What could the best line in the NHL be in 05-06

There are many teams that pack a great one two punch, such as atlanta with Hossa and Kovalchuck, but which team will have the best one, two, three punch in the league? In my opinion it would be between three Canadian teams, and one american.

The Sens

LW Heatly C Spezza RW Havlat

With the new NHL coming in this type of line could tear it up.

The Nucks

LW Naslund C Morrison RW Burtuzzi

If tuzzi gets back to his form this will be a premier line in the NHL

The Canadians

LW Kovalev C Ribero RW Ryder (still RFR)

This will be the Blackhorse line of the NHL

The Flyers

LW Gagne C Primeau RW Forsberg

This line will be Dynamite

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