What are your team's lines?

After a poorly researched post about the best lines in hockey and the trashing aftermath, I thought it would be best if everyone submitted what they thought their team’s lines will look like. In other words, what is your team’s depth chart?

To avoid confusion, assume RFAs will be signed, unless you have reason to think otherwise.

For the Pittsburgh Penguins, the lines will look something like this on opening night:

Ekman – Crosby – Armstrong

Malone – Malkin – Recchi

LeClair – Moore – Ouellet/Christensen

Ruutu – Talbot – Petrovicky

Pivko – Staal – Roy/Ouellet/Christensen

Whitney – Gonchar

Eaton – Orpik

Welch – Melichar

Scuderi – Cairns

Carkner – Skolney




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  1. Potvinstillsucks says:

    ozo won’t play and since when does kaspar suck? our d was struggling so bad without him at the end of the season…shows how much you know …have fun with poti cause he definately wasn’t our best dman fcking fishsticks

  2. Potvinstillsucks says:

    oh and by the way….montoya will be our back up this year… dolan fired sather and made weekes our new gm

  3. BruMagnus says:

    I put Staal down sort of in case Malkin doesn’t sign and the Pens look to fill the spot internally.

    As for the great Pivko… we’ve had this debate before. We both agree the Pens have too many 3rd/4th line players/prospects.

    I really like the idea of sending Malone on to the first line if Pivko were to take his 2nd line spot, although I still remain convinced that Armstrong will start the season next to Crosby. Did you follow any of Crosby’s race to 100 points articles? Several talked about how close Colby and Sid are, and how Colby kept edging Crosby on harder and harder. That’s exactly what I want to hear from Sid’s linemates! Anyways, as you said, we gotta wait for training camp and preseason, but it’s still worthwhile speculating what the lines will probably resemble.

    Lastly, since this stupid Cooke for Ouellet rumor, I thought what about a trade like this that would solve both the Pens and Canucks problems?

    Naslund for Malone, Ouellet, Christensen and a 1st or 2nd round draft pick. Is that too much or too little for an ageing Naslind do you think? Either way, it would eliminate the prospects problem via waivers, help the Canucks reduce salary and pick up NHL ready players, and help the Pens acquire a real first line player for Crosby, sending Ekman to the 2nd line. PS, I do realize the heavy loss of RWers in exchange for an elite left winger, but I doubt that the Canucks would want LeClair for his salary, or that Shero would trade recently acquired Ekman, Ruutu or Pivko.

  4. BruMagnus says:

    Carter/Richards, doesn’t matter, where were all those guys during the playoffs?????

  5. BruMagnus says:

    You don’t sign an unrestricted free agent for $4 million and bring him to the Big Apple to play on the third line. Fans would be livid and demand heads to roll.

  6. BruMagnus says:

    Thanks for your comments and your post.

    As a Pens fan I was waiting for some Islander fan to post so that I can see what the Pens are mostly up against this year.

    I honestly feel like if we were in the SE Division, we would make the playoffs. As it is, our division will be the toughest yet again. Although I see the Isles as the weakest team in the division, I still think they will give fans some hope most of the year, ultimately failing and coming 11th or 12th probably.

  7. BruMagnus says:

    WOW!! It took this fracking long for a Flames fan to post?? Sure has been an abundance of Pens, Leafs, Habs, Rangers and a few Sens posts.

    Still yet to be seen:

    Buffalo, kind of surprising really.

    Dallas! Are they in the shitz this year?

    LA… I thought lots of people lived in LA… that liked hockey… what? No Wayne no Luc = no Care?

    Phoenix… really, who cares what 99 is doing now (except screwing up Team Canada)

    Minnesota – potential playoff team?

    Chicago – why would anyone bother

    Nashville – still few fans from here… a little surprising really



    hahahahaha. what? No ovechkin/washington fans? I’ll do a post shortly on the Hurricanes.

    and KUDOS to the Atlantic Division for being the only Division that had every team posted… quite clearly the most devoted fans cheer for a team in that division, and then a polite nod to the avid northeast fans.

  8. BruMagnus says:

    Still yet to be seen:

    Buffalo, kind of surprising really.

    Dallas! Are they in the shitz this year?

    LA… I thought lots of people lived in LA… that liked hockey… what? No Wayne no Luc = no Care?

    Phoenix… really, who cares what 99 is doing now (except screwing up Team Canada)

    Minnesota – potential playoff team?

