What are the Ducks going to do????

The Los Angeles Daily News is suggesting that the Ducks may need to add a big name/ “fresh face” to their roster in order to re stimulate their early season success. The problem for Burke however is that he is just not willing to give up any of his super talented youngsters for a playoff rental. For example it is thought that Corey Perry was part of the asking price for Forsberg.

The Ducks are in an interesting situation. There are not too many times when a coach or GM is able to have as much talent on their team as the Ducks have. The other reality is that Niedermayer and Pronger while highly talented players are not getting any younger. HTR would not be at all surprised if Burke pulls the trigger on move for a highly talented player.

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  1. hero11 says:

    Anyone else having flashbacks of when Burke was in Van?  Good solid start to a season, followed by a lackluster finish.     Burke claims that FLA asking price for players is way too high, yet he'll be the first to tell you he doesn't want to give anything back.  "if the deal doesn't make sense, no deal!"   but what makes sense to Burke other than everything for nothing?

  2. blarneylad says:

    burke will do something big, don't worry duck fans

    ps, something big is probly getting a roster player incase of injuries. rentals usually don't do anything anyways. Roloson was great last year though.

  3. Raaper says:

    What about Borque? Not very good turn out? Hello, Hello are you watching the same games as I am? What about Weight and Recchi for the canes last year? Hello, Hello?

  4. TheDonkey says:

    How about moving Pronger for Lupul?

  5. thegoalie1976 says:

    There is some rumors around Edmonton that Ryan Smyth and Kevin Lowe have an agreement that would see him shipped to Anaheim, on a pre-arranged re-signing back to Edmonton in the summer. Like Doug Weight last season with St. Louis.

    But since Edmonton already took any assets Burke was willing to give up in the Pronger deal (Smid, 1st and 2nd rounders), I don't know what Edmonton would get back.

    I would think Corry Perry and Ryan Getslav (sp) are off the table. What does Anaheim have that Edmonton would want (that they didn't already get??????)

  6. neilios says:

    Iam hearing Smyth and Smith from the Oilers going to the Pens as rentals for Malone,Orpik,and a pick.Thats what Lebrun suggested on TheScore last night,cause the Oil and Avs wont make the playoffs and plus Smyth will be the new captain next year of the Oil once he signs back.
    Another deal that can happen by trade dead line is that the Blues trading Guerin and Brewer to the Canucks for Bulis,Edler,and a 2nd rounder and maybe another 2nd rounder if Brewer signs back with the Canucks in the offseason.Its also been suggested if Canucks Cant agree on a contract with Salo he can be dealt to the Preds for Hamuis.

  7. thegoalie1976 says:

    As an Oilers fan I would be O.K. with that trade, as long as Ryan Smyth resigns with the Oilers. Orpik would look good in an Oil drop, and an upgrade over Jason Smith. Malone might just need a change of scenery to rejuvenate him.

    What better finisher around the net for Crosby then Smyth?????
    The only problem would be once he gets a taste of Crosby would he re-sign back with Edmonton.

  8. Pony says:

    Bobby Ryan, if they could pry him from Burke.

  9. papichulo71 says:

    Anaheim won't remove anyone from its current roster and would only part with a player like Bobby Ryan if it brought in Bertuzzi, Smyth, or Tkachuk&Guerin

  10. vindictiveb says:

    The only problem would be once he gets a taste of Crosby would he re-sign back with Edmonton.


  11. halgillfan says:

    ya i heard that rumor too

  12. blarneylad says:

    weight and recchi helped but u can't say they were huge causes in success, if it weren't for ward and brindamour the canes would have never won, don't forget williams and staal,

    bourque didn't win the cup he stayed in colorado the year later then won. face it, rentals don't win cups

  13. BieksaForMVP says:

    Where both of you being serious? So pretty much Anahiem gave away Smid, and a ton of the draft picks for nothing.

  14. BieksaForMVP says:

    TEAMS THAT ARE TRADING RENTAL PLAYERS DON'T WANT RENTALS IN RETURN!!!THE BLUES ARE ASKING FOR A 1ST ROUNDER, AND A GOOD PROSPECT FOR GUERIN, SO SHUTUP NEILIOS!!! YOU CAN'T GET HAMHUIS FOR SALO, THAT'S JUST DUMB, HAMHUIS ALMOST AS GOOD AS SALO IS NOW, NEVER MIND IN 3 YEARS!!! I'm sorry, but Neilios we don't want to hear about your shows that are apparently on TV, and no one else has seen them, and Labrun isn't that stupid.

  15. neilios says:

    You tool chill it out you friggen moron.Only a sight that suggests rumors and hears of rumors you stupid dumb shit.

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