What Are Your Top 5 Moments?

I am sitting here at work, obviously doing very little, looking at predictions everywhere… eventually that gets old. Clearly this is really the “Calm before the Storm” for everyone, and I am sure many like me are already starting to get a little edgy over the first faceoff of our respective teams(Sorry to those that didn’t make it in). And I was thinking to myself, it would be interesting to see what peoples top 5 playoff moments were.What should be interesting about this is you have people of various ages, with numerous different experiences, some involving the same team based on age, leading to what is probably a very diverse listing of moments that you’ve witnessed. I think we should stick to what we witnessed, not something that you caught on tape or whatever, this is about what you personally experienced(good or bad), that sticks out in your mind.

Personally, I’m a 23-year old Flyer fan… so my list goes like this.


Keith Primeau scoring to end, “The OT Game.” Everyone in Philly remembers this game vividly, where you were when it was going on, what you were doing. Some of the stories are humorous, a friend of mine watched the first period, went and played a game of hockey, and caught the final 2 OT’s.

Personally, I was at Univ. of Penn at the time as a Freshman living in the Quadrangle(huge frosh dorm), sitting alone in my room. Down the hall was the other hockey fan on the hall, who happened to be a Pittsburgh fan, he was also sitting alone in his room. For whatever reason the rest of the kids on the hall had migrated away from us, but were also watching the game in the middle rooms where the nervous energy wasn’t quite so tense.

I had a Final the next morning, my roommate had a Final the next morning, but no one was going to sleep. When they scored the goal you could literally hear screams from across the courtyard of the Quad, I was running up and down the hall screaming with joy, my friend, the pens fan, was hanging his head… if you remember that the flyboyz had lost games 1 and 2 at home, we had a series!


Eric Lindros lying face down on the ice… Game 7… And knowing it was over. There was no doubt about it. All the emotion, any momentum we had, was gone. 3-1 series lead at one point, it didn’t matter. We were toast, because he had come back and the wind had just been sucked out of the team.


Claud Lemieux… Hextall… Long Long Shot… $HIT!!!! This is when the hatred was born. I despised the devils from this moment on. Not only did they ruin what had been one of the most incredible seasons ever as a Flyer fan, but they were easily the most boring team EVER to watch. It was like watching Princeton play basketball every day for 2 weeks. You reached a point where you were not sure if you wanted to kill them for beating you, or kill yourself to stop the misery of watching the way the games were being played. Just a horrific moment in my hockey watching career.


Gretzky’s kid crying as the Flyers knocked the Rangers out. This was one of the single greatest moments in my life at the time. It was just classic. The flyers are beating the friggin rangers, and there’s Janet Jones(hot) with her little kid balling cuz Daddy’s losing and the Flyers are doing the beating. I was laughing my a$$ off, was just great. I’m mean I know, but tell me you wouldn’t have enjoyed it if it was your team.


Mr. Karl Dykhuis. yes, the man, the myth, the legend himself, scoring on Hasek to end the first series of my conscious hockey watching career. I was 8 the last time the Flyers had been in the playoffs, I was 14 now, and had watched every game of the season. “The Legion of Doom” was skating, and it seemed like every time they were out there they scored, but the goal Dykhuis scored was this goofy knuckle ball shot that bounced, if i remember correctly(it’s somewhat shrouded by the pure joy of the moment in my memory), over Hasek’s shoulder in OT. We were through to the second round, the beginning of the first playoff run in Philly in a long time.

Well those are mine, with the context for myself surrounding them. Yours?

nevermind the bullox,


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