    Chicago – why would anyone bother

    Nashville – still few fans from here… a little surprising really



    hahahahaha. what? No ovechkin/washington fans? I’ll do a post shortly on the Hurricanes.

    and KUDOS to the Atlantic Division for being the only Division that had every team posted… quite clearly the most devoted fans cheer for a team in that division, and then a polite nod to the avid northeast fans.

  9. BruMagnus says:

    from http://hockeysfuture.com/article.php?sid=8995&mode=threaded&order=0

    who have just done their updates for this season:

    Armstrong and Crosby ended up forming an amazing combination that was beneficial to both players. Armstrong got to play with one of the most gifted playmakers in the world, and Crosby got a partner who could do the dirty work and also keep him relaxed. A real character, Armstrong reportedly helped in relaxing the usually serious Crosby with his sense of humor and light-hearted attitude.

  10. BruMagnus says:

    “The lanky right winger also demonstrated that he had the finishing skills required, potting an impressive 40 points (16 goals, 24 assists) in 47 games to finish third amongst all NHL rookies in points-per-game, behind only Ovechkin and Crosby. He is now set to begin the 2006-07 season on Crosby’s wing, but still has a lot to prove before being considered a bona fide NHL’er. “


  11. BruMagnus says:

    oh ya, about Scuderi, I think he will be better than Melichar, but the thing is, Melichar is easily the Penguins biggest team veteran. No one Penguin has played on Pittsburgh for as many years as him. In fact, few have played more than one full season since 2000. He was eventually given one of the “A’s” last year for that very reason. However, I’m not sure if he’ll be returning this year with it.

    My guess:

    Captain Crosby

    Alt Recchi

    Alt Gonchar/Melichar

    There’s really no one experienced/old enough to have an A since Terrien axed LeClair… I doubt Malone, Ekman or Whitney would get one.. but who knows, the Pens are a craaaaaazy organization.

    Here’s to the Youngest Captain in NHL history:

    Hear Hear!

  12. EviLeo says:

    Hmmm, my Oilers lineups…this could be very interesting to watch…


    1- Pisani-Horcoff-Smyth

    2- Hemsky-Stoll-Sykora

    3- Lupul-Reasoner-Moreau

    4- Jacques-Torres-Winchester (The Beef Line)

    (5)-Peterson-Scremp-Brodziak (spares)

    Defence (not nearley as threatening as last year!)









    Like I said, it might be interesting…lotta scoring talent, but not alotta defence

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    it depeds on the lines too, if he works well with Tucker and starts producing he’ll be a 2nd liner. Wellwood was a 3rd liner last season, he may have improved, but I don’t want to get my hopes up just yet.

  14. moosehockey says:

    Yep, pretty sure he’s being invited to camp… not sure why I would rather see Flats in the backup spot personally but who knows.

  15. moosehockey says:

    Yeah, last thing we need is an overpaid slow winger. If anything trade Cooke for a pick and sign someone.

  16. Potvinstillsucks says:

    the pens will own the islanders, i like how the pens look this year

  17. kamullia says:

    I do not know exactly where Pivko will end up. I really have not a clue. But I do bring him up because of the apparent fervor that Shero has had to ensure this kid would follow him. When we analyze lines and teams and the like, we are basically playing GM of a club, and I try to look at what actual traits or moves a GM has done and what is the significance and his reasoning behind it. There’s many points to Shero and Pivko but the most poignant to me is why give him a contract and bring him to camp if you have doubts that he will make the team and has a place where to play? I just wanted to clarify that not just for you, but also for everyone else reading that knows about Pivko.

    I will answer about Armstrong in some of your other quotes I noticed.

    As to Naslund I get the distinct impression that Vancouver will not move him, at least not this year. This is a team that just got a big boost at goaltending, which they have never had before and has been their Achilles’ heal. They are looking to make the playoffs and in order to ensure that, they realize they are short in scoring ability. Granted that Malone, Ouellet, and Christensen gives them combined offense but will it amount to what Naslund can give them and create on that first line? Being that it is a question that does not have a clear answer, I will say they would prefer keeping Naslund.

    The idea is the perfect idea for Pittsburgh, move some of the overflowing interchangeable pieces for the real help that is needed, and I agree this is what ideally Shero should do. Vancouver is just in too much the same situation as Pittsburgh in need of scoring for someone worthwhile to come from them, in my opinion. You do not go looking for a center on a team that needs centers, sort of speaking. Frankly I was surprised that anyone would have enough interest in Ouellet to know who he is and regard him as a possible offensive solution, in order to include him in a trade rumor. After all, if the Penguins’ thought Ouellet is an offensive solution, why trade something they are seeking? But in the same token, because of not being a well-known player I thought that there could be some actual fire (more like sparks) from this smoke.

