What about Anson Carter

So fan’s I just thought I’d ask the one question that has been a burning in my mind for the last 3 weeks: do we bring the Pylon Anson Carter back and hope he can ignite again. Was he liked in the dressing room? Is he a team player? He seemed a bit money hungry but has he humbled. Would the Sedins be better with him back? How much? Please discuss.

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  1. canucksfansincebirth says:

    I honestly think we would not need to bring Carter back, he may have had good points with the twins, but look how good they played without him…sure he went to the front of the net, sure he was able to convert a nice pass to a goal. But the Sedins make other players who get less money do the same. Carter bit the hand that fed  him and now he will probably starve.

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