What does Gainey do… Part 2

Latendresse or Perezoghin ???

Well to me it’s a no brainer…Latendresse. But there are a few problems with that.

1- He doesen’t have a contract. And im sure he will be asking for upwards of 750 000 $.

2- What to do with Perezoghin. He makes over 600 000 $ so i don’t think Gainey wants to send that down to Hamilton

We need help on defence. Im not confident going into the first month of the season with Streit as our 6th defenceman. I also have heard that it may take longer for Bouillon to get back, and when he does come back how long will it take for him to be in game shape.

What do we think Hab fans ???

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  1. SmileZ says:

    Keep Perezoghin up but healthy scratch him and make him watch, get him anxious to get in there and see what happens. Put Latendresse in and let that big kid get some experience one the 4th line with Begin and some powerplay time. Latendresse is going to be a star and I think with the right motivation so will Perezoghin. We can’t trade them away incase we have an injury.

  2. bobsUruncle says:

    I disagree with what most of the analysts are saying about the development of Latendresse. Yes he needs to be playing, so he needs the ice time to properly continue to develop. He has already shown that going back to junior was a waste of time for him, and he admitted he is better with better players around him. This is an obvious statement, but in his case it is true.

    It looks pretty obvious to me (and I have been saying it all along) that the top line will not have Ribeiro between the two Russians. Yes I know it was just their first game, but I really don’t think that this is a worthwhile experiment.

    Here’s what the trios should look like…

    Samsonov Higgins Kovalev

    Latendresse Koivu Ryder

    Perezhogin Plekanec Johnson

    Begin Bonk Murray (Downey)

    This means we can move Ribeiro. I know most will say that he is garbage and no one will want him…but I will bet Bob could find a taker for him.

    In other news…

    Mathis Brunet of LaPresse reported that Gainey has contacted Jim Rutherford about what it will take to land Johnson. What will it take??

    Obviously an established NHL Dman to replace Kaberle, so that means that Bob would have to replace whomever he let’s go…

    These next few days could get interesting, but HABS fans…Johnson would look AMAZING in our jersey!!!

    Assuming they don’t move Komisarek to get him, 2007,2008, and beyond could look like this…

    Markov Emelin

    Johnson Komisarek

    Obyrne Fisher

    That is an ALL STAR lineup of DMEN!

    To get this Bob would probably have to move Souray (I would hope for Streit, but I doubt it would be enough) and a pick or prospect.

    Then Bob could use Ribeiro and pick/prospect to bring in a Dman. If Souray and Ribeiro go, that gives Bob about 4million to bring back a quality Dman rental.

  3. Phales says:

    ive run through this problem many times in my head and heres what ive come up with… first off you keep the top two lines intact…. then have the third line consisting of Latendresse, Bonk and Johnson…. gives a solid strong 3rd line both physically and hockey wise… then the fourth line is where the problem remains… but ive come up with a Perezhogin, Begin, Plekanec situation… these are three forwards who can score and are actually a solid checking line… Begin has proved he is a workhorse and will play whatever role montreal gives him… perezhogin can hit… if you dont believe me ask Mr. Keith Primeau… im sure he can tell you… and then Plekanec can finish off that line… those three did play on a line last year and they did alright… then you sit Downey, and Murray… so heres what they should look like:









    The only problem i found with this is what do we do with up and comer Andrei Kastsitsyn… im expecting to see him step in this year for a winger when montreal gets that yearly injury bug that we get every year… so theres your solution gainey… GO HABS!

  4. Phales says:

    everything here seems fine except move your positions around… begins natural position is center… and despite what plekanec played for a lot of last year hes a winger at heart… switch those two around and you’ve got yourself a solution

  5. bobsUruncle says:

    Yes you’re right that Begin’s natural position is center, but last season he was on Bonk’s wing…and they seemed to click end of season.

    I’m sure Plekanec and Johnson could rotate if necessary, but since last year Plekanec has shown he is a solid player at center.

    It’s done purposely by Carbo(Gainey really). If you look at all 4 lines, you have 2 guys that can play center.(except when Latendresse moves up next to Koivu and Ryder.

  6. Les-Habitants says:

    I’ve always been one to give Ribeiro another shot, as much as he frustrates me, but after watching the 2nd Boston game I don’t know what to say. Wasn’t he doing power skating sessions all off-season?

    Either way, Ribeiro doesn’t seem to have the speed necessary to play on a line with Kovalev and Samsonov. Both those players were very exciting to watch and did something on the ice, but it seemed Ribeiro only caused turnovers. While I don’t agree with the idea of returning Higgins to center, especially with how productive he was at the end of the season, I am beginning to think that we can’t wait to make a change at center. Guy Carbonneau mentioned the only line that didn’t shine was Sergei Samsonov with Alex Kovalev and Mike Ribeiro, so maybe a new center will provide new chemistry.

    From within, the two options that I find the most plausible are Mikhail Grabovski and Tomas Plekanec. Plekanec in particular has demonstrated the speed and skill to be a legit center in the NHL, and the way he has been playing has been great. Give him an opportunity to play with elite players like Kovalev and Samsanov, and I don’t think we’ll be disappointed. Plus, it would give that line some much needed ability in our own end.

