What happened to the Old Macabe???

OK My second post I donno which one will make it to the big board..but I have to say .. What happened to the old MaCabe??

The one Who used to….

Fight – I remember him a while back on the leafs the amount of fights he got into.he could throw them..yeah yeah I know he’s a “Star” PLayer now and needs to stay out of the box… but cmon look at Iginla..he’s ferocious..Crosby plays with more ferocity than MaCabe ..Remember Zdeno Chara Fight in the playoffs against Ottawa, he took a slap but none the less there was no fear and a Viciousness in his attempt.

Hit – Remember the patented moves like the Can -opener …hahhaha and the HIP(Butt) check that was speculated he worked on in leafs practices..

Has the money gone to his brain… He is not vicious at all this yr… I say WE dump him and Free up some Cap Space… He in my opinion stinks and constantly coughs the puck up… I thought he stunk last yr too, even though he scored a multitude of times on feather passed one times by Kaberle, but his trend is over cause everyone and there mother are harassing him at the blue line every single night and will every other night to come for the rest of his career.

WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU BRYAN MACABE?? I Want the 2 million Dollar Macabe back…hahhaa

… ITS true JFJ Stinks as a GM. Bring back Cliff Fletcher. TRADE MACABE, TRADE COLAICOVO.. In a block buster deal.. for a Heavy Defensemen.. and a Well Aged Sophmore…or one or the other. I sure as hell no Fletcher could pull of both.getting both. Maybe I may get my shot as GM one DAY..some of the people on this website could be great candidates for future Gm of the TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS. hahahahhaa


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  1. PaulK123 says:

    1. Its spelled McCabe not Macabe

    2. I am happy he doesn't use the can-opener anymore, in the new NHL that would be a penalty

    3. At 5 Million Dollars per year for 4 years (after this year), who would take him? Plus with the no-movement clause he is here to stay.

    4. JFJ isn't THAT bad of a GM, you have to remember that he took the Leafs
    from a 70 million dollar payroll to a 39.5 million dollar payroll last year. What do you fans expect, we'll be contenders? True he made so stupid moves like the McCabe contract but you have to remember, the teacher's pension controls all, he had no choice.

     He drafted Alexander Steen, Justin Pogge, and most of our young defenseman, along with most of our young forwards. He took a chance on Boyd Deveraux and Bates  Battaglia when no-one else would, and look at how they turned out.

     I still think that JFJ is a good GM but hes not great!

    5.Coliacovo is a good young defenseman, why would we wanna dump more youth, didn't we cover this already

    6. You will never be the GM, judging by this article you know nothing about hockey management

  2. rollinfatty says:

    i agree about jfj being a bad gm and all but these trades you put? i just don't get why you bother. colaiacovo and mccabe for what? pronger? not gonna happen buddy. how about the mccabe who played in that ONE game against washington last year, where he and ovechkin got into a battle and he socked him in the face and ovechkin just fell…that's the mccabe i wanna see again. and more importantly where's the mccabe who takes shots? i know they cut it off and blah blah blah but he just doesn't blast them like he did in the previous two seasons.

  3. 92-93 says:

    he didnt draft Steen, but he did draft Tlusty though – unproven but still a solid pick at #13.

    JFJ is a so-so GM and thats not good for the Toronto hockey market. but as a lot of people have said, he has a lot of obstacles in his way from the people above him (MLSE) that other GMs dont have – or at least not to the severe degree here in toronto.

  4. LEAFSALOT says:

    I Wouldnt want pronger, I juss dont liek either of them on the team, MaCabe aint the vicous player he used to be if your talking about a sucker punch he laid on Ovechkin over a yr ago, like ovechkin is such a huge heavy weight as compared to Zdeno Chara, admit it MaCabe has let this contract soften him up, His power play days are over taking that big blast from the point, he has no patience, this big booming shot is way to telegraphed, he can never juss snap it on net.  Most he can do is Mark up his assists tally on the PP but he seems to wanna rip that slow Booming shot. What ur failing to notice is that he tries consistently to take that shot but 100% of the teams are on him expecting it.  Bottom line MaCabe stinks, he Sloppy, and The money has gone to his head.


  5. LEAFSALOT says:

    1) I appologise for failing to miss the shift key While spelling MACABE. haha
    2)I am using the can-opener as an example of how he used to play WITH GRIT, And I havent seen him use that hip Check at all this yr, So hes become SOFT.
    3) JFJ is not a good gm for signing such a big contract with MaCabe and Kubina, You even admit it need I say more.
    4) Colaicovo has been a rookie since 2002 when he first came into the league, personally I think he stinks, Everyones entitled to there own opinion. Soft on the skates, SLoppy With the puck, Still After 5 yrs waiting for him to be this PP Specialist.
    5)I am aware i will never be GM ITs Figure of speech, soo dont get your hopes up

  6. leaferdude2 says:

    Guys.I think Leafy got a new name.LEAFSALOT, shut up.You don’t care about the leafs.You think that anything can work in the NHL. You remind me of the guy that i heard propose a travis green for Marc Savard trade. Think of everything that is involved before you jump to conclusions.

  7. mojo19 says:

    Even if the can opener is now illegal, that doesn’t excuse him for not hitting at all anymore.

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