than that the Russian should learn not to cut to the middle of the ice with his head down.

    As for Gilles.  You can see that he's expecting Anisimov to continue heading towards the Canadian zone instead of cutting back…If you want the slo mo you see him realize that his leg is out and try and bring it back in.  Was it a knee on knee, sure not much reason to say otherwise, but I don't think for a second that it was a deliberate attempt to injure him.

  2. Genejoke says:

    I'm being sarcastic.

  3. Oil-Life says:

    first of all it's called the super series because it's the two best hockey countries in the world playing against eachother.  second of all, if you don't like the hard hitting, you're watching the wrong sport pal.  turn on basketball, baseball, tennis, or other sports that involve less physical contact because that's hockey that you are watching.  next, no canadian would ever get injured say like cherepanov did because we are smater hockey players then the russians.  let's use tavares like you did, he would never get a major concussion like that because he's smart enough to know if he cuts into the middle of the slot like cherepanov did with his head down.  next time cherepanov will know not to do that shit because you can't get away with it north american style (the real hockey style).  so grow a pair of *****ing nuts pal and don't watch the super series or comment on the super series if it really bothers you that much. 

  4. Oil-Life says:

    we *****ing hate you people too! <3

  5. leaffansareajoke says:

    The point i was trying to make, was i hate all people.  I don't care if your canadian, french, german, chinease, or korean.

    But i do LOVE Czech women.  Frigging astounded when i see them…

  6. leaffansareajoke says:

    UK and Australia are pretty close with America.  The rest of the world hates us because of WWII.  If it wasn't for North America, Canada and the USA, a lot of countries would still be without a lot of civil liberties. 

    Unlike Canada, we didn't shy away when people started pointing fingers.  You helped us with everything we did, but now pretend like you weren't there.

    w/e man…

  7. leaffansareajoke says:

    Def a charge, and i would be able to debate the case that he left his feet right before the hit.

    If it was such a clean hit, why was there a call made?

  8. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Who is pretending like we arent there?  We have a different policy when it comes to certain things.  If we ran away, we wouldn't have sent anybody to Afghanistan.  WE are known as peacekeepers.  Theres a certain limit that we follow, we don't just stand by and do nothing.  But theres a limit to what should be said and done.  We are a peaceful country, thats why most people around the world love canadians.  Why do you think that when american tourists go out they buy stuff like backpacks with canadien flags on them?  When they travel they get treated better.  Because if they have anything thats american people will treat them differently.  Most of the world love canadiens because we don't push our philosophy on them.  We may encourage them to change, but we don't go into their country and steal their resources and pillage them, saying we are fighting for freedom.  But lets leave that for another day.  This is a hockey site, lets talk hockey.

  9. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    So Uk and Australia are friendly with the states, you just proved my point.  So 3 countries in the world are friendly with the states, the rest of the world hates them.

  10. RealisticNick says:

    What are you talking about? Its not just Canadians on the board "jackass", "The two sides agreed Sutter would not face any sanctions for the booming hit" That is a quote from Canada.com, meaning that there are Canadian and Russian people on the board for the tournament. There is a big difference on a small puck crossing a line in which no one but the people within 3 feet and a net cam can really see compared to an open ice hit that has multiple angles. 

    When did I say a suspension should have been given in either case?  I thought Sutters hit was clean and Gillies was accidental as the Russian player moved the rest of his body out of the was and left his knee exposed, his own fault.

    And what the hell does this have to do with Steve Moore?  If the guy would have accepted an earlier fight challenge from anyone it would not have happened.  The replays show Bertuzzi trying to turn him around for a period of time, and for the injuries he sustained, look at his own players jumping on top of the two of them, that is likely where some of them came from.

    So I'm not on a half-retarded high horse "jackass", grow up, I would think that someone smart enough to hate the Leafs would have more sense than what you just posted.

  11. ipwnu says:

    if you really did watch the play over and over then you could tell that chere was just skating by and did not intend to trip sutter, sutter was skating backwards and collided with chere.

  12. wingerxxx says:

    I'm a Rangers fan myself, and yeah…sure this sucks, but that's hockey for ya.  Hopefully these two kids will be ok. 

    My two cents on the hits:  The Gillies hit was a dirty one, from what I saw. 