    Shero in my opinion has his hands full in trying to solve getting a true bona fide gunslinger for his club. It will not be easy, and his solution might have to be to overpay (in order to outbid) in next year’s UFA. The question is, will the gunslingers go into UFA? Most end up signing or being traded and signed before the market begins.

  18. GoalJudge says:

    Edmonton is an intriguing because they have a lot of scoring talent, but not too may play makers to create a superstar. A lot of 25-30 goal scorers, and virtually anyone on the top two lines is an equal threat to score.

    But now shockingly standout talent.

    Lupul will be a top six not a third liner.

    And Shcremp will be good, but needs to come along quick for this team to make the splash it did last year.

    Pisani was a great playoff Hero, but will end up on the third line. Think Alyn McCaulley. He may be a good contributor, especially in the playoffs, but will not likely ever get that top spot opportunity.

  19. GoalJudge says:

    Wow that was poorly written.

    I would trade Moreau and a young/good D-man for another Defense stud. Maybe a mid draft pick to sweeten the deal.

  20. kamullia says:

    There are plenty of people that do not agree with my views on Armstrong (that is perfectly fine, and would be great if I am wrong, actually), and this is just another example.

    But everyone (that demonstrates competence) that I have read/heard also has their doubts about Army. I have yet to hear/read anyone (once again, anyone competent) say that beyond doubt, Armstrong will be there. You see it in this quote “still has to prove…”, for example. And that is basically my premise. I have doubts myself which are bigger, and I am not so optimistic in his ability. That in turn makes me think: “Whao, if a guy who does not have the skills does this well with Crosby, what can a guy with truly 1st line forwards skills can do next to Sid?”

    And keeping in mind Shero is new, I believe he will excerpt pressure on Therrien in training camp and pre-season, so that Shero can see by himself that other combinations are not as fruitful and the best one truly is Armstrong with Crosby. That is what I would do, and that is what I have witnessed from new managers in all sorts of the walk of life.

    It would be perfect if Armstrong proves me totally wrong, since it would solve one of the several problems that Pittsburgh is facing. But like it is underlined by even his suporters, he has to improve (and therefore earn it).

  21. kamullia says:

    This is one of my pet peeves.

    I was shocked to see the A on Melichar’s sweater, and for the record (I am sure you know this) it was given to him after LeClair said “You can stick that A up your….” or something to that effect. Melichar is a veteran and I understand that point, but by God, in the same instance they gave the youngest guy on the team the other A, regardless of how good, vocal, inspirational and all the rest he was.

    The kid was a rookie, and he showed it in the way that the brushed the officials the wrong way (who in turn called one of every 4 penalties against him). Yes, he has a fire which drives him which is wonderful, but is that how you foresee a Captain conduct himself? Yes, he will be Captain in the future (heck, maybe this year), but he is wet behind the ears any way you put it and he’d be much better off if he could stand back and learn some more before taking that step. I do not think he should be C this year, and he actually said something to that effect during his interview in the kids’ camp this week. Ironically that is a trait of a maturity of a Captain, but he still has a lot to learn about the league.

    Of course, the problem is…who wears the C for the Pens if Crosby does not? Would Gonchar be a bad choice? I do not know either way. Orpik was touted for years as Captain material. Well is he or not? I do not know. We certainly cannot use the excuse he is too young after giving an A to Crosby and considering him to be a possible C. LeClair probably wants nothing to do with these letters at this point.

    In the end, I realistically see three options:

    1. Crosby gets the C. I disagree with it, but we already opened the can of worms last year, might as well keep it going.

    2. Recchi gets the C, and Crosby an A. Dicey giving a guy who is there for one year and retire, and in other cir*****stances I would think it is the wrong decision. But it has some merits considering this strange situation. Recchi having the C will force Crosby to respect and refrain more when talking to his Captain, and this is very analogous to what Crosby needs to learn to do with officials. It would smooth out their relationship, forcing them to work together more closely without showing strife to their teammates. Crosby at the least gets to improve in his self-control. Doing the opposite (Crosby C, Recchi A), gives too much of an opportunity for Crosby to go off on Recchi and others, which is the main trait he must put in check.

