What Do The Leafs Do?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have not won a cup in 30

years, and at this rate it could be another 30 before it happens again! The Leafs have a number

of problems they need to address in order to fix this
team for the long term, the Leafs could go for a cup
in 2-3 years if they do all of these things:

1) The first problem is goaltending. Many people are

worried about what will happen after Belfour calls it

quits. We have a bright future for goaltending ahead

of us with the likes of Pogge, Rask, Racine, and Tellqvist. The problem is that Tellqvist hasn’t proven

he could play 60 games a year yet.

In my opinion with the likes of Martin Biron, David Aebisher, Manny Fernandez, Roberto Luongo and Dwayne Roloson becoming free agents, with the cap at 45 million and only 7 players under contract

for next year the buds can make an impact. They

could change the face of the franchise with signing

a young proven NHL head goalie who can split the

time with Tellqvist.

All of the Cujo to Toronto rumors are ridiculous!

Why would Ferguson trade for a goalie who will be

38 next year! The Leafs will have the same situation

with Cujo in two years that they have with the fallen

eagle Eddie Belfour. Let Eddie finish his career in Toronto and then sign a good young goalie in the off-season! They also have to re-sign Telly in the


2) The Leafs second problem is on defense. They

have two useless defenseman in Aki Berg and Ken

Klee who are taking away ice-time from kids like

White, Harrison, Kronvall, and Coliacovo. Notice how I didn’t say Khavanov as he is at least scoring

points and is playing all right defensivly.

The Leafs have to re-sign McCabe, Kaberle, Khavanov, and all the kids. Let go of Belak, Berg,

and Klee. With the rumors of Redden or Chara or

Jovonaski coming to the Leafs in the off-season we could have a potiental of having the best defense core in the league. Yay!

3) Mats Sundin does not have any wingers to play

with and thats why he isn’t producing. The best we

have is Tucker or O’Neill (Steen, Allison, Lindros are

centers). With the like of Patrick Elias, Glen Murray, and Marian Gaborik becoming free agents the buds have a chance of landing a good winger in the off- season.

4) It is time for a member of Leafs management to

leave, no…it isn’t Pat Quinn, its John Ferguson Jr.!

The Leafs idiot excuse for a General Manager. The

buds need to hire a guy like Claude Julien, Mark

Messier, Scott Stevens, Doug Gilmour, or Wendel Clark. When the buds hired Ferguson they hired a

business-man, not a hokey person. The Leafs need

a GM with some kind of experience in the NHL, at least a player!

5) The Leafs have had some bad drafts like drafting

Antropov in 1999 over Alex Tanguay, Robyn Regher, Simon Gagne, Mike Van Ryn, and Scott Gomez. Leafs fans fell free to bang your head against the wall, I’m not done yet! In 1999 the buds

selected a Swiss center by the name of Luca Creda,

the Sens chose Martin Havlat two picks later! Its time to fire the scouting staff and bring in another


6) In the off-season the Leafs must re-sign all

of these players:

Jason Allison

Mariusz Czerkawski

Tomas Kaberle

Alexander Khavanov

Chad Kilger

Eric Lindros

Bryan McCabe

Marc Moro

Mike Hoffman

Brad Leeb

John Pohl

Carlo Coliacovo

Jay Harrison

Roman Kukumberg

Matt Stajan

Mikeal Tellqvist

Kyle Wellwood

Ian White

Brendon Bell

7) Here are some players we must let go of:

Brad Brown

J.S Aubin

Ed Belfour

Aki Berg

Ken Klee

Karl Pilar

Clark Wilm

Tie Domi

Wade Belak

If the Leafs make all of these moves this is what

we can see next year, and voila:

Steen______Sundin________Gaborik or Murray or Elias






Redden or Chara or Jovonaski______Khavanov




____Biron or Fernandez or Roloson or Luongo or Aebisher_______

What do you guys think?

13 Responses to What Do The Leafs Do?

  1. leafnut28 says:

    Unfortunately, it’s pretty darn close to 40 years since the Leafs won a cup!!!!

