What could the best line in the NHL be in 05-06

There are many teams that pack a great one two punch, such as atlanta with Hossa and Kovalchuck, but which team will have the best one, two, three punch in the league? In my opinion it would be between three Canadian teams, and one american.

The Sens

LW Heatly C Spezza RW Havlat

With the new NHL coming in this type of line could tear it up.

The Nucks

LW Naslund C Morrison RW Burtuzzi

If tuzzi gets back to his form this will be a premier line in the NHL

The Canadians

LW Kovalev C Ribero RW Ryder (still RFR)

This will be the Blackhorse line of the NHL

The Flyers

LW Gagne C Primeau RW Forsberg

This line will be Dynamite

Please share your thoughts on the topic

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  1. pens_fan says:

    it will be demitra – roenick – ???? maybe( frolov)

  2. jrl2282 says:

    Shrugging the shoulders on this one…

    St. Louis-Lecavalier-Fedotenko?


    Hossa-Holik-Kovalchuk? (well… maybe)





    Am i crazy or are those lines a little better…

  3. jrl2282 says:

    yea that may be the most dominant line this year never though of it

    looks lethal

  4. jrl2282 says:


  5. jrl2282 says:








    Guess we’ll see…

  6. jrl2282 says:

    youre just pissed cuz you lost out on him and we got him


  7. jrl2282 says:

    Dumbass shouldnt even be allowed on a rumor site saying Lemieux isnt good anymore.

    He went through a million injuries like CANCER for one, back problems and most of all his hip.

    He has came back through all of this and still produces in games he plays.

    If he played 82 games this year i guarantee he would have more points than anyone by far.

    All he lost is speed and now he has more players aroudn him.

  8. Neely4Life says:

    The draper line might be the best in the league. Not from a scoring point a view, but the toughest to play against. Any team would want that line! So ya, best line, in a way, yeah.

  9. Neely4Life says:

    Once again, you dont name the best players on each team and throw them on a line. Your not Playing NHL 2006. Hopfully the actual hockey minds can back me up on this one.

  10. Neely4Life says:

    your not crazy, because 1/2 of thos eguys dont even play on the same line.

  11. Sundinfan says:

    Selanne is washed up. He was terrible in CO. The fact that Kariya was injured further hindered him. But to say that Kariya being injured was the reason he didn’t put up points is ridiculous. There were plenty of people to score/set him up on that Avs team. Selanne just doesn’t have it anymore.

  12. Sundinfan says:

    I can’t wait for that game to come out!

  13. adambuffalo says:

    A lot of people complaining about people not playing on the same lines….Why not just say, “Who’s gonna have the best Power Play?”

  14. wingerxxx says:

    You’ve gotta separate Hossa and Kovalchuk. They are both goal scoring snipers, and need to be separated out even out the scoring.

  15. H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS says:

    I’m retarded because I’m trying to set the lines of the Toronto Maple Leafs????? Regardless of whether or not the Leafs will be “out of it by March 1st”, Fit Quinn still has to roll over the lines with what roster we have. And as for JFJ this is only his second full year as a GM, he has a plan, and I am more than willing to give him the chance to see it out.

    If the Leafs aren’t doing well in the 06-07 season then we can talk about the competency of JFJ and his ability to GM a team. Most of the Leafs contracts for this year are up at the end of the season, thats where JFJ will really have to earn his stripes.

  16. H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS says:

    Conroy jumped ship before the lockout hes on the LA Kings now.

  17. Kamakaze says:

    don’t you mean NHL 2k6? anyways…

    Yeah, I agree, most people are just looking through the rosters and picking out names and throwing them together, with no regard for chemistry, natural/comfortable positions, or even the team. Not every team stacks their 1st line with all the best talent.

  18. N25philly says:

    Mike Zigomanis – Colin Forbes – Gordie Dwyer

    can anyone say powerhouse? I predict 7893478074 goals from this line

  19. Aetherial says:

    Someone who calls other people a “total fool”, you might want to look up the difference between “dear” and “deer”.

  20. Aetherial says:

    … at least!

  21. Aetherial says:

    I gotta go with Bertuzzi Naslund Morrison

    Close second would be

    Tanguay Sakic Hejduk

    If Mario comes back strong and Crosby adjusts right away, then Pittsburgh will have some combination forming an Awesome first line.

    I also like;

    -The sleeper pick that someone mentioned in Columbus

    -Whoever plays the first unit in Ottawa

  22. wingerxxx says:

    One of the reasons they signed LeClair was to give Crosby more time to fit into the top lines. I think that you’ll see LeClair on Lemieux’s left at least at the start of training camp. Mario has a good history with big American left wingers…so far!

  23. wingerxxx says:

    Well…either way, Pittsburgh is looking awfully good. Their team is designed to destroy other teams on the man advantage.

  24. wingerxxx says:

    Amen. That would be really dumb to play them both on one line, it would dilute their effectiveness. Having Savard center Kovalchuk, and maybe Stefan center Hossa might not be a bad idea. Or perhaps Holik centering Hossa on the right and Stefan on the left. Who knows! I suppose it’s all speculation right now.

  25. Milohabs says:

    I agree that the Canadiens will have a “dangerous” line of either Ribeiro, Ryder & Kovalev or Kovalev, Koivu & Zednik (which was THE BEST line in the first 2 rounds of the playoffs last season).

