What About Daigle?

While Gainey has brought over a couple of older players the last couple of years like Mark Streit and Jani Lahit, what about Alexandre Daigle? We all know he was never what he was supposed to be in the NHL but the last year he played with Min he played in 46 games and had 28 points. He played last season with Davos and had 61 points in 44 games.

I’m not saying Gainey or anyone should, but what if Daigle did make a return as a Canadien, or really any other team? Could he be an asset to anyone at this point, or would he just be a 3rd or 4th line player?

Your also likely wondering where this came from, I was reading a TSN article on how the first two ever draft picks of the sens are both not in the NHL anymore and clicked on his profile.

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  1. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    I'd rather have Juha Lind back before Daigle.
    It's not even worth talking about, the issue is a non-starter.  Daigle's days in the NHL have come and gone.  For a player who was so hyped up, he was arguably one the worst #1 overall picks EVER!

  2. loco42 says:

    I rather see rookies instead of “don’t show” Daigle.

  3. Leafs-4-Life says:

     The reason that Daigle was terrible in Ottawa is because he couldn't handle the pressure, so would it be smart putting him in a city in which if you make a mistake the entire city automatically wants you out? Look what happened to Samsonov! No wonder nobody wants to play in Montreal!

  4. Knowledge says:

    I wouldn't say that Daigle was the worse 1st overall pick ever, i just think he was the most dissapointing. He obviously wouldn't be able to handle the pressure in montreal eventhough there would be no expectations of him, and i doubt Gainey will ever make that happen. I'm sure in somebody's fantasy they hope if he gets signed he'll turn everything around and finally live up to some of the markee potential he was suppose to have… but i'd sooner bet on Donald Brashear breaking Gretzky's point records before a Daigle living up to his hype… This guy was being compared to Gretzky before he got to the NHL… that was his downfall… then he started whinning about how he never wanted to be a hockey player…. he's a good little cry baby…. however, in Minny under Lemaire he was decent… but i'd never sign him in the NHL… he's better suited for the lax of the European leagues, playing 40 games a season, with less psysical players and no pressure…. i'm sure he'll end his carreer there making his tax free money…

  5. loco42 says:

    Daigle was horrible with Philly, tampa, etc….

  6. RealisticNick says:

    Thats why I said Montreal OR any other NHL team, so that there would not be comments like the last part of the one you just posted.

  7. TheStryker says:

    Just cause Daigle had some success in Europe, doesn't mean it will translate back to the NHL. Daigle can't take pressure and that is obvious, so coming to the biggest pressure cooker in hockey which is Montreal…Sorry leaf fans, is just ludacris. Mark Streit was a team captain and proved over time he could play. Lahtti hasen't even laced them up in an NHL game yet

  8. TheStryker says:

    Just cause Daigle had some success in Europe, doesn't mean it will translate back to the NHL. Daigle can't take pressure and that is obvious, so coming to the biggest pressure cooker in hockey which is Montreal…Sorry leaf fans, is just ludacris. Mark Streit was a team captain and proved over time he could play. Lahtti hasen't even laced them up in an NHL game yet

  9. kingcup says:

    I de rather re-sign Samsonov…….

    next question please.
  10. the_purolator_guy says:

    Before you start bashing how no-one apparently wants to play in montreal, you should take a look in your own back yard.  How do you think raycroft, gill, kubina and mccabe enjoy being a leaf?  They took turns getting booed of the ice on a regular basis.  The chief reason the habs have a hard time getting top tier ufa's is pure economics.  The habs have to offer up to 20% more to match offers just to offset the taxes.  If your any kind of an intelligent hockey fan u know that there is a tonne of pressure in any canadian hockey city, not just montreal, but of course hab fans are not brainwashed by sportsnet, tsn and leafs tv.  We can actually think for ourselves.

    Do you think jason blake is gonna bring u the cup?  In his first 5 seasons he only scored 23 goals in total?  The same amount higgins scored in his rookie season and and 2 less than ryder scored in his first season also.  Vesa toskala, he has never played more than 35 games and has never been a starting goalie and  jfj sells he farm to get him.