  2. BleedinBlueTillDeath says:

    Allison is probably not going to re-sign.

    Why waste Wellwood on the fourth line?

    Why would you keep Khavanov instead of playin Wozniewski or Kronwall?

    Pilar would be good to keep as the #7 guy, if he is healthy.

    Glen Murray is not going to be a Free-Agent next year. He signed a multi-year deal with Boston.

    Ottawa, along with Chara and Redden are going to do all they can to make sure they re-sign.


    I agree with getting a top line winger, #3 d-man and a golie to split time with Tellqvist.

    Sign a young top line winger, or trade for one.

    I would aim for getting Boynton for a top d-man. He is a hometown boy that has stated he wants to play with us. He is the total package (physical, defensive and offensive). The only problem is, is that he is restricted I THINK. But I think we could make a deal for him or make him an offer Boston wouldn’t match.

    For a goalie, I would grab Roloson or Fernandez.

    Call up a Marlie or 2 to fill out the roster.

    Steen – Sundin – FA/Trade

    O’Neill – Lindros – Tucker

    Stajan – Wellwood – Ponikarovsky

    Kilger – Pohl – Ondrus

    Domi, Wilm

    McCabe – Kaberle

    Boynton – Colaiacovo

    Harrison – Wozzy or Kronwall




  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i agree with your argument to a degree. all of your possible goaltender ideas are good, except for luongo. he would take 6 million out of our cap, and theirs no way pat will make luongo share the starting role with tellqvist.

    on defence i completely disagree, klee is much stronger defensively than khavanov, and khavanov only shows up half the nights.

    the idea of getting a winger for sundin is perfect (its ironic that a few years ago every leaf fan wanted pat quinn to sign a second line center like holik, and now we’ve got too many centers playing the wing)

    otherwise, u got a good solid plan…

    i still think the leafs are gonna have to be really patient with john pohl, cuz i think he’ll mature the same way st. louis did (when he’s 30)

  4. leafs8917 says:

    articles not to bad….but

    why would they keep czerkawski….they dont even play him now over belak……

    just a questioin

  5. shakrmakr says:

    JFJ isn’t the problem it is Pat Quinn. Quinn is the one making the decisions still without the GM title. On top of that he is the most overrated coach there is. He doesn’t know how to coach or make lines and keep those good lines together. He doesn’t know how to get his players up for games or how to hold on to a lead in a game through his coaching strategies. He doesn’t know how utilize his young players nor can he see talent when it is right in front of him. He has had a team everywhere he went making him look good.

    You still want Khavanov on the team? Are you crazy?????? Klee, Berg, Khavanov, Belak must all go.

  6. 92-93 says:

    From Howard Berger’s Blog:

    “And while nobody wishes injury or ill-will on any player, the losses of defencemen Aki Berg and Alexander Khavanov could be a blessing in disguise for the Leafs. Both veteran players have glaring limitations and are acutely mistake-prone. If errors are going to be made in the defensive zone, the Leafs would be much better served to determine which of their young blue-liners are cut out to play at the NHL level. And none of Staffan Kronwall, Andy Wozniewski and Jay Harrison (along with the concussed Carlo Colaiacovo) appear to be failing their initiations.”

    … hmm, has this guy been reading my posts on HTR as of late??? LOL.

  7. 92-93 says:

    Fernandez will and Biron will likely be dealt by the trade deadline and NOT to toronto. Roloson is the veteran presence and will be the #1 in Minny until their top goalie prospect rounds into form. The leafs are either going to have to pick up Belfour’s contract and play him less next year (and play Telly more) or try for Cujo (who, it looks like, will be retained by Phoenix after yesterday’s deal). Getting Cujo is not ridiculous and would be a conscientious short-term investment in a goalie who would provide a transition between Eddie and either Pogge or Rask (or Telly or Racine).