    It's the Sutter hit that has everyone talking.  It's really borderline.  But I can totally see why the penalty was called.  There is no way you're going to convince me that Sutter wasn't trying to take Charepanov out.  It's the 'intent to injure' part that comes into play here.  Was the hit itself clean?  Very arguable.  You could almost go either way.  Was he charging?  Duh.  Did he intend to take Cherry out?  Again, I say yes.  But hey, things like this happen.  I don't think that either of these incidents will end careers.  But it definitely reeks.  Otherwise, the series has been pretty entertaining. 

    There is always media bias when it comes to sports.  Just watch USA's coverage of the US Open right now.  The coverage is so unbalanced and so biased, it's almost comical.  All that the announcers can talk about, are the Americans.  Jim Courier, an analyst and former Grand Slam champ, even went so far as to say he "hoped" that Donald Young would beat his 2nd round opponent.  It's prevalent in any sports scenario when you have teams or players representing their countries. 

  13. habswinthecup-again says:

     Watch it again, he clearly stuck his leg out, actually quite a ways out just to trip Sutter up.

  14. leaffansareajoke says:

    What would constitute the rest of the world?

    China?  Korea?  Japan?

    Czech is very friendly with the USA, due to the fact that we helped them during the Velvet Revolution in which the country split into two countries.

    France is bitter because of all the jokes we've made about their country over the past 70 years.  The whole surrendering in 24 hours after the "start" of WW2.

    Germany isn't a world power, and is still recovering from a terrible image.  But from what i understand they have no ill feelings towards the US now that all the Nazi's have reached old age and/or death.

    Spain i honestly know nothing about so i couldn't even comment on them. 

    Lets also not forget the amount of money that is spent on import/export between China and America.  China couldn't survive if there was a trade embargo on the US.  Or vice versa, because we're dependant on their "products". 

    For people to hate American's because they live in America, is plain ignorance.  If all 150 other countries in the world hate America, its out of ignorant and jealousy.  Plain and simple. 

    This propaganda about US being hated by the world must stop.  You know nothing of which you speak.  Iran/Iraq/Lebanon are typically terror controlled.  They hate america for foundamental religous reasons.  Guess what, Canada falls under that same reasoning as well.

    In those countries in the middle east, America isn't the enemy, the "west" is.  Canada falls under those "titles".

  15. leaffansareajoke says:

    I hate Pieere McGuire above all other "announcers" on the face of the earth. 

    I swear to you, that Brumagnus's real name is Pierre McGuire.  Thats how annoying that guy is.

    "Canada this, Crosby that"

    "Did you see that hit!  That was for Crosby!  Did you see that pass! That was for Crosby!"

    God i hate him.

  16. hockey_what86 says:

    F-U you Commy

  17. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    i know where you're coming from, about how it shouldn't matter what nationality they're from, but that's just the way it is, even though it shouldn't be.

  18. jpmac says:

    because in international hockey there are always penalties for dirty hits ie phanuef on ovechkin.  If it was such a dirty hit why wasn't he suspended?

  19. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Oh im sure it has to do with religon.  Too bad Canadiens religon is not MONEY like it has to do with americans.  Just do a google on "Hate USA" and see how many topics pop up.  Now do that on Canada and see what pops up and you will see the difference.  Most countries hate the states, but because of the power of the USA, they are afraid to say it politically. The USA is easily the most powerful country in the world, and for their leaders to say something will result in some sort of sanction.  You can not compare Canada and the USA in a popularity contest if that is what you are trying to do.

  20. kamullia says:

    LOL, Micki good thing you have a “few miles” between you and the border, huh? But I gotta tell ya neighbor and compatriot, if it starts raining hockey sticks or something in our yards, I’m coming after you!! I am told you are to be given the “Charles De Gaulle” treatment on sight if you cross the border: “Please Sir, would you kindly get the f*** out of our country? You have 24 hours.”

    Hits. Well, let’s start off that they are kids, that is the truth and therefore do not use the best judgment…then add a coach (and father) to is treating it like it is World War III and bad things are bound to happen. If there is anyone to blame here is Canada’s coach, and nothing more. Tempers flare, and Sutter had been provoked by Cherepanov, but without all that adrenaline high that has been prompted by the coach, I doubt things would have been at such level.

    Now specifically as to Sutter and Gillies, I think Gillies was actually worse, because I don’t think that either hit was an intent to injure, but Gillies was close to the player, had more time, and should have reacted by using more brain cells and taking a different option. Sutter just wanted to make Cherepanov pay, but he glided a good 10 feet before the hit which was partly prompted by Cherepanov’s change in direction. The fact that Sutter went airborne shows he really did not intend to hurt, because in order to do so, he hat to apply some brakes on his skating. The only thing I did not like about the hit was his raising of the arms, but considering he was airborne, it could have been just a natural reaction of protecting himself. At least he did not go literally for his head. Those are the hits that need to be banned.