    3. No C. It’s been done before. Three guys get an A. The other analogous situation is rotating the C, but I am not a fan of such a move because it sort of demeans the Captaincy when in fact what you have is three Alternates. But it’s the same thing. By the way, at first the Pens announced last year, when Recchi was gone, that they would be rotating that A (given to Melichar) but then it never came to pass. I suspect most having seen the dicey situation to LeClair and for respect to him, they declined to take part of it. It was wrong to do to John.

  22. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    tanguay wont center top line. langkow will sadly. doesnt matter people think you need a good play making center to pass to iginla and tanguay. yet tanguay is a playmaker himself and can do all the work on that line himself.

  23. kamullia says:

    I truly believe that Melichar does not deserve the spot, and it does not serve the future of the Penguins either. Another aspect that has not been considered is Micki DuPont. In the old NHL this would have been a signing for the AHL team, and having depth. It might still be. But in the new NHL of speed and skill, DuPont has both, and who knows maybe he will make the team regardless of his small stature. He did come from Germany where he was making more than he will be in the minors, therefore I am sure his intent is making the club.

    Typically it would be reaching to bring up DuPont, but after thinking about it for a couple of days, now that crosschecking out of the crease, taking a player down, holding him, and hooking him are all banned, what is wrong with a small player if he is faster and skilled enough to take the puck away from the forwards? It’s an open question in my mind, and I am curious to see what the answer is. It sure would bring a new equation into the fold if he makes Pittsburgh. Talk about a messy lineup then!

    I guess I unfavorably look unto Melichar more than most on the team, including Armstrong, but I think it is warranted because he is certainly not part of the Pens’ future. They should have phased him out last season (on waivers), or bought out his contract for this season, as far as I’m concerned.

  24. midwestHCKY says:

    Lowe would have a hard time getting a top 4 D-man let alone a “stud” for Moreau and a draft pick. unless its a 1st or second rounder. I love Moreau’s grit but that isn’t gonna get you anything near a Top Tier defencemen.

  25. EddieAVS says:

    the lineup is definitely closer to what einkidu said. even tho turgeon played well with svatos last year, it wouldnt be worth it to put arnason on the third line

    also, it would be a waste to put wolski on the third line as well. if youve noticed, all avs prospects who have scoring potential play on top two lines. For wolski to line up with arnason and laperriere wouldnt do justice or teach him an offensive role. the line is much more suited to have wolski on the first line. it would create more more balance between the 3 lines. and konowalchuk on line 2? hes a checker and a great penalty killer who puts up decent numbers in that type of role. leave him be on the third line with laperriere.

    and i want boychuk in the line up

  26. mikefisher01 says:

    thats a nice line

  27. mikefisher01 says:

    rcichard03 youra ***** mother *****er

  28. NyIsles39 says:

    i honestly believe the pens or the isles could finish in the top of the division. the flyers, rangers, and devils did not improve this offseason. and although the isles and pens did not improve drasticly they have both improved from last yr. the rangers showed what kind of team they are at the end of the year, the flyers, yet to sign gange w/ only 5 mil left in cap space, lost there D and have no num 1 goalie, and the devils still have to sign there top players. heck theres not one person on this site that actually thought the canes would have one the cup let alone make the playoffs.

  29. NyIsles39 says:

    woow what a come back that was so funny. now i know why they call ranger fans the biggest idiots in sports!!! kasper is a num 4 dman at best and thanks to the idiot rangers he is paid more than every dman on the rangers. good fu@%ing job sather!!!

  30. mojo19 says:

    Why does a second line HAVE to be a scoring line. I guarentee when the Leafs play Ottawa at home, Peca will be matched up against Spezza.

  31. Potvinstillsucks says:

    no seriosuly weekes is our new gm, back up goalies make great gms. kasparitis is a good solid defensemen, good leader, i much rather have him on my team then poti, se he getting paid little much…what about Yashin?

  32. Potvinstillsucks says:

    even if the rangers didn’t “improve” from last year they will be better then the new and improved islanders

  33. FamousJMAC says:

    Toronto Maple Leafs:


    Steen Sundin O’neil

    Poni Wellwood Antropov

    Tucker Peca Kilger

    Suglobov Stajan Pohl


    Kaberle McCabe

    Kubina Colaiacovo

    Gill Kronwall




    These lines are very similar to the others posted, I know, but wanted to point out that Wellwood is the second line centre on this team NOT Peca. Also, I believe Kronwall will be the sixth D-man on this team. Just my opinion.

  34. ccrashh says:

    When has that ever stopped the Rangers from making a stupid move? And paying WAY more than they should?

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