What Could've Been…

This is one of the most dissapointing seasons I have witnessed in my time as a Leafs fan (I moved here from Detriot in 1999). I was disspointed that

every year the Leafs I was here I heard people saying the Leafs have a shot. Well, look what happened now.

The Leafs made a mistake with re-signing Belfour

to a multi-year deal, and stocking up on veterans

with 1-year contracts (thank god). This Leafs team

was built for the NHL an NHLPA to settle. They did

not settle and this is where they are now. If the

NHL abd NHLPA settled the Leafs would’ve had a shot (what isn’t new).

Belfour has been a dud, Tellqvist had proven he

will never be more than a number 2 goaltener in

this league and Aubin has showed he can take on

the responsibilty of being a #1 goalie. He came in

and did a great job with the depleted defense of the

Leafs and with the pressire of making the playoffs.

He must be re-signed or else some other team will

and us Leafs fans will be saying “Wow, why did we

let him go.” JFJ need to go out and get a goalie that

is able to split the time with Aubin. If the Leafs had

given him a chance, I garuntee you they would be

in the top 6 in the Eastern conference race!

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  1. Aetherial says:

    As soon as the CBA was assigned… fans of certain teams should have been prepared for a let down.

    Unfortunately, the only 3 teams that maybe should have been prepared … and then WERE let down, seem to be Vancouver, Toronto and St. Louis. Detroit, Dallas, Colorado, Philadelphia and New York all seem to be doing just fine.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Earlier this season everybody loved tellqvist, and ow everybody loves aubin? he’s a let down waiting o happen. forget sharing the starting job, get a REAL goalie who may stay with the team for many years to come, like Luongo, or Gerber

  3. burnz30 says:

    It was a bad move signing Belfour. He’s been brutal all year. Also, lossing Roberts and Nieuwendyk hurts as they were a large part of the leadership for the Leafs and they have been really lacking in that area. Aside from Sundin, nobody stood up for this team. That wouldn’t have happened if we had Garry and Joe to help Mats. I think that the season could have been different if Quinn had any guts and played Telly more. He was having a really good year and gave the Leafs a chance to win every time he was in net. Can’t say the same for Belfour. Especially that rough stretch that we didn’t win may games in Jan. and Feb. That was the season for the Leafs. At that point they were in a playoff position. Quinn should have saw that Belfour didn’t have it and should have started playing Telly more. But instead he played Belfour even more. The worse Belfour played, the more he played.

  4. lukeleim says:

    holey s**t… SUNDIN! my hero… well i still dont believe they can squeeze into the playoffs but they’re playing great. If they did make er, i wonder how’d they do? Aubin was a bit shaky tonight, hopefully he can bounce back.

  5. 92-93 says:


    i have never admired a hockey player like i admire Mats Sundin right now. he is the toronto maple leafs, he is carrying them, he is trying to will them into the playoffs. its futile, but it should finally shut up the anti-Sundin Leaf fans out there.

    as for this article, what is the point?

    its one thing to criticize the leafs in retrospect. but i am proud of the leafs this year (especially the Post-Montreal-games leafs). its as if this is an entirely different team. its younger, faster, its got all the vets you want to keep (except for Domi and O’neill and Berg) and most of the young guys we need (except for Harrison, Kronvall, and Coliacovo).

    this was a transition year. why are we so disappointed in a season that has seen the emergence of so many new leaf faces? i just don’t understand it.

  6. Aetherial says:

    If hindsight gives us the same opinion, I will agree. I do think there are positive signs that hopefully carry over into next year.

    For people who really have watched the Leafs, we didn’t need proof of Sundin’s greatness.

    I have always maintained that he was an underrated player, despite so many people b*tching about him never leading the Leafs to a cup and being overrated etc.

    His consistency, ESPECIALLY in this circus, ESPECIALLY, with almost never any quality wingers to play with, has been startling.

    He has always been a good clutch player also.

    You look at every other big name consistent player in the last 10 years and they all had something better to work with than Sundin, except for maybe Yashin and Iginla but neither has the consistencey or longevity of a Sundin… although Iginla has a long career ahead of him.

  7. 92-93 says:

    i also keep thinking about how lucky Alfredsson is in Ottawa – compared to Mats, and how Alfredsson would totally disintergrate if he played for the leafs considering the media here.

    mats is the perfect fit for toronto. he is the totaly opposite of the dysfunctionality that plagues the LEafs franchise (the sideshows that always exist here – corson, tucker, domi, nolan affair, etc. etc.).

    he is the lone shred of class for toronto – and a huge role model for the young kids.

    as for this season, i can’t wait for next season. the kids will have a better shot, some will already have a year under their belts, and hopefully the fat will be trimmed.

    but that is the thing – will JFJ make the necessary moves to delete most or all of the guys who are not performing this year? and i have my doubts about that.

  8. Aetherial says:

    That is my one outstanding question about the Leafs.

    Does JFJ have it in him to go out and get what the team needs, and make the necessary decisions.

    Or wiill he cave, re-sign everyone for too much, including McCabe, and bring in one medicore D-man and 1 mediocre forward… hoping for some *future* that never comes.

    I think that the time is now to let a lot of the potential talent become the core of the team for real. That means at least 3 “rookie” D-men next year, and about 5 forwards (wellwood, steen, stajan, Suglabov, Pohl)

    Development is great, but there comes a time when players have to develop at the NHL level. White is a perfect example… he has looked very good so far… reminds me a bit of Kaberle actually. In today’s NHL, I will take a few non-physical, skilled, puck-moving D-men on my team. You don’t need 6’6″ bruisers, except for maybe 1, possibly 2. Now I am rambling.

    JFJ wins or loses his job this summer. I have little doubt of that.

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