    Mikhail Grabovski is a another small, skilled center but unlike Ribeiro, he’s got speed. Guy Carbonneau gave him a chance to center Samsanov and Kovalev during practise too, but I doubt that he would be given an immediate shot to be our no. 1 center. However, even if Plekanec were to be bumped up, I don’t see Ribeiro not making this team in some aspect. I’d love to see Koivu centering that line, but one of his biggest assets is that he can makes the other players around him better. To that end, he provides more centering Ryder and Higgins then Samsonov and Kovalev.

    And now, just to add some more food for thought, Alexander Perezhogin has not been impressing the coaching staff at all. While he is looking from the inside out, don’t be too surprised if Latendresse or Kostitsyn are able to steal the winger’s job. Personally, from their play thus far (and yes it is really early to be making any judgements on any players…Ribeiro included, I guess) they deserve it. Which one? I don’t know, since they both bring their own unique assets.

  7. Les-Habitants says:

    One fo the things essential to the 4th line is physical play. If there is one asset Perezhogin doesn’t have, it is physical play. Just because you elbow someone in the end doesn’t make you a physical power house, and if you watch him he doesn’t play the physical game.

    Plekanec is an up and coming center, why throw him to the 4th line wing?? He is a center, and he is more then a checking line winger.

    I agree with your Latendresse and Kostitsyn problem, and I’d bet either one of those could take Perezhogin’s job on the 3rd line.

    The 4th line will be Murray Bonk Begin, with some Downey action in there too.

    With Cote out, I think that O’Byrne is the lead candidate for the 7th D job too.

  8. Huge_Polar_Bear says:

    I actually really like those lines… here’s hoping so does Carboneau…

  9. blarneylad says:

    perezhogin did nail primeau don’t forget…the hit that took primeau out of the game forever…finally, i hate him

  10. passionch says:

    Keep Perezhogin and Latendresse. Downey and Murray can watch the games from the stand and help in case of injuries. As for the Ribeiro talks, I agree he needs to step it up…

    New lines!

    Samsonov Koivu Kovalev




    (The checking (4th) line might usually have more ice-time than the 3rd depending on performances!





    Bouillon (IR)

    Reserve: Downey, Murray

  11. icehog says:

    I agree with keeping both and sitting Downey and Murray, but I would arrange the lines differently.

  12. Tiesto says:

    my new lines…..





    reserve: Murray,Lapierre,Perezhogin





    7th–Coté,Groulx or Streit

    *replace Bouillon}injured




  13. jayhabsjay says:

    montreal will be just fine. let the coaches and gm figure it all out

  14. jayhabsjay says:

    ryder on the 3rd line? what team in their right mind would put a potential 50 goal scorer on the third line? and why would latendresses be on the 2nd line? just because hes french canadian he should be put ahead of a proven sniper. no way man thats not happening anytime soon unless ryder just bombs all year and they have no choice but i dont see that happening anytime soon

  15. passionch says:

    I agree, I’d rather put Higgins in the 3rd line instead of Ryder even though that is unlikely to happen.

  16. oop007 says:

    Streit has shown much improvement since last year. At this very point he is one of (if not the most) improved player since the off season. He was the best player on the ice against TO in the second game.

  17. oop007 says:

    You put Johnson as a defensemen and a forward. Secondly you put koivu on the second line and even if your lines aren’t specifically ordered, why would latendresse a rookie with nothing proven yet get a spot on one of the top two lines especially one being Koivu/Ryder.

    Secondly, the lines cud b way better then the garbage u put.




    Bonk-Begin-Downey (Dandenault)

    At the very least though higgins/kovalev/samsanov

    Keep ribeiro cuz no1 will want him. Get him to rack up some points cuz its better he puck hogs on Plekanec and Latendresse then kovalev and samsanov.

    When ribeiro hogs all plek and latendreses points at the beginning of the season, trade him when his numbers look good along with Abeischer to a team looking for a goalie and get a solid defensemen or something.

  18. oop007 says:

    Also, Kostitsyn could sum for somebody else later on this season or replace an injured forward and prove himself then.

    Kostitsyn-Samsanov-Kovalev would be crazy too.

  19. oop007 says:

    Those lines are good.

    Change Higgins-Ribeiro-Ryder to Higgins-Kostitsyn-Ryder and trade ribeiro and abeischer for defense.

  20. oop007 says:

    OKAY PEOPLE ENOUGH! STOP PUTTING KOIVU ON THE SECOND LINE! He’s an essential asset to our team. he needs to be given the center of the first line, If anything out of respect alone.

  21. habs_punk says:

    I’d much prefer to see Latendresse with another year of development in juniors or the AHL if the Q won’t give him the development he needs. Why put him into the lineup right now on the third or fourth line? With the new CBA giving players a shot at free agency after 7(?) years in the NHL, why waste one of those years playing him on the third or fourth line? When he makes the big team, it needs to be on one of the top two lines where he’ll get some real ice time.

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