    The series is a promotion with the excuse of a commemoration. Nothing else. If we are to just scrap each and every one of those then games like “The Heritage Classic” would not have happened, and therefore they are not all bad things. Besides, good hockey can come out in any one particular game, regardless of the situation, therefore it is better to play a game than to refrain from it.

  21. WE-DeusEx says:

    i was going to write a nice long paragraph telling you how retarded you are….

    but really. its not worth it…..

  22. Tweek says:

    For the love of god!!! This was not supposed to be a political argument!  All I wanted to point out was that Mik was being critical of the MEDIA for not doing a proper job!  I was being critical of him for being part of the INTERNET MEDIA and not doing his job last year when he wrote a totally unrelated article to hockey on this site.  It WASN'T POLITICAL, I was just pointing out the hypocritical nature of the article.  Now lets allll settle down.  I disagree with pretty much everything American politics stand for but we don't need to discuss that here!  Thats what political chat rooms are for! 

  23. Sojourner says:

    Very true, afterall we all know that hockey refs are 100% infallible.  At least that's the case you usually make for them isn't it?  Or is that only when it supports your argument rather than contradict it?

  24. Sojourner says:

    I don't get why so many people are calling this series pointless.  Isn't this being played for sovereign claim of the north pole?

  25. skoalbandit says:

    A stupid series?
    Canada vs Russia, is one of the biggest rivalry in sports, and this series was to bring that back. And truly, getting a chance to see the best of each country compete for their country is always a treat. Especially in Augest and early september. Just be greatful that thee is hockey to watch. As far as the hits, sutters was clean, i dont care what league or what is at stake, as a hockey player you will make that hit everytime a guy puts his head down and cuts in to the middle of the ice.

  26. leaffansareajoke says:

    So now its a popularity contest?  Way to show your maturity.

    The UN, which is the United Nations if you are so ignorant you didn't know, has sanctioned almost everything the US has done. 

    Because of the UN and their peace keeping coalition, millions of people have died.  Somilia, Kuwait, Afgahn, Iraq, Rawanda to just name a few places that have been breeding grounds for murders and corrupt politicians who rape their people of food and resources. 

    Lets not also talk about the amount of money tax payers pay in america for "foreign aid", to help less fortuante countries feed their people.  But you're right i guess… we are that bad of people…

    USA is the most powerful country in the world because we're not war mongrels.  But we understand that peace can't be had if you just sit around and let bad guys breed hate and violence across the globe.  Canada does everything we do, and if i'm not mistaken, you guys are always involved in battles across seas with us. 

    I'm not supporting the war on Iraq, because i think the country is hopeless, but we'll wait until someone blows something up in Canada before you start to pass judgement on one of the most succesfull forms of government on the planet.  (Not perfect, as politicians are corrupt).

    I understand why you're bitter towards America, jealousy. 

    Being an American is like being a Leaf fan, everyone says they hate you, and you love it.

    Just so you know, Christianity is very popular amongst Americans, and is one of the very principles of which our country was built.  While i'm not Christian, or anything for that matter, i understand that Islam and Christians have been fighting for hundreds if not thousands of years.  Just like the Catholics and Protestants in England in the 16 century.

    "Too bad Canadiens religon is not MONEY like it has to do with americans."

    So now you're saying all Americans care about is money?  Amazing, because i don't remember ticket prices coming down at leaf games any time recently, and if i'm also not mistaken, money is very important in having a good life.  But i guess when you work at McDonalds and have no education, you have to hate everyone else because you're too busy blaming everyone else for your problems instead of looking in the mirror.

    Canada is a laughing stock btw.  The French tolerate you because they inhabit some of the country.  Everyone else considers you North Americans.  Their is no difference.  So climb off your high horse and take a whif of reality.

    *****ing douch bag.

  27. leaffansareajoke says:

    Just saying, you guys are acting like it was a clean hit.  If it was so clean, than why would the refs who can't even get a boarding call right, call an infraction?

    The refs are terrible i agree, but if you don't think that was a penalty, than you don't know what hockey is.

  28. leaffansareajoke says:

    Sutters hit wasn't clean, but it was far from the dirtiest hit i've seen.  All it was, was a charge.  You can't take 3 strides and hit someone, compared to the 6-7 that Sutter took. 