    It is believed that – depending on what happens in Florida this off-season – the leafs are going to try to gun for Luongo but that is a very very long shot – many other teams are going to be after him and he probably won’t even be on the market. any trade for Luongo would be way too expensive and it just makes no sense getting a goalie who is still young and has yet to enter his prime considering that the leafs have Racine, Pogge, and Rask waiting in the wings. Signing or trading for a ‘good young goalie’ is a lot more difficult and expensive than you can ever imagine.

    the MAIN problem with the leafs is and always has been the defence. with the injuries to Berg and Khavanov the leafs are finding out just how solid their young D-guys are. too bad Coliacovo is out too and that i cannot join the likes of Woz, Kronvall, and – my favourite – Jay Harrison. this is the Leafs’ future D. I would like to see a trade to replace the slower Ken Klee (who has performed well for toronto but is too slow now – how soon everyone forgets that he has been our best D-guy in toronto for the past couple of years) with a younger guy like Leopold. your (very fickle and sudden) love of Khavanov should be disregarded. Khavanov just plain old sucks but he will be with toronto for another year thanks to his ‘relationship’ with JFJ (just like Berg’s ‘relationship’ with Quinn).

    I agree that the leafs need to keep the kids and resign McCabe and Kaberle – but say goodbye to Berg and Khavanov and Klee and sign another solid top-4 D-guy and the leafs D situation is solved for years to come (since the young guys can only get better as they continue to develop). The Leafs are not going to get Jovo, Redden, Chara.

    Totally agree with you about the situation with Sundin and no wingers and i’ve also suggested Elias (and i would take him and Gaborik over Murray but i don’t think Gaborik is going anywhere either). But yes, landing a free-agent winger is crucial for the leafs. with the nucleus of young guys (Wellwood, Stajan, Steen, Pohl, Ponikorovsky) and grinders (Tucker, Kilger, Wilm, Battalgia) the leafs don’t need much more on their forward lines. obviously one of Lindros and Allison must be resigned and something – anything – has to be done about the dead wood: O’Neill, Domi, Czerkawski, Belak. As for Antropov, he’s young but he might as well be 40 when it comes to the state of his knees. i like his play this year but that is as good as he’ll get and he won’t last much longer in the NHL with his knees.

    although i am equally frustrated with JFJ, he isn’t going anywhere because he hasn’t been on the job long enough to prove himself. usually young GMs like he and JP Ricchardi usually are given 3-5 seasons to draft, develop, and build their team. JFJ is not known to be a ‘businessman’ – his expertise was supposed to be drafting and developing within the St.Louis organization. the leafs HAVE completely revamped their scouting staff over the past 2 years (Button, etc.) along with hiring new, top-notch personnel (Maurice, etc.). give these guys some time because you are already calling for their heads and they’ve been around for like 1 or 2 years.

    I have no clue of why you like Czerkawski and Khavanov and think Wilm should go. I would prefer them to resign Allison over Lindros but if Allison can bring in a good D-guy then so be it. Brown, Aubin are taking up space in the AHL (not providing much ‘experience’ to the young guys either with their inconsistent play). Tie Domi and O’Neill are probably stuck with the leafs for another year because they were signed for 2 years for some reason. they should both be waived or retire next year.

  8. the_canadian_game says:

    send allison, pick to calgary for leopold and kobasew

  9. aFanOfTheGame says:

    Pat Quinn also whines and complains like a ***** in heat.

  10. aFanOfTheGame says:

    Thinking Redden, Chara or Jovo are going to sign with toronto are huge stretches right there..but the fact that you have either of the 3 playing on the 2nd defense pair behind kaberle is too big a stretch to even imagine. also elias is a devil for the next few years i am pretty sure. The leafs will probably follow their old ways and trade/sign maybe Jeremy Roenick, another injury prone complainer. How Ian white isnt playing in the nhl is beyond me.

  11. 92-93 says:

    Elias is a UFA in NJ and the problem in NJ is that Lou has way too many guys he has to resign – Pandolfo, Gomez, Langdenbrunner, Elias, and others. moreover, he doesn’t have a lot of room to move. somebody has got to go. i think it won’t be elias because he is a key player but he will be looking for a raise and if lou is the tightwad that he was before this season began, who knows.

    as for White. I agree with you – he’s an amazing D-guy. small but that’s no biggie in the new nhl – which is a good thing. but as ‘depthless’ as the leafs are right now on D, in terms of young D-guys, there’s a lot of them – Woz, Kronvall, Harrison, Coliacovo. Even if the leafs said goodbye to Khavanov and Berg (which they should) and trade Klee, White would still be in competition with Woz for the 6th and final spot on defense.