    Mark bell, the only thing this guy  has done consistanly is spend each summer in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, how do u think this guy is gonna handle pressure. He is a ticking timebomb.  Once again jfj doesn't do his homework.

    Speaking of jfj how embarrasing is it for him to know that mlse is looking for a babysitter, opps i mean "advisor" to tell him how to do his job.  This guy solves his problems by tossing away money and draft picks for bandaid solutions.  Just look how brutal the farm team is, nothing more needs to be said.  So before you judge another organization take a look at  your own.

  11. the_purolator_guy says:

    I would rather give a roster spot to one of our own like chipchura, milroy, locke or grabovski than give daigle a shot.  This team is one player away from being a solid playoff team, if the habs can land a player like marleau without touching the core of the team we will make the playoffs.

  12. habsrock99 says:

    This is why you don't sign Alex Daigle if you are Gainey. Worst #1 overall pick ever (arguement is too strong to say otherwise). He CAN'T play under pressure. He's almost as heartless as Yashin. All he cares about is money. And their would be many expectations of Daigle, all saying he'd fail miserably and would once again bring back yet another arguement from Canadien fans calling for Gainey's head. Now, here are reasons as to why I would sign Daigle if I were Columbus, St. Louis, Nashville, etc. No media=no expectations. He is very much like Paul Kariya (not talent wise) in the fact that he can't play where their exists media. He'll give you steady 3rd line points while playing decent defence.

  13. RealisticNick says:

    Finally, the type of response I was looking for, thanks.  When they reply "no we don't want him and give that spot to a rookie" kinda defeats the whole purpose of the debate as that was never really the question asked.

  14. habsrock99 says:

    no problem

  15. 68north says:

    you know that every laugh fan is just a hab wannabe they cant see through their blind jealousy for the greatest hockey franchise ever they just dont get it do they

  16. the_word says:

    I think Raycroft, Gill, Kubina and McCabe all feel pretty good about Toronto seeing how all four signed multi year contracts with the Leafs. They don't really get booed all that much.

    At what point will people stop bringing up the fact the Leafs won't win the cup this year, no Leafs fan on this site is claiming the Leafs are contenders this year. Its juvenile to constantly bring up that hyperbole.

    Its not just taxes, its cultural, many players do not want to play in a French market because of the language barrier. Especially one with such an intense media.

    Mark Bell was a contract the Leafs had to take in order to get Toskala, the Leafs didn't want Bell. For such an intelligent hockey fan I would have thought you'd be able to see through the TSN propaganda and figure that out for yourself. If Mark Bell becomes a problem the Leafs can afford to send him to the minors.

    It is a reflection of dysfunctional management that JFJ requires an adviser, however it remains to be seen how that works out. Brian Colangelo has two advisers he works with and you'd be hard pressed to find better management in any league. To say that JFJ can't have a productive relationship with his potential adviser is merely speculation, but thanks for repeating the TSN/Sportnet meme that it can't work.

    Its typical for a Habs fans to point to the AHL where they've invested their hope and ignore the LNH where there is little hope.  I'd invite some Habs fans to read a list of NHL drafts and count how many players actually make it to the LNH, let alone become impact players.  Your prospects are hardly a sure thing.

  17. habz2007 says:

    Daigle was a very disapointing #1 pick and if Gainey was to sign him it would be to a AHl contract with the option of calling him to NHL if he shows he could perform ..Daigle's unsucess was part of cuz the senators don't know how to deal with young stars instead of developing him for 1 or 2 years in minors he was automataclly in the NHL after he was drafted not everyone is a syndny Crosby and will be a star right after being drafted some guys need to be developed in the AHL so they can know what to expect more when comming from junior Sens Suck at developing young talent and they should take some of the fall for Daige being a unsuccsessful  player in the NHL. BUt you will NEVER see gainey sign Daigle he is too much of a HIGH RISK and after samsanov gainy don't want to go there again anytime soon

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