    I'd make the hit, but i would have slowed down, because going full force after he was taken out is by the definition of retailiation.

  29. gronk says:

    Well, you should know that I am the farthest thing from Anti-Canadien.  I apologize if I came off as "attacking" you.  I truely didn't mean to come off that way.  In fact, I can't stand seeing people fight about things like this and feel like a dumbass for letting myself be sucked into it.  My apologies. 

  30. rojoke says:

    I do agree with you one thing.  This tournament is turning out to be way too one-sided for Canada.  Chalk it up to inept coaching by Sergei Nemchinov as Pierre Maguire does, but with all the hype and hooplah surrounding this, it's not even close to living up to its billing.  The political climate isn't remotely similar to 35 years ago, and the teams are more than familiar with each other, at both the junior and professional level.  The novelty wore off long ago, yet some fail to let go of the past.  Aside from the first ten minutes of game 1 and the first period of game 4, the Russians have been thoroughly outplayed, outworked, outperformed, and outhit.

    And then of course there's the Russian "national junior team" tour of the three junior leagues, where they send over 25 of the "best juniors in Russia", go home with a wad of cash for the Russian development program, stink out most joints, then send maybe a handful of those guys to the World Juniors in December.  I think it's about time that Bob Nicholson and Dave Branch got wise and told the Russians that the gravy train had reached the station and they were getting off.  Bring on the Czechs, who have had as much of a rivalry with Canada in international hockey as the Russians have, if not more.  Bring the Swedes over, they could use the development time.  The Finns, the Slovaks.  Anyone, everyone.  But ramming the "great Russia/Canada rivalry" down our throats is, for me, sickening, when the results on the ice are so one-sided.

  31. RealisticLeaf says:

    Apology accepted.

    Hate is an awful thing. Too many stupid things are done outta hate.

    I know how you feel about protecting your country. That is why i wrote what i did about someone calling the series stupid. 72 was huge in Canada. Brought this country together…there were no french people….no english people…just Canadians. It literally brought this country together.

    Imagine Lake Placid x7. Imagine that team playing the Russians 7 more times and on their soil. Beating them with the one sided refs and the Russian army bearing down on them.

    Take all the Passion from Lake Placid and put that into seven more games. Imagine the drama. 

    Canada at that time played a team they knew nothing about. It was a team from the comunist part of the world. The enemy of all that is free. Like both the US and Canada.

    The whole debate is stupid. Both countries are great for different reasons. The US is a powerhouse in every sport….except hockey. At that they are not far behind.

    We are very lucky!! We both have great neighbors and great countries. When it comes down to it…it is just a sport.

    Sports are entertainment. A great source for entertainment….but not worth ruining a great friendship over…between the two countries. We should be rejoicing…we are free and allowed to do what we want and be what we want. Isn't that the main thing? Freedome

  32. openclose says:

    Pierre McGuire is terrible. He has a man crush on phaneuf and blindly overlooks anything that phaneuf does poorly.

  33. gronk says:

    Sure is.  I don't like grudges.  Good thing that dispute is over.  I see where you are coming from with the Super Series.  We each have our big moments to be proud of and that's a good thing.

  34. RealisticLeaf says:

    We certainly do have our moments. I just feel bad for the Russians having to re-live our good fortune!!LOL But they have nothing to hang their heads about. The Russians have had some great teams.

    Thanks for seeing my point.

  35. 92-93 says:

    ok. well i've looked at both of them and they both have dirty aspects to them. Sutter was definitely charging but i think it was the cleaner of the two. Gillies hit on Ansimov is just downright dirty.

    if you want to show a video to kids on what a deliberate knee-on-knee hit is, this is it!!!

    he literally stuck out his leg to get the guy while the other guy was trying his best to avoid it. it is a rare instance of black and white certainty.

    all that being said, dont be surprised to see someone like gretzkin come on this site and question your masculinity because you questioned the cleanliness of a hit.

  36. JuicemaN says:

    it was a dirty hit and if it was done to the canadians we would freak.  It was intent to injure and that's the exact reason why i think scott stevens should never be in the hall of fame.

  37. canuck8 says:

    your a *****in idoit

  38. Oil-Life says:

    haha yeah they gooood!

  39. Naslund19 says:

    Shut the $%#* up you no nothing about hockey, watch the summit series of 72 then maybe you'll learn something and to the people who bashed Canadaians saying they only care about themselves and no other country in the world, you're describing most americans. We don't go starting wars and killing inncoent people in iraq everyday.

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