    Kronvall______White or Woz.

    that is also assuming that the Leafs don’t pick up a defenceman at the deadline or in the offseason (if they do, it better be a younger D-guy like Leopold).

  12. 92-93 says:

    From Ken Campbell at the Star:

    “Quinn said Berg, who did not make the Leafs’ three-game road trip that ends tonight in Washington, is still in a significant amount of discomfort and will likely have to get an MRI to determine the extent of the damage. […] Quinn said. “He’s still having considerable pain in the rib area. Something is going on there.”

    “Alexander Khavanov, who took a shot in the left foot during Monday night’s win over the Florida Panthers, has been diagnosed with a hairline fracture and will likely be out of the Toronto lineup until after the Olympics.”

    “As for Carlo Colaiacovo, the concussed defenceman hasn’t even been cleared to begin off-ice workouts yet and considering that he must be symptom-free for at least a week before he’ll be able to play again, he appears to be out of the lineup on a long-term basis as well.”

    “All of which means that the three rookie defencemen, Jay Harrison, Staffan Kronwall and Andy Wozniewski, will have plenty of time to show what they can do at the NHL level, barring a deal for a defenceman by Leafs GM John Ferguson.”

    Campbell goes on to suggest Brendan Witt but again, this would be a short-term fix that may or may not get the leafs into the playoffs, and it would take up another spot on the roster from the young D-guys who need to prove themselves. like the other rookies, if the leafs can get these guys seeing some ice time in the NHL it would be beneficial for their development and next year’s edition of the leafs.

    i am not saying that the three rookie D-guys are going to be mistake-free but they are rookies and its a bit more acceptable than guys like Khavanov and Berg making mistakes. its too bad that Carlo is out as i’d rather see him play than Woz or Kronvall but they are all solid young D-guys. this could be the best thing to happen to the Leafs because it has FORCED JFJ and Quinn to FINALLY Play these kids – which they should have done from the start of the season (instead of signing and re-sigining Khavanov and Berg).

    I think Khavanov will be out until March – probably back before the deadline, Coliacovo looks like he is out for a long time – possibly for the rest of the regular season, and Berg’s ailment seems to be getting worse rather than better and it could mean that he’ll be out until March as well. too bad the leafs don’t play a lot of games between now and the deadline.

  13. whitee_boi says:

    Your calling Ken Klee useless but praising Khavanov? Hes played good in about 4 games this year. He takes STUPID penalties ie. Montreal in overtime. He gives the puck up way too much and isnt worth the million and a bit were paying him, not by a longshot. As for your goalie idea if we could somehow get Luongo then go aherad and do it, but if we offer a contract then Florida has the right to match it. If you try and trade for him we’d pretty much be giving up draft picks for about 20 years and our entire farm system.

    You said the leafs need to hire somebody like Stevens or Messier as a GM? They have NO experience what so ever in managing a hockey team. Now that there in the era of salery caps then yes you do need a business man as a GM. And why are you knocking the guy? What has he ever done wrong? I don’t see him trading away any young players. He brought in Brian Leetch which at the time was a genious move. Got Chad Kilger for nothing and he’s playing pretty well this year. If anybody goes it has to be Quinn. Been here this long and still no Stanley cup appearences!!! Its time for some new blood behind the bench. Bring Paul Maurice up from the Marlies to coach.

    And yea i’l agree with you our drafting hasnt been that great in past years but just look at some of our later round steals. Kaberle in the 7th round. Justin Pogge in teh 3rd. Kyle Wellwood. Matt Stajan. Mikael Tellqvist. Its stupid to look at a draft and critisizng taking one player over another when you can never tell who’s going to pan out to be a star.

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