What do you think can happen?

What is going to happen to the habs before the start of the season? Are they going to make this “huge” deal to bring in a big name or do nothing and see how eveyrhting works out?Alot of possibilities have been discussed through the internet and I’m sure more than a fair share is just hot air but some may be true. What does everyone think will happen before the start of the season? Will they get anyone huge or will gainey do minor adjustments, Or will anything happen at all?

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  1. the_purolator_guy says:

    Well honestly i feel bob is doing what ever he can to land a top 6 forward, but at the same time not overpay for it.  I believe he is offering a goaltender, 1 or possibly 2 dmen and maybe even a first round pick for the right player.  The goaltender in question is probably halak, even though huet has the higher value i doubt bob wants to go into this season with 2 rookie goalies.  Or does bob keep halak and wait for the trade deadline and deal huet them?

    The dmen in question i think is dandenault for sure, possibly bouillon but i hope not, and gorges who hasn't really impressed me and would rather see a beast like obyrne get a shot instead of gorges.  Well thats my thoughts.

  2. jpmac says:

    I think they should trade huet and sign a decent back up goalie who could start 30 games and just see what halak can do.

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