What about a Quebec team ?

Who could be part of a Quebec team if ever they get independant ? Well, it won’t happen any

time soon but let’s take a look of how they would look in the olympic. Could they beat a team

like Finland or Slovakia ? Or what about a Quebec / Ontario / B-C competition ?

Just for fun…Is their any other part of the world as good in goaltending as Quebec ?

Is their any other part of the world as poor in defense as Quebec ?

Offense ?… I guess it’s Ok.

In my opinion, this would be the line up.

Gagne -M. Lemieux – Daze

Robitaille -Damphousse – Tanguay

Turgeon – Perrault – Audette

C. Lemieux – Lecavalier – Lapointe


Desjardins – Brisebois

Duchesne – Boucher

Robidas – Quintal

(I know… very sad. Wish Bourque was still there)





(take your pick !!!)

Coach : Lemaire

If Finland finished 3rd in 1998, I think Quebec could be a surprise. Where do you see them

in the final standing ?

Could you guys tell me wath would be a Ontario or B-C line up ? In a championship, who

would be the winner ? Ontario looks very good to me…

Salut !