    Don’t leave out Colorado who still has line potential of Sakic, Hejduk & Tanguay (Brunette could be a sleeper here. He’s never played with top talent and has always put up decent numbers…he could explode in Colorado).

    Ottawa for sure with Alfredsson, Spezza & Heatly

    Vancouver has a proven powerhouse line of Morrison, Naslund & Bertuzzi

    As for all the Leaf fans saying “hey, what about Sundin, O’neil & Lindros”. I say this….yes, that could be a decent line, yes it would most likely be the best lineup the Leafs will put out, however it’s not the type of lineup that other teams will be overly concerned about facing from night to night.

    I predict Lindros gets injured in the pre-season and the Leafs will fold like a maid on laundry day.

  26. Neely4Life says:

    AHAHAHAHA, me niether!

  27. Neely4Life says:

    At least saying the best powerplay makes more sense than some of the other stuff.

  28. quick_stick says:

    The Sens

    LW Heatly C Spezza RW Havlat

    Spezza has a was to go before he’s a real force in the NHL. The Sens have depth, but not the top line in the league.

    The Nucks

    LW Naslund C Morrison RW Burtuzzi

    Definately the potential to be a top line again! These guys can dominate when together.

    The Canadians

    LW Kovalev C Ribero RW Ryder

    LOL…are you on crack? These guys could be good, but the best???

    The Flyers

    LW Gagne C Primeau RW Forsberg

    Primeau will likely remain a centre. Good potential though. Kinda like suggesting a Lindros Alison Sundin line… not likely to happen but would be very strong.

  29. pens_fan says:

    there is

    NHL 2006

    NHL 2K6

    Gretzky 2006

  30. quick_stick says:

    Lucky thing I read the rest of your post and was able to disregard your thoughts about the leafs easily. Ottawa will not have the Best line in the NHL. They may have the best 3 lines combined, but their number one line won’t compare to several others. As to coaches not worring about Sundin Lindros O’Neil… you’re a retard as all three will make life difficult for any oposing line. Man, you people should learn to be a little objective…you’ll have a much more enlightened life, and as a side effect, people may actually respect your thoughts, if that’s important to you.

  31. quick_stick says:

    oops, meant Primeau & Forsberg will likely remain centres.

  32. crazzzy says:

    Yeah, but not because they have the puck in the offensive zone, but because they don’t play defence.

  33. Milohabs says:

    shut up ‘retard’.

    Therem, that’s my oppinion. Instead of getting so defensive & personal, why not come back with an argument to back your position.


  34. BLACKNGOLD248 says:

    I think it will be Joe-Muzz-Ibister line 1 and Sammy-Zhamnov-Bergy line 2. That will be a really good one and two. If Sammy stays healthy the 2nd line could rack up some big numbers. Most teams will have to send their best checking line out against Joe’s line. That will give Sammy alot of room to roam. Bergeron should be able to break out big with Sammy and Zhamnov on his line. I just can’t wait for the season to start. Already got my 10 game season ticket package.

  35. WestcoastbiasJason says:


    Roenick- Demitra- Frolov will probably start the season out.

    Robatille is in and out of Murray’s doghouse and will likely not start on the first line.

    I can see him tinkering w/ the lines a little and filtering Conroy, Bure and Dustin Brown in and out of the line.

    Top six forwards are looking pretty solid for the Kings.

  36. WestcoastbiasJason says:

    Deadmarsh isn’t even on the roster.

    Probably Frolov, Conroy or (maybe) Brown although he needs some work.

    I just can’t see crosby on the first line although you never know. I mean he has never seen 1 minute of action in the NHL. We will see though.

    Anaheim is OK although I think that Selanne is washed up.

    We will see though…

  37. Neely4Life says:

    ITs carter, foresber and gagne, wow. WTF is with primeau on the top line in everyones mind. Hitch***** came out and said who wil be playin with who

  38. edmontonrules says:

    I’m not pissed at all. I knew the chances of a Canadian team getting Crosby was very slim. I’m just saying (and everyone should realize it) that he hasn’t played a game in the NHL. Carter is a totally different situation. He’s played AHL. But still why would he start on the first line? I doubt they’ll do it. No lines are set in stone. Just people’s thoughts. Think about stuff before you attempt to bash people.

  39. shifterdarkwolf says:

    I agree that Phoenix will have 2 completely dangerous lines this season, but I do think that you are missing one of their hotter scorers. Mike Johnson missed almost the entire 2003-2004 season. Before his injury Johnson had a career year with 23 goals and 40 assists. Doan is an accomplished center, and with the excess in talent in the RW position, i would not be surprised to see him chalked up as a center. I can see a line up Nagy-Doan-Johnson and Nash-Comrie-Hull. Nedved and Ricci seem to be better choices for checking lines than scoring lines. Saprykin is also still quite novice on the scoring front, and did his astounding playoff goal scoring from the checking line.

  40. Flyer_Dman says:

    I would take those two than a winny little biatch like Lindros any day of the week.

  41. Desertdog17 says:

    Conroy was dealt to L.A along time ago!

  42. mojo19 says:

    fair enough, I’d rather see mats play the off wing though.

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