What About Daigle?

While Gainey has brought over a couple of older players the last couple of years like Mark Streit and Jani Lahit, what about Alexandre Daigle? We all know he was never what he was supposed to be in the NHL but the last year he played with Min he played in 46 games and had 28 points. He played last season with Davos and had 61 points in 44 games.

I’m not saying Gainey or anyone should, but what if Daigle did make a return as a Canadien, or really any other team? Could he be an asset to anyone at this point, or would he just be a 3rd or 4th line player?

Your also likely wondering where this came from, I was reading a TSN article on how the first two ever draft picks of the sens are both not in the NHL anymore and clicked on his profile.