What happened to the Old Macabe???

OK My second post I donno which one will make it to the big board..but I have to say .. What happened to the old MaCabe??

The one Who used to….

Fight – I remember him a while back on the leafs the amount of fights he got into.he could throw them..yeah yeah I know he’s a “Star” PLayer now and needs to stay out of the box… but cmon look at Iginla..he’s ferocious..Crosby plays with more ferocity than MaCabe ..Remember Zdeno Chara Fight in the playoffs against Ottawa, he took a slap but none the less there was no fear and a Viciousness in his attempt.

Hit – Remember the patented moves like the Can -opener …hahhaha and the HIP(Butt) check that was speculated he worked on in leafs practices..

Has the money gone to his brain… He is not vicious at all this yr… I say WE dump him and Free up some Cap Space… He in my opinion stinks and constantly coughs the puck up… I thought he stunk last yr too, even though he scored a multitude of times on feather passed one times by Kaberle, but his trend is over cause everyone and there mother are harassing him at the blue line every single night and will every other night to come for the rest of his career.

WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU BRYAN MACABE?? I Want the 2 million Dollar Macabe back…hahhaa

… ITS true JFJ Stinks as a GM. Bring back Cliff Fletcher. TRADE MACABE, TRADE COLAICOVO.. In a block buster deal.. for a Heavy Defensemen.. and a Well Aged Sophmore…or one or the other. I sure as hell no Fletcher could pull of both.getting both. Maybe I may get my shot as GM one DAY..some of the people on this website could be great candidates for future Gm of the TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS. hahahahhaa