What Could've Been…

This is one of the most dissapointing seasons I have witnessed in my time as a Leafs fan (I moved here from Detriot in 1999). I was disspointed that

every year the Leafs I was here I heard people saying the Leafs have a shot. Well, look what happened now.

The Leafs made a mistake with re-signing Belfour

to a multi-year deal, and stocking up on veterans

with 1-year contracts (thank god). This Leafs team

was built for the NHL an NHLPA to settle. They did

not settle and this is where they are now. If the

NHL abd NHLPA settled the Leafs would’ve had a shot (what isn’t new).

Belfour has been a dud, Tellqvist had proven he

will never be more than a number 2 goaltener in

this league and Aubin has showed he can take on

the responsibilty of being a #1 goalie. He came in

and did a great job with the depleted defense of the

Leafs and with the pressire of making the playoffs.

He must be re-signed or else some other team will

and us Leafs fans will be saying “Wow, why did we

let him go.” JFJ need to go out and get a goalie that

is able to split the time with Aubin. If the Leafs had

given him a chance, I garuntee you they would be

in the top 6 in the Eastern conference race!