What are we going to do?

Well this is my first entry, so please don’t tear me apart too bad.

Anyway, I’ve heard so many rumors this off season that my head is spinning. Everyone from Vinny to Shanny has been rumored to be heading up the St. Lawrence. But let’s face facts, what we have is what we’ll be seeing til season’s end. Now I’m not saying that Gainey may or may not pull off a trade or two in the upcoming months. but what, in reality do we have to offer? A good prospect (Kostisyn) for a veteran that may or may not help us reach the playoffs? Or a more seasoned player (Ryder) for an equally inept 5 on 5 player? Or perhaps an underachiever (Kovalev) for another underacheiver? (Zherdev springs to mind).
Now I’ve also been reading umpteen blogs about how Gainey should sign the likes of D. Markov, Selanne, Yashin etc. Guys haven’t we all seen the fact that players do not want to come play in Mtl? Simply put Gainey has to overspend on every UFA to even have a shot at them…27 mil for Hamrlik?? WTF! The only way I see this team going anywhere is with extreme patience. We have an incredible youth movement on the way and if Koivu wants to be a man and stick around he may get his shot at the cup later in his career, but not anytime soon.

However, on the flip side of all of this, if Gainey happens to pull off some sweet moves and get a little more talent into the lineup then perhaps we could at least see the light of the second round.

Let me know what you guys think.
Cheers to all