What Do The Leafs Do?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have not won a cup in 30

years, and at this rate it could be another 30 before it happens again! The Leafs have a number

of problems they need to address in order to fix this
team for the long term, the Leafs could go for a cup
in 2-3 years if they do all of these things:

1) The first problem is goaltending. Many people are

worried about what will happen after Belfour calls it

quits. We have a bright future for goaltending ahead

of us with the likes of Pogge, Rask, Racine, and Tellqvist. The problem is that Tellqvist hasn’t proven

he could play 60 games a year yet.

In my opinion with the likes of Martin Biron, David Aebisher, Manny Fernandez, Roberto Luongo and Dwayne Roloson becoming free agents, with the cap at 45 million and only 7 players under contract

for next year the buds can make an impact. They

could change the face of the franchise with signing

a young proven NHL head goalie who can split the

time with Tellqvist.

All of the Cujo to Toronto rumors are ridiculous!

Why would Ferguson trade for a goalie who will be

38 next year! The Leafs will have the same situation

with Cujo in two years that they have with the fallen

eagle Eddie Belfour. Let Eddie finish his career in Toronto and then sign a good young goalie in the off-season! They also have to re-sign Telly in the


2) The Leafs second problem is on defense. They

have two useless defenseman in Aki Berg and Ken

Klee who are taking away ice-time from kids like

White, Harrison, Kronvall, and Coliacovo. Notice how I didn’t say Khavanov as he is at least scoring

points and is playing all right defensivly.

The Leafs have to re-sign McCabe, Kaberle, Khavanov, and all the kids. Let go of Belak, Berg,

and Klee. With the rumors of Redden or Chara or

Jovonaski coming to the Leafs in the off-season we could have a potiental of having the best defense core in the league. Yay!

3) Mats Sundin does not have any wingers to play

with and thats why he isn’t producing. The best we

have is Tucker or O’Neill (Steen, Allison, Lindros are

centers). With the like of Patrick Elias, Glen Murray, and Marian Gaborik becoming free agents the buds have a chance of landing a good winger in the off- season.

4) It is time for a member of Leafs management to

leave, no…it isn’t Pat Quinn, its John Ferguson Jr.!

The Leafs idiot excuse for a General Manager. The

buds need to hire a guy like Claude Julien, Mark

Messier, Scott Stevens, Doug Gilmour, or Wendel Clark. When the buds hired Ferguson they hired a

business-man, not a hokey person. The Leafs need

a GM with some kind of experience in the NHL, at least a player!

5) The Leafs have had some bad drafts like drafting

Antropov in 1999 over Alex Tanguay, Robyn Regher, Simon Gagne, Mike Van Ryn, and Scott Gomez. Leafs fans fell free to bang your head against the wall, I’m not done yet! In 1999 the buds

selected a Swiss center by the name of Luca Creda,

the Sens chose Martin Havlat two picks later! Its time to fire the scouting staff and bring in another


6) In the off-season the Leafs must re-sign all

of these players:

Jason Allison

Mariusz Czerkawski

Tomas Kaberle

Alexander Khavanov

Chad Kilger

Eric Lindros

Bryan McCabe

Marc Moro

Mike Hoffman

Brad Leeb

John Pohl

Carlo Coliacovo

Jay Harrison

Roman Kukumberg

Matt Stajan

Mikeal Tellqvist

Kyle Wellwood

Ian White

Brendon Bell

7) Here are some players we must let go of:

Brad Brown

J.S Aubin

Ed Belfour

Aki Berg

Ken Klee

Karl Pilar

Clark Wilm

Tie Domi

Wade Belak

If the Leafs make all of these moves this is what

we can see next year, and voila:

Steen______Sundin________Gaborik or Murray or Elias






Redden or Chara or Jovonaski______Khavanov




____Biron or Fernandez or Roloson or Luongo or Aebisher_______

What